Battle of Stargate

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A lone Space Marine tells his story of his role in the Battle of Stargate

Submitted: November 28, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



The stargate was a place of war and wisdom. Buried underneath the ice and surrounded by a great temple, the Tenders had used the gate for countless centuries, learning about the beings that constructed it. They had guarded it with their lives when they came back. The Geists, ancient near-immortal aliens, saw the Tenders as having violated their most sacred temple in this universe, an act for which there was no forgiveness. When the first Geist Annihilator ships crawled out of the dimensional gateway, the Tenders had no choice but to call for Federation aid. Within minutes, a fleet of Terran and Centaurian battleships had arrived above the frozen planet, using their own bleed-drives. The Geist ships had no choice to fight on two fronts: Destroy the Federation ships and reclaim their stargate. The Tenders fought well despite the odds they faced. Within the corridors, a great battle was fought, the Tenders fighting off Geist invasion troops. Outnumbered by at least fifty-to-one, the last Tender fell and the Geist troops advanced. Behind them, Federation Space Marines fought their way to the surface through the deluge of plasma bolts and god-knows-what the Geist ships were firing. One scout ship, with twenty Marines landed on the ice, and the Marines rushed inside the temple complex. The scene they were met with was grisly, but onward they pushed, deeper under the ice. The Geists had reached the gate itself, preparing to activate it and bring unspoken horrors through the gate. The Marine squad burst into the chamber containing the gate, all guns blazing. The Geist troops reached for their weapons as plasma bolts rained on them. Multiple Geist men fell before the first Marine. The first Marine to fall sustained a fatal wound to the head from a twisted, metal projectile, thrown from the nearest Geist. Two more fell in quick succession as the Marines flicked on their kinetic shields as more projectiles flew towards them. The deflected blades flew every which way as more Geist troops fell. Even though they were outnumbered, the Marines pulled the battle into their favour as the Geist were only able to pick off one Marine for every five dead Geists. As the last Geist fell, a lone Marine approached the controls for the gate. Halt, came the cry from his commanding officer. The commander was wary of the gate, he had been told the stories of what horrors lay in waiting in the Geist dimension. His sub-space radio crackled, his superiors back up in the Federation Dreadnoughts telling him of more Geist landing teams on their way to the surface and they should prepare for further combat. The commander radioed back, enquiring on the possibility of reinforcements and as he did, a sinister black object was hurled through the gateway they entered through. One of the Marines yelled out Grenade but for the commander, it was too late. He made the rookie mistake of watching an object thrown by the enemy and when he processed that the object was not something to be staring at, the grenade went off. It sent out a wave of twisted black debris, catching the commander in various places on his head, sending him crashing to the floor. Down to only fifteen men, the Marines saw that where the grenade had exploded, a small vortex had opened, pulling every loose object towards it at a rapid rate. The Marines all grabbed onto the various parts of the room, including the stargate itself. As they did, more Geist troops swarmed through the room enterance, unaffected by the effects of the vortex in the centre of the chamber. Helpless and unable to reach their plasma rifles, the Marines were picked off one by one until the man closest to the controls for the stargate had a terrible idea. It could bring about the destruction of the entire Federation Fleet, stil in combat with the Geist ships far above the surface of the planet or it could save them. He had no idea what awaited beyond the gate, did he dare take the risk and activate the gate? He did, he slammed his armoured hand down on the control panel near his feet, still being drawn in by the vortex in the center of the chamber. A deafening alarm began to resonate within the chamber, resonated by the stone walls. A small blue light appeared in the center of the gate and began getting larger. The alarm and its echo continued to wail as the light eventually filled the entire gate, a swirling pattern slowly beginning to emerge.

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