Trixie's Nightmare

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This specific experience occurs a day or two before Trixie's second appearance in Ponyville.

Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



“Yet another crowd pleased by the great and powerful Trixie.” She satisfies a sigh. She bursts through the door to her wagon and enters. She removes her cloak and hat and hangs them on the stand. “You’ve really outdone yourself this time, old girl.” She praises as she levitates the brush at her mirrored vanity and brushes it through her mane. “You’ll have to come up with something more enticing for next weeks’ show.”

She places the brush back down and walks over to her neatly made bed. She unfolds the covers and slides under them snugly. She yawns and rests her head on the soft fluffy pillow and immediately drifts off into her dream - or, rather, her nightmare.

She finds herself walking through a dark tunnel, alone and shivering slightly. She hears a strange ambience of cheers from the end. She walks closer to find a small light shining dimly, like a candle in the corner of an empty room. The light enlarges and shines brighter as she trots towards it, the sound also broadening. She exits the tunnel into a sea of bright lights and emerges to a deafening roar of cheers and cries. As her eyes adjust, she finds herself at the top of a set of stairs leading to the Crystal Empire Stadium surrounded by stands on all four sides. On those stands sat millions of excited ponies, energising screams and shouts of anticipation for the final event of the evening. She steps forward to the top step and the crowd roar in excitement at her appearance. She feels a tingling sensation throughout her body and a large smile emerges on her lips. She hears them call her name.

“Trixie! Trixie! Trixie!” They chant.

She walks down the steps, waving to her admirers and blowing them kisses and enjoying the attention. Halfway down, she realises something’s fallacious. She looks closely at the crowd on either side and realises no one was looking at her. They were calling her name, but not paying her any recognition. She looks down onto the field and spots a pony in the middle of it, someone dressed in a purple starred hat and cape.

“What? Someone’s been through my closet and pretending to be me!” She stomps her hoof in anger.

She hastily gallops onto the field and into the middle of it, coming face to face with the imposter. The imposter raises a hoof in disbelief at Trixie’s sudden appearance, but stands her ground. Breathing heavily, she tries to get a good look at the stranger, but she covers her eyes with the hat which gives her a more intimidating aspect. The crowd continue to chant as the two square off to each other in the middle.

“Who are you?” Trixie forcefully asks between rapid breaths. She feels her heart pounding out of pure rage.

The imposter shimmies and staggers but doesn’t answer. Instead, she smiles creepily from under the hat.

“Who ARE you!” She asks again, shouting at the top of her voice.

The imposter takes a step back and slowly raises a hoof up to her neck. She then begins to peel off her face as if it was a mask and reveals her true identity. A shocked Trixie jumps back in surprise.

“No.” she closes her eyes and shakes her head. “No, no, no! This can’t be real!” She shouts as the imposter throws the mask to the ground in front of her. She opens her eyes and stares into the lifeless mask that depicts herself as she hears the crowd chant the imposter’s name.

“Twilight! Twilight! Twilight!”

She screams and jolts up, finding herself in the middle of a thousand ponies wrapped in blankets and snoring soothingly, surrounded in clear knee-high mist. The deep snores vibrating the empty whiteness that steadies them almost deafeningly. She kicks off her own blanket and gallops as fast as she could through the rows of the sleeping, her echoing hoofsteps gently accompanying the sound of restful snores and peaceful murmurs of the slumbering. She runs past what seemed like an endless assembly of ponies before finally reaching the very end. She looks behind to find the wrapped ponies had vanished. Still she continues to run into the ocean of white, her hoofsteps no longer bearing witness to the dreaming.

“You can’t escape the truth, Trixie.” An echo made itself known. “You’ll always be second best.”

“No!” Trixie replies, breathing heavily. “I want to be the best! I deserve to be the best!”

“You will never be perfect.”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Tears begin to form in her eyes.

“You will NEVER be Twilight!”

“ENOUGH!” She screams.

She misplaces a step and experiences the sensation of falling off the side of a cliff, descending into a bottomless pit. Her deafening screams echo infinitely as her tears suspend themselves in falling motion. She closes her eyes and wishes it to be over.

She hits the wooden floor with a dull thud and her quilt falls to cover her. She steadily opens her eyes and finds herself back in her wagon. She stands up from her awkward position and throws the cover back on her bed. She rubs her temple and looks at her clock. She sluggishly shakes her head at the early time of twenty minutes past twelve and sits on the edge of her bed, hanging her head. Her thoughts turn to the dream, the dream of being outshone by Twilight. It makes her mad, really mad. But she smiles menacingly. Why does she smile?

“So, Twilight,” she speaks softly to herself, “you think you can transcend the great and powerful Trixie?” She sharply looks up. “I’ll show you that my title isn’t just for show!”

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