Eye of the Green Storm

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Stular's household

After a group of scientists accidentally leaked a formula to create powerful storms, a terrorist group, known as Cyclone, obtained possession of this power and brought chaos and destruction across
the world. Nova and Lexi, two untypical humans, and the last of their kind, experienced many encounters with Cyclone as they explored the many secrets of Earth and met many unique people along the

Notice: This book was written quite a long time ago and is in need of a huge overhaul. Consider this as the manuscript, I guess. I hope to one day have this book officially published ^.^

Table of Contents

Strange beings

“Hey, dear, remember this book?” the male neko asked the female neko that was laying down on a couch with her tail swishing around. T... Read Chapter

Crushing defeat

  The skies turned green as a powerful, murky green tornado formed in the sky. It slowly descended down till it landed on top of... Read Chapter

Exposed powers

“Nova… I'm starting to get tired. Can we stop soon and rest?” Lexi questioned; she was leaning against Nova’s shoulder and claspi... Read Chapter

A Night of chaos

“Isn’t it a little bit odd how we haven’t ran into Cyclone in a little bit over a week after coming to this town?” Nova asked; hi... Read Chapter

A Storm’s Mistress

  “What’s that smell?” Lexi inquired upon waking up by inhaling a horrible smell; her nose her nose scrunched up. She turn... Read Chapter

Corrupt and strange allies

  “It has been too long since we’ve been here,” Nova thought out loud as he looked around at the somewhat torn seats in th... Read Chapter

Dark travels

  “Is everyone ready to leave?” Nova asked while resting against a sign located in the middle of the street. Lexi was standi... Read Chapter

Mercy for the strong

Nova opened his eyes as the sun’s rays started to peek into the room he and Lexi were sleeping in. When he looked over, he saw she was ... Read Chapter

Neko secrets

  “Nova, upper right,” Lexi mumbled once her ears perked up from sensing there was a sniper in a tower located not too far a... Read Chapter

No belief of hope

Nova inserted a key he just manifested and inserted it into the lock. He turned the key, the key vanished, along with the lock, then slow... Read Chapter

The storm’s finale

The group walked up to two, large, metal doors with metal walls going around the rest of the facility and barbed wire at the top. “Well... Read Chapter

Our normal life has returned...

Please note this is the last chapter of the book. If you don't want to spoil the book for you then I suggest going back to the prologue and start from there.
Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


Awesome! This is quite interesting. Thanks for suggesting this piece to read. It's so beautiful when you brought up the scenario of the storm. My fav. line from Lexi " Swormnight and I know that we are just friends ". Keep up the good job :)

Fri, February 3rd, 2017 4:56pm


I'm happy you enjoy reading it and you're welcome for the suggestion. I try to bring as much descriptive details as I can when it comes to certain events in the story.

Fri, February 3rd, 2017 6:25pm

T. E. Jackson

Very interesting! The characters are mysterious but still interesting. Well done! I'll be sure to read this through when I have time!
It could potentially use some revision but it isn't required. Just a thought for the future perhaps.

Wed, April 12th, 2017 7:24am


Thanks for enjoying it. I didn't do that many revisions due to believing not many were needed; however, the sequel I'm working on is currently phenomenal.

Sun, April 16th, 2017 5:48pm

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