Since then

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Just more poems from school

"Someday, when we have our shit together, I'd like to marry you."
I won't be one of those firiends,
the ones who say they'll stay and then leave you.
No matter where I move I know I'll have you.

You disgust me.

That's how we started;
how we ended. 

What happened?
I know I messed up. 
I know I hurt you.

I'm just as broken up as you.
I miss you. 
I wanted to marry you too.
But you were one of those friends.
And now you've come back. 

Oh I know, you were just seventeen.
And dear,
I forgive you. 

I don't care if I'm naive. 
I don't care, 
if we do the whole thing again. 
We can try again.

Since then,

I've been waiting. 
turning down suitors, 
in hopes of youre return.

Becuase despite all that happened,
the only face that comes to mind, 
when I speak of home,
of families,
of future,
is yours. 

Submitted: November 17, 2016

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