Raymond's Facet

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A fresh out of school business student is hired to a large company. He leaves his graduation only to be abducted and forced to find his way back to his life, but he is faced with the greatest obstacle there is - his own mind.

Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



It’s only on occasion I see myself out in the morning. Today is no exception, today is the day, the day of days, the day I finish my course and get thrown into the big leagues. ExecTec has gotten me lined up for an opening position but that means nothing without actually showing up on my first day, luckily I have another few months before I have to deal with that awkwardness. In the meantime, I just need to go to uni, pick up my diploma, shake some hands, and get the H out of there. But Dayum I do look good. Good enough for a two syllable ‘damn’.


Seats take up the majority of a hall, the rest is a stage, wherein upon is my professor, giving a speech about seventy students he knows nothing about, it’s actually quite impressive. There’s more detail in this than any of his lectures. I’m willing to wager he’s gotten this information from social media though. There is no way that he would know about Kyle’s girlfriend, or James’ seemingly impossible method for disposing of beer cans. But it’s my turn to take a bow, and I do so with gusto. I have never been so excited for something to be over, what would have made it somewhat bearable is if Jake had never left. He did something no one could, he gave me comradery, we were two halves of a whole idiot. And we loved it. But as life goes on so did his, and a move across country tore our friendship in two.


The headmaster has a hand that is somehow a mix of bony death, and youthful chubbiness. Needless to say, it’s clammy and needs to be moisturised. Here comes my professor, yep, you sure have taught me that, I definitely didn’t need to stay up late at night teaching myself the course. And a hand as weak as his jaw. Ah, and here comes the supervisor of the year, a man I can respect, a man with a handshake as firm as a man’s. It really is too bad he’s an absolute cock that needs a cancer scare.

“Oh no I really couldn’t give a speech, I haven’t written anything and I’d just look silly. Well if I really must. *ahem*, best of luck everyone!” And go die of liver failure after this charade.


Thankfully, my parents are nowhere to be seen, busy with only god knows what, not caring about their youngest most likely. Thankfully once more I am relieved of my post at standing up school. I can go and live my life at a business that will most likely leave me at a desk for my life but the numbers are some to not pass up. The business management side of business sure is the profitable side. It seems a little off that a taxi would start driving before he is given instructions but I suppose a verbal left and right here and there is just as helpful, a discount taxi service offers about as much as I could expect. “Yeah, it’s a left up here. And if you could ignore how high my voice went I’d appreciate it, that’s the last of those squeaks I’m sure.”

Oh wow, my voice hasn’t gone as high as that since Jessica convinced me to join her at karaoke. At least then it was shrugged off as boyish charm, now it’s a cabbie that’s going to charge me extra because he thinks I’m a child that doesn’t know how the world works. And I’d resent it if it wasn’t true. “No I said left, it’s okay though you can take the next one.”


And yet he goes straight once more, it’s apparent this driver has no idea which way is up, if I don’t get out now I’ll be lost, a six-year course and I still don’t know this part of town. “Okay it’s fine, just drop me off here.”

“Seriously, you’re not going the right way so just let me out.”


And he leaves me with silence, if I pull the handbrake it could give me a chance to no there’s a divider, damn.

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