Bully By Proxy

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Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



I've seen some non-understanding comments, mostly from Trump supporters, saying 'we won, you lost--deal with it!' and they ridicule and put down those who, like me, are nervous and a little frightened about a future under Trump. Like my mom said, 'shouldn't I be feeling more normal about the election results by now?' I too feel like I should be adjusting to rule by King Donald, but if anything, I'm as nervous or more than when it became apparent that my candidate was going to take it in the shorts (does that turn you on, Bill?) That surreal moment felt like something was wrong, that surely we didn't just elect him? Well, Shirley, we sure did, and I figured it would take me a couple of days to get used to the idea that Mr. Crude was going to be our next president. But it's not going away, this surreal feeling that something is wrong with this picture. And now, seeing his 2 campaign additions, and hearing the names on his short list--Rudi Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, etc--this nightmare just gets worse and worse. I feel like I'll wake up and realize it was all just a dream, a horrible nightmare, and that we would never be foolish enough to elect him, who would in turn, choose those people, who are horrible, in my view, and who would begin and end my list of THE worst of the worst. What do they and Trump have in common? They all have Rumsfeld-sized ego's, and they're all have Rumsfeld's instincts, which is to say, do you remember the Bush 43's administration? They, each and every one of them, made completely the wrong call when the chips were down, led by Darth Cheney. 
 His supporters, as well as the baby-man himself, can't understand why some people are truly frightened about what's going to happen under our new glorious leader. Gee, maybe it was all that hateful lying, Donny and friends? Words have consequences, Donny, and don't just magically disappear once the election is over. You literally scared the shit out of people. Mom saw a story about a woman flying to a vacation spot, who was sitting next to a guy who was jubilant that Trump won, and told her that now the government wouldn't be coming for his guns. Why he still was under the illusion that President Obama was just about to come and personally disarm him--Fox News, maybe, was beyond insane. Well, anyway, this woman was so petrified about Trump winning, after hearing him spout all that ultra-right bullshit, that she started crying and ask to please change seats. He went and apologized, after the pilot admonished anyone who was talking politics on what was supposed to be a vacation, but, Mr. Trump, your words have consequences, and that goes for all your supporters. Try, please try, to see some of us are nervous to petrified!

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