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Have you ever experienced being a ghost?

Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



Have you ever felt isolated and not knowing the reason why people tend to do so? Few days earlier you are talking to them and later on, the interaction diminishes, that when you greet them they don’t respond anymore. Just a cold stare, and sometimes, avoiding eye contact, or not seeing you at all as if you’re a ghost. And when there’s food, they don’t include you on it anymore. Oh please, not that. Food.

The days started to feel somber, and you don’t feel like going to work or school anymore. Because staying on that room with those people treating you like shit gives you feelings of intense low self-esteem and loneliness. Especially on events or activities, you have forgotten what it feels like to be happy and all you can think of is “I hope this all ends so I can go home”. And there you are in the corner. Everyone’s having fun and you are struggling. The irritating thought started to come in. “What a loser”.

You tried to put up a bridge again. You initiated interactions. But nothing’s change. Sometimes they talk back to you when you ask them something, or you say anything just to let them feel your dying presence, but that’s just it. They never initiated a conversation with you. Or maybe they are avoiding to.

Having no reasons to stay gives you reason to leave. It’s such a harsh reality. Not knowing what you did, if it was offensive, or intentional or unintentional. What’s been happening my friend, is the power of conformity. The links, those chains and cold treatment you’re receiving came from a source. A main source. A person – who passed down whatever that shit may be to other people who has no bad blood or beef to you. That main source, usually, is one great image in a group, in the classroom or in the office. Influential, or someone who can manipulate or terrify other people to fulfill his or her desires. That being said, those people whom you have not given any direct affect started to bite on that chain the main source has laid. A lot of people are afraid to be left behind. That’s why even if it is against their will and conscience, they allow the main source to control them. All along, it is fear.

Some people are strong enough to withstand such treatment. Some does not. Human as you are, you can tell it yourself. “Can I endure this? For how long? Can I change this?”

Once you get an answer, put it into action. Besides, it’s not just your world. You have another world outside that room. There are other people who appreciates and loves you as you are, and they are outside that room. If you are brave enough, stand against it, but leaving doesn’t mean you are weak. You just know what is good for you, and you know your limitations. That’s being aware of what is healthy for you and what is not.

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