Shadow of Self

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They see you

Short story preface

Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



Shadows of self


By J Woods


Within the Darkness eyes to peer,

Seeking hearts of childish fears,

Hopes and dreams do they seek,

To throw to death from that peak,

Clinging to love we would claim,

Seeking your soul driving one to shame,

Their goal my friend is clear this eve,

To steal the hope your eyes give sheen,

Simple it is to draw them in,

The cool wind from graves brings their kin,

Your eyes do recognize their kind,

Deny it you will in your mind,

They always watch, they always see,

When you have moments of divine glee,

Heed this warning I do give,

They feast upon the sin you live,

Never forgotten, never forgive, ever the document each pain

The pain you’ve given to others unashamed,

Your glory is gone tonight this eve,

For your soul they seek, your heart to cleave,

Will you my friend open your eye,

The one you’ve closed within your mind,

The one that lets you see beyond,

The sight that makes the night so long,

You my friend should understand,

By now reason is lost to the land,

They see you; look you fool,

Their eyes glimmer from the Kingdom’s rule,

Gnawing within you is their delight,

The hunt of mankind in dim light,

Your hope is gone, your passions past,

Now you face the ones who’ve passed,

What will you say?  What will you claim?

When you face the mirror in shame?

To look into the darkness of yourself,

While they set your humanity on their shelf,

A collection they have of innocent captives,

Thousands of human lights in acres massive,

Once bright and clear your soul did shine,

Taken from you by design

© Copyright 2018 J Woods. All rights reserved.

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