A year on Earth for Sygnoid

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A short story about a young alien woman travelling to Earth for the first time & exploring our planet for 12 months before going home once again.

Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



A Year On Earth For Sygnoid
An Introduction
Hi there to all Fyla's & of course to all Earthlings!
I am Sygnoid the first & only Fyla to ever have been lucky to have spent an entire year on Earth. I am currently 23 years old & I want to share my story of this planet with all of you. 
Well I fell to Earth in my chirp mobile around 18 months ago now. On Earth it was Autumn, September I believe. Alot cooler than I am used to on Fylagorg but I quickly got used to it & soon it seemed normal to me. 
It was however the deepest darkest night I have ever seen, encased in a stunning blanket of twinkling stars & the clouds blissfully floating along, dashing shades of ink blue & molten steel.
The night time is my favourite time of all. It's so dark out but the darkness makes me so calm, barely any people just the odd night worker. Clear roads, a cool breeze & the sound of the wind whispering through the trees like they are talking to each other.
It's beautiful, this planet. . .
Chapter One - Autumn
The crisp leaves of the autumn barely cling to the branches. Some have fallen off to leave a blanket of beautful crimsons, emeralds & violets scattered across the ground. 
The sky varying shades of grey, blue, purple & peach until it looks like an utterly intricate watercolour painting. The depth of colour up there intrigues me. I often imagine sky children running around in the fluffy clouds, laughing & singing flopping down on the clouds, soft like a bunny's fur. Then when the storm clouds hit there parents keep them safe under the canvas of twinkling stars hidden behind the angry grey sheild we view when it rains.
The 31st of October is a strange day of odd traditions on earth, children & grown ups alike dress up as either scary monsters or pretty creatures & collect treasures from other people. It appears that the tradition is to scare people but many children are also involved. There are many Jack 'O' Lanterns carved into strange faces or intricate scenes with little candles inside then put on display for all too see. 
Chapter Two - Winter
When it snows there are stunningly crisp white blankets on everything, the rooftops smothered in frost that twinkles in the cold winter sun. Snowdrops poke there miniscule heads through the thick sheet of snow to show us beautiful green shoots amonst all that white. Both children & adults making snowmen & throwing snowballs then snuggling up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate & old fairytales. 
As we come to the middle of the winter, the wonderful day called Christmas Eve comes along. One stocking each is hung on the fireplace or the end of the bed while children dream of presents & reindeer fly around in there heads. Big trees with lights & decorations such as pine cones, glitter & angels are full to the brim with treats & presents for the morning time when everyone awakes to open them. Both the children & the adults get excited because everyone has at least one gift then they sit down in the late afternoon to a gigantic feast of turkey & other meats with potatoes & countless vegetables. Then so many desserts & treats are passed around, I'm sure this holiday is just about eating as much as possible. All the eating is followed by an evening of more snacking on sweets, crisps & peanuts & watching mindless television programmes. Then the next day they do exactly the same thing but without all of the presents, why I shall never know but it all seems wonderful to me!
Chapter Three - Spring
Then as a new year dawns so does Spring, the season of new beginnings. Beautiful flowers bloom from left to right, spring lambs are being born, the wonder that is earth grass is springing up left, right & centre. Lush & green, I kind of want to roll in it. 
On the 14th February there is a day the Earthling's have named Valentines Day. It is a day of love & romance where people show each other just how much they mean to each other.There are wonderful gifts given & cards written. Many people either marry or propose marriage on this day. For single people this day is often harder than it is for people in a relationship as they feel lonely but many of the single people meet up with there friends or family & celebrate together instead. 
Some way toward the end of the Spring there is an Earth tradition called Easter where a bunny comes & brings all of the children chocolate eggs & some children even have to learn to hunt for there eggs around there homes. Then in the afternoon the children & there families eat the spring lambs for dinner ( I personally believe this planet is far more barbaric than Fylagorg; hunting & then eating baby animals). 
Chapter Four - Summer
Well this is unfortunately the last season I get to spend on this beautiful planet but I shall not mope as this was such an utterly incredible experience. I cannot believe how lucky I am. 
The summers on this planet are no where near as hot as a  Fylagorg summer would be but they are humid & intense. Many people fall in love during the summer months as many humans spend time out in the sun, with lots of other humans.
Summer here is incredible though as there are many new things to do when the sun is out, going to the beach for example. The hot sharp sand beneath your toes whilst you watch the waves crash against the jagged rocks. The smell of salt water, seaweed & ice cream in the air. Children running, laughing, screaming with glee.
The funfair on the pier is exceptionally fun, it has arcade games that ping & zap & allow you to win little stuffed toys or small earth currencies. You can buy candyfloss which is a very sweet, normally pink fluffy thing that you eat or ice cream in hundreds of flavours, mine has to be mint choc chip though. 
There is also the chance of a picnic in the park. Feeding the ducks, eating snacks on a checkered picnic blanket, staring at the stars when it gets dark, couples cuddled up around the camp fire. 
Honestly the summers here may even be the best time I have ever spent in my entire life! It's such a shame I have to go home but hopefully I will be able to come back to Earth one day.
So that was my year on Earth, it was incredible & eye opening & I will never forget any of this wonderful planet.

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