Reconcilliation (Confession)

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Moments of truth

Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



Reconciliation (confession)


By J Woods




The world shall stop, while the magic occurs,

Transgressing thoughts within this world,

Our hearts our minds fill with belief,

Our cynicism left at our feet,

Something within opens inside,

The feeling of love the only magic divine,

Something binding we can’t see,

Words aren’t worthy of explaining to thee




Thus the world by design shall crumble,

Greatness lost pain unravel,

Ego left there in that wood,

Ancient and line with Martyrs Blood,

Something dead awakens within, something even the Heavens can’t mend,




No Sonat, no poem, no earthly attraction

Can explain the divine loves attachment,

Given as gift from the Angels above,

Connected as if by a ribbon and dove,

The creatures of the world shall morn,

For the loss of humanity ragged and worn,




If given the choice I do ask,

What would you give for one last grasp?

Would you squander the moment with ego and slight?

Would you carry your vengeance from the harm that night?

Would you welcome and embrace your love once past?

Would you run from your shadow from fear at last?

Could you ask face yourself?

Could face the oppression you’ve dealt?

Would you mind friend take your place, in your lover’s arms in God’s embrace?




I confess to you all who hear,

I have sinned enough for all men fear and near,

I am no Saint so hear my call,

I’m given to flaw and ego draw,

I fear myself that I cannot find,

What was lost within upon that time,

Sweat from my brow I do awake,

Some nights when the demons come to take,

What little left of humanity sewn,

Has almost drawn cold within this storm,

This storm of envy, one of greed, one of ego; I bend my knee,

Dear God in heaven hear my Prayer,

Take this pain that I cannot bare




I felt a hand upon my arm,

Strong and true like lightning storm,

I turned my glance to her face,

She smiled and offered her embrace,

“never fear, your darkened soul”

“your moment of triumph will unfold”

“Your road has only just begun”

“Your path of life the bards have strung”

“Give faith to the magic you have felt, the sorcery of the world unveiled, open your heart to all who see”

“For love is the magic of humanity”

© Copyright 2018 J Woods. All rights reserved.

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