The Diary Of Alicia James

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Young girl loses parents and big brother, sent to live with aunt, uncle, and cousin

Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



The Diary of Alicia James

This is the story of Alicia James, a thirteen-year-old girl who has wonderful parents and is loved by everyone in her neighborhood. She has everything a girl ever wanted until her world starts crumbling around her. First she lost her big brother in a drive-by shooting, then her parents were killed by an unknown gunman. This is how it began.

Three months after the shooting, Alicia was riding on a bus to her aunt and uncle whom she hasn't seen in ten years. During the ride, she was scribbling in her sketchpad. She was thinking about her friend, Sierra, from the old neighborhood, and Travis, Sierra's big brother. Her father wasn't too fond of the lad hanging around his only daughter since his oldest son, DJ, was killed in the drive-by shooting which he thinks Travis was responsible for. She hasn't seen either of them since her parents were killed. "Last stop...Oakland, California,'' she heard the bus driver say as she closed her eyes. Hours later, the bus screeched. It startled Alicia. Everybody got off. She grabbed her bag and stepped off the bus. She looked around as some of the passengers were meeting with their families. She sat down on a nearby bench and went back to her sketchpad. While she was doing that, someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around to see a distinguished young man in front of her. "Hello there, Ali! Remember me," the man said. "No...should I," she asked him. "You should! I'm your uncle...Uncle Jeremiah," he said. "Uncle Jay," she whispered. "Yeah," he whispered back. Then she hugged him.

The two of them went into a brown station wagon, put the bags in the back seat, and drove away. "I'm sure your Aunt Kerry and your cousin Robbie are gonna be happy to see you," said Jeremiah. During the quiet car ride, Alicia finds herself thinking about her best friend, Winston Kerrigan. He's also Sierra and Travis' cousin. She, Sierra, and Winston were very close. Alicia could talk to him about anything. Travis was jealous of their relationship. The two boys often fought over Alicia but she picks Winston everytime. "Hey, kiddo! We're here," Jeremiah spoke up. "Huh," she said. "Are you feeling okay," he asked her. "Um...yeah," she responded. "I know that this is new to you but we'll do whatever we can to help you, okay," he said. "Okay," she sighs as she looked out the car window. The station wagon drove up to a salmon-colored two-story house with a seldomly painted garage, a broken-down treehouse, and an old tool shed in the backyard. A young, slender woman and a tall, slinky kid came outside to meet them. "Hi, Kerry! Hi, Robbie," Jeremiah said to them. Alicia was asleep in the passenger seat. " was the trip," Kerry asked her husband. "It was good...we talked a little bit but our niece hasn't said a word about Daniel or Joanna since we got in the car," he said. "Well, baby...maybe she isn't ready to talk about it just yet...remember what the social worker said," she said. While they were having a little conversation, Robert went over to the car and tapped on the window. It startled Alicia. "Hey, little cuz! What's going on," he said. "Nothing," Alicia said to him. "Sorry about Aunt Jo and Uncle Danny...if you wanna talk about it, I'm pressure," he said. "Okay," she whispered. "Let me help you with this," he said, grabbing her bags. Then they went in the house.

Kerry and Robert showed Alicia around their home. Soonafter, Jeremiah shows his niece to her new room. Alicia looked around the room as Robert brought in the bags. As she was unpacking her bags, she took out a picture of her parents and her big brother. Robert left the room as she reminisce about the time she spent with D.J. Whenever D.J. and Travis were together, Alicia, Sierra, and Winston would follow them. The boys would joke around with each other except for that day when Travis said something D.J. didn't like. Alicia was on her parents' stoop at the time. "I don't know if you know this but...," she heard Travis say to D.J. Before she knew it, they were fighting. Some of the neighbors came out to break them up. She remembers her brother's warning. "Stay away from him...he's trouble," she heard D.J. say to her. Suddenly, Kerry came in & cleared her throat. "Well...I see you got yourself situated in find everything okay," she asked her niece. "Yeah," Alicia said softly as she looked at the picture. "You miss them, don't you," she said. Alicia shook her head & said, "Yeah!" "I know! I miss them, too," she said, hugging her niece. Hours later, the family were eating dinner. "So,'s baseball practice," Jeremiah asked his son. While they were talking, Kerry noticed Alicia pushing around her food. "Alicia, honey...are you feeling okay," she asked her niece as she was feeling her forehead. "Yes, Aunt Kerry...I'm just not hungry...can I be excused, please," Alicia said. "Of course," she said. Then Alicia got up from the table and went to her room.

Later that night, Alicia was tossing and turning in her sleep. "Travis, back little sister is off you, man," D.J.'s voice echos. "D.J., stop! Please don't do this," she mumbles softly. "Ali, stay out of this...go in the house...NOW," he yelled at her. Once she went inside, gunfire rang out. She woke up screaming. Jeremiah, Kerry, and Robert woke up. They head straight for Alicia's room. When they came through the door, she was in a corner crying. "Hey there, kiddo...what's wrong," Jeremiah said. Alicia didn't say anything. "Honey, did you have a bad dream," Kerry asked her. Alicia shook her head and whispered, "Yeah!" She hugged Kerry as the guys watched. The next day, the family were at the table eating breakfast. No one was talking since last night. "I gotta go! I have an early practice," Robert finally said. "Okay, son," Jeremiah said. Robert got up and left the room. Alicia was still eating at the table. "As soon as you're finished eating, get ready for school," said Kerry. "Okay," Alicia said to her. "Jay? Can I have a word with you," she said. " right back, kiddo," he said, kissing his niece on the forehead. The two of them leave the room as well. Once they were out of there, Jeremiah asked, "What's going on, baby?" "We need to talk about last night...our niece and the nightmares that she's been having...we gotta do something," she said. "I know someone who can help...a psychiatrist for Alicia to talk to beside us," he said to his wife. "We may have to talk to her about this...see what she thinks about this," she said. Then they went back in the room to talk with Alicia.

After they talked, Jeremiah and Alicia got into the car. They drove off. "I don't like what happened this morning," she said. "You may not like it but we were worried about you considering what you've been through with losing your brother and your parents like that...don't you think you should talk to someone who can help you," he said. "No, I don't! I hate talking to strangers about problems that I don't have," she said. "Why do you think there's no problems," he asked her. "The social worker wanted me to talk to someone, too," she said, "I don't have a problem, Uncle Jay!" She turned around and looked out the car window. During the car ride, Alicia was thinking about the day D.J. got shot. She remembered running outside as a red and black car sped off. "No! D.J., wake up! D.J., please," she cried as she held onto her big brother. Travis showed up as D.J. was laying there bleeding on the ground. Soonafter, he heard sirens. "Ali? We gotta go, girl," he said, grabbing her arm. "No...I can't leave him...I can't leave my brother," she cried. "There's nothing we can do...let's go," he said angrily. All she could remember that day is the look on Travis' face. The memory was interrupted by the sound of Jeremiah's car coming to a halt. "Here we are! We gotta see this principal...a Mr. Martinez," Jeremiah said. "Okay," she said. "Let's go in," he said. Then they got out of the car.

Jeremiah and Alicia went inside the school building to see the principal. "Hello, Mr. name is Jeremiah Gaines...we talked on the phone," he said to the man in the light blue suit. "Yes, Mr. Gaines...step into my office," said Mr. Martinez. The two men did exactly that. When they were talking, Alicia looked around and caught the eye of a boy down the hall with his friends. A few minutes later, the men came out and shook hands. Jeremiah went over to Alicia and said, "Hey, kiddo...we got everything situated ends at three pm (3PM)...I'll be here early to pick you up, okay?" "Okay, Uncle Jeremiah," Alicia said softly. "Have a good day and I'll see you later," he said. "Okay...bye, Uncle Jay," she said as he left the building. Mr. Martinez showed Alicia to a classroom and went inside. "Hello, Mr. Garrett," he said. While he was talking to the teacher, Alicia saw the same boy from the halls. "Everyone, we have a new student! This is Alicia James," said Mr. Garrett. Some of them waved while the rest looked at her and went back to their conversations. "Go grab a seat so I can start class," he said. Alicia went to sit in one of the desks but one girl blocked it. "Uh-uh...not here," the girl said to her. "Miss Sylvester...I've warned you," he said.  "You can sit here, new kid," a voice spoke up. Alicia looked up and saw the boy from the hall in the back row. He moved his backpack so she could sit down. Then the teacher starts his class.

Later that day, Alicia was sitting at a table in the cafeteria drawing in her sketchbook. Three girls came up to her and sat down. "Hey, kid! What's  the deal with you and Trevor, huh," one of them said. "Who," Alicia questioned. "The boy that you were talking to in English class...Trevor Clemmons, my boyfriend," the girl said. "Oh, him! He's just helping me with my classwork! I'm not interested in him cuz I already have a boyfriend back in my old neighborhood," she told the girl. "And that's how it gonna be or we're gonna have a problem, got it," the girl said. " it," she said. "What Jane Sylvester says goes...stay away from Trevor," said the second girl. "See ya," said the third girl. They got up and left the table. Alicia went back to drawing in her sketchbook when suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw who it was. "Hi, Trevor," she said. "Hello, Alicia...what's going on," Trevor asked her. "Your little girlfriend, Jane Sylvester, and her friends told me to stay away from you," she told him. "She did? Jane is not my girlfriend," he said. "She's not? She told me she was and said there's gonna be some problems," she said. "Really--Jane Sylvester is my stepsister! She always pull some stunt to keep the girls away from me...don't pay her no attention, all right...she has her friends and I got mine," he said. The two of them started eating their lunch. After school, Alicia and Trevor were chatting on the school steps when Jeremiah drove up. "That's my uncle...I'll see you tomorrow," she said. "Okay...bye," he said. The two of them did a secret handshake and parted ways. Alicia got into the car said, "Hi, Uncle Jay!" "Hello there...I guess I don't have to ask you how your day went," Jeremiah said. "It went terrible at first but I got through it fine," she told him. "How was it terrible, Ali," he asked her. "Some girl gave me a hard time for talking to her boyfriend but it turns out that she was the guy's stepsister," she said. "Ouch! I hope you're staying out of that situation, right," he said. "Yes, sir...we're just friends, that's all...I couldn't betray Travis like that," she said. "Okay," he said. Then they buckled up and drove off.

Later that day, Alicia was doing her homework upstairs when she got a mysterious phone call. Robert came home and went to the kitchen for a snack. Alicia picked up her cell phone and saw "blocked call" on the screen. As the phone rings, she thought about what the judge told her months earlier. The words stay away from Travis Dean was stuck in her head. She put the phone in the drawer and slammed it shut. In that moment, someone came into the room. "Who's there," she said. "It's me," a voice said. She turned around and said, "Aunt Kerry?" "Of course it's everything okay, Ali," Kerry asked her. Alicia shook her head. "Come on, to're not a baby," Kerry said. "I'm fine...everything's fine, Auntie Kerry," she said. "Okay..thought I would come up here...bring you some need a break...don't do so much in one day, all right," Kerry said. "Yes, ma'am," she said. "I'm sorry that we weren't there when D.J. miss him, do you," Kerry said. "Yeah," she whispered. "I'm here if you need me, okay," Kerry said. "Okay, Aunt Kerry," she said. The two of them hugged. The family were eating dinner hours later. All of a sudden, the telephone started to ring. "I'll get it," said Kerry. She went into the kitchen to answer it. Alicia froze at the table while Kerry was on the phone. "Hello? Who is it," she heard her aunt say. As the words echoed, she thought about the last time she saw Travis. Robert caught a glimpse of her sitting there motionless. "Ali? Dad," he said. "Alicia? Honey, talk to me," Jeremiah said, trying to snap her out of it. She didn't hear them. She blocked out their voices. Then she blacked out.

Later that evening, Jeremiah and Kerry was in the den while the doctor was upstairs with Alicia. "How did this happen...she was just fine earlier...I...," Kerry said. Jeremiah hugged his wife. Robert stood outside on the porch thinking. Soonafter, the doctor came downstairs to talk to them. Alicia was in her bed fast asleep. Kerry watched her from the bedroom door. "Hey, baby! Don't worry about it so much--she'll be fine! It's just a dizzy spell, that's all! Now let's get some sleep, okay," Jeremiah said as the two of them left the room. A few months later, Alicia became well adjusted at her new school. She made some new friends. She and Trevor has gotten closer, pissing off Jane every second. She goes to her therapy sessions twice a week and finally found the courage to end things with Travis. Meanwhile, she and Trevor meet up after basketball practice. "You mind me walking you home today," Trevor asked her. "You ask me the same question every week, should already know the answer by now," she said. They shared a kiss, not knowing that they're being watched. Once they got down the block, Kerry drove up. "Hi, kids! Need a ride," she asked them. The person in the dark car saw them getting into Kerry's jeep and drove away. "Aunt Kerry, can Trevor stay for dinner," Alicia asked her. "Only if it's okay with your uncle and his grandmother," she said to her niece. "She's visiting with some friends and my stepsister's out on a date so it's okay," he said. "So that leaves Uncle Jay...can you help us out please, Auntie Kay," Alicia begged. "Okay-okay-okay! I'll help you kids out but you owe me for this," she told her. Then they went home.

Hours later, Trevor went home. He put his bookbag on the couch and went upstairs to his room. As he lay across his bed, a shadowy figure came in. He felt a set of fingers across his back. "Stop it, sis," he moans. "Do you love her, little bro," the shadowy figure asked him. "Quit it, Jane," he said. "Why? We always do this twice a week! I won't share you with her," said Jane, rubbing on his leg. "I'm not doing this...I have a girlfriend...get out," he yelled. "Fine...but you'll be back for this," she said, leaving the room. He mumbled something and slammed the door. The next day, Alicia was talking with some of the girls when she saw a dark car drove up. Trevor showed up and kissed her on the cheek. "Hey, Ali! What's with the car," he asked her. "I don't just showed up...forget it...let's get to class," she said. "You said gives me the creeps, man," he said softly. The two of them went to class. When they got there, someone was waiting for them. "What the...," Alicia said. "Hey, Ali...long time no see, baby," the person said to her. "Ali, who is he," Trevor asked her. "Trevor, this is Travis brother's friend," she said. "She means her boyfriend," Travis added. "Ex-boyfriend--what are you doing here anyways? I made it perfectly clear that it was over! I'm with Trevor now, not you," she told Travis. "We'll see about'll come back to me," Travis yelled at her. "Whatever, man! He ain't gonna be a problem, is he," Trevor asked. "Nah! Just ignore him," she said. Then she kissed Trevor, angering Travis.

As the weeks goes by, Travis did the most impossible things to break them up. Suddenly, he met a new girl. "So...who would you be," he asked her. "Brittany...Brittany Harrison," the girl said to him. "Travis you doing," he said. Meanwhile, Alicia was hanging out with Trevor at his grandmother's house. They were looking at baby pictures. "Oh, my god...this is you," she asked him. "Yeah," he said. While they were talking, Jane was staring at them coldly. " were so cute," she said to him. "Like I ain't cute now," he said, pretending to be offended. She giggled and said, "You'll always be cute to me!" They closed the bedroom door and started to make out. Hours later, Jeremiah was in the den doing some paperwork when Alicia came home. Kerry and Robert were upstairs sleeping. When she saw  him sitting there, it reminded her of the times that her dad was sitting in the family den doing his taxes. "Alicia...honey, is that you," she heard her dad say. "Dad?" she spoke up. Suddenly, she saw Jeremiah again. "Ali? Are you okay," he asked her. "Huh? What," she said, "Hi, Uncle Jay!" "Hanging out with that Clemmons boy again? Now how many times have I told you...," he started to say before Alicia interrupted him. " call and let you know that I would be late? I know and I'm sorry," she said, finishing his sentence. "No worries! I'll let your aunt know you're home! Call next time," he said. "Yes, Da--uh, Uncle Jay," she said. Then she went to the window and saw Trevor riding away on his skateboard.

When Alicia got upstairs, Kerry came out of the master bedroom which she shares with Jeremiah. "Alicia, I need to have a talk to you," she said to her niece. "O-kay," Alicia said back. The two of them went into the next room and shut the door. "Where were you this afternoon, huh," she questioned. "What do you...oh," Alicia said. "You were supposed to come home right after therapy to help me with the attic, remember," she said. "Oh...I'm sorry, Auntie's just that Trevor popped out of nowhere and I couldn't leave him...he had a fight with his sister--I should've been here instead...I'm sorry," Alicia said, talking non-stop. Kerry started to chuckle. "Honey, slow down! You sound like my brother rambling on and on--I appreciate that you wanna help your friend but it's a little more than you can need to concentrate on getting better yourself...don't get into something that you can't handle," she warns her niece. "Okay! Okay! I get it, Aunt Kerry, but I can handle this! I'll come home early tomorrow," Alicia said. "Thank you, honey! I know that this is new for you but at least meet me halfway, okay," she said. "Okay," Alicia said. The two of them hugged. A week later, Alicia came downstairs to the breakfast table. Jeremiah & Robert were playing basketball outside. Kerry was frying bacon and eggs on the stove. "Hey there...had a rough night," she said. "Yeah," Alicia said back. "Maybe you shouldn't been out with your friends late last're going to bed early tonight," she said sternly. Suddenly, Alicia threw up on the floor. Kerry grabs some towels to wipe up the mess. "Damn, Mom...what happened," Robert yelled. "Robbie, help me out here...please," she said to her son. "Alicia, are you feeling didn't eat or drink anything that you shouldn't have," Jeremiah asked her as he came through the kitchen door behind Robert. "No, sir...just came down here a second ago," Alicia responded. "You sure, kiddo," he said. She shook her head and said, "Of course I'm sure!" "Let's get her over to the doctor's office just to make sure that it isn't a food allergy," Kerry said to her husband and son. Then they all went outside, got into the car, and drove off.

One year later, Alicia and Trevor were in the den studying for a big test when a small child ran in on them. "Hey, little buddy," Trevor said. "Daddy," the child said to him. Kerry came home from work. "Hi, kids," she said to the three of them. "Hi, Mrs Gaines...let me help you with that," Trevor said. "Thank you...Alicia, are you ready for the SATs," she asked. "Yes, Mom," Alicia said. "And as for you, young could be my little helper today," she said. "Yeah," the child said. The two of them leave the room. Moments later, the whole family were eating dinner. Trevor was feeding his child while Alicia was thinking about the days she spent with Sierra and Winston. She would go to the Deans' house after school and play hopscotch with her two best friends. "Hey, Ali! Sisi! I've got an idea! Why don't we start a club," she remembered Winston saying to them. "Yeah," Alicia and Sierra said. "What are we gonna call this club, Win," Alicia asked him. "I don't know...but I'll think of a'll see," Winston said. He held Alicia's hand as they went back to their game. Suddenly, a voice interrupted her. "Hello? Anybody there," she heard someone say. "Huh? What," Alicia said. Everyone was looking at her. "Alicia? Are you okay, honey," a second voice comes in. "Yeah, Mom...I'm fine...why are you all staring at me...I'm fine," she said. "Whoa--hey, kiddo! Take it easy! We're just worried about you--your dad and I, okay! Are you still taking your medication," Kerry asked her. "I hate those pills, Mom...they always make me feel numb and sick to my stomach...I know you and Dad mean well but I don't wanna feel that way," she said. "Maybe you should go lay down after dinner! Those pills shouldn't been taken on an empty stomach anyways," Kerry told her. "Dad, may I be excused," she said. "Oh, of course! Hope you feel better, kiddo," Jeremiah said. Then she got up from the table, kissed him on the cheek, and left the room.

As she slept, someone was in the bushes outside. She started tossing and turning. " can't have him," she moaned. A set of feet came into the room. She felt a hand on her shoulder and screamed. "Alicia," she heard someone say. She turned on the light switch and saw who it was. Jeremiah was standing next to her bed. "Daddy," she cried. "Hey, kiddo...are you okay," he asked her. She hugged him tight. The next day, Jeremiah was in the kitchen reading his newspaper and drinking his coffee. Alicia came downstairs and sat across from him. "Mom said you wanted to talk to me...did I do something wrong," she asked him. "No, didn't go anything wrong...we need to talk about last night," he said. "I am in trouble," she said. Kerry came in and said, "You're not in trouble, honey! We just need to talk to you about the pills." The three of them continued their conversation. Meanwhile, Trevor was on his way to school when Travis drove up. "Hey, dude," he said through the car window. "What do you want, Travis...HUH," Trevor said angrily. "You got what I girl, Ali," he said. "Dude, she don't want you anymore! She's with me now and we share a daughter together," Trevor said. "Say, well do you know Ali, huh," he said.Trevor listened to what Travis had to tell him. Alicia was talking with some of the girls from the basketball team when Trevor showed up. "Oh hi, Trevor...what's wrong," she asked him. "Excuse us," he said, dragging her to the side. As soon as they were away from everyone, they stared talking. It soon turned to arguing. While this was going on, Travis was standing by his locker. Trevor walked away angry. "Serves you right...and now it's time to turn on the chain," Travis said to himself. As Alicia stood there confused, Travis went to talk to her. "So...trouble in paradise, huh," he said. "It's none of your business, Travis Dean," she growled at him. "Hey, girl...don't get mad at me cuz that boy don't understand I can," he whispered softly. Then he kissed her out of the blue.

Jane saw the two of them kissing and walked away. In a split second, Alicia pulled away from Travis and slapped him. "Ow," he said. "What the hell are you doing, huh? I can't with this," she yelled. She walked away crying. She went to a pay phone to make a call. Across town, Jeremiah was with some clients when his secretary came in to whisper something to him. Moments later, he drove up to the school and saw Alicia sitting on the steps. "Hey there, kiddo," he said. She got up from the steps and got into the car. Kerry was outside raking the front yard when she saw her husband's car pull up. "Hi, Jer! What happened here," she asked him. "Ali had a fight with Trevor at school today," Jeremiah said. "Aww! Come here, honey," she said. Alicia came out of the car and hugged them both. They went inside the house. Later that day, Kerry and Jeremiah were relaxing in the den while the kids were asleep upstairs. "Honey, I'm worried about Alicia," she said. "I know but what's done is done, baby...Trevor dumped her...I knew that relationship wouldn't work...maybe it's for the best...she needs to concentrate on getting better anyways," he said. "Yeah, you're right...she took on so much too soon, Jer," she said. They continued their conversation as Alicia listens in. Meanwhile, Trevor was in his room throwing his football around. Jane was across the halls shaving her leg in the bathroom. "I heard about your little girlfriend...sorry it didn't work out...and I was starting to like her, too," she said as she came into the room. "No, you don' wish we would break up," he said. "Yeah...I know but since Alicia is with her old boyfriend, we can go back to doing our thing, little bro," she said, pushing him onto the bed. Then she climbs on top of him.

Weeks passed since their fight. Alicia spends her time with her teammates while Trevor hangs out with his friends. One day, the two of them bumped into each other in the hallway. "Hi," they both said. "How are you," Trevor asked. "I'm okay considering...missed hanging out with you, though," Alicia said back. "Yeah--me too! How's Allie," he said. "Uh...she's fine...just missing her daddy is can come see her if you like...I'm not gonna stop you from seeing your daughter, you know," she told him. "I and I need to talk," he said to her. They walked away together as Travis watched them from a distance. Hours later, Alicia and Trevor were in the park playing with their daughter when Travis drove up in his silver Beemer. "So, baby...what are you gonna do about your girl," Brittany asked him. "I guess they both have to die! Alicia will think twice before she dis me for that chump, kid or no kid," Travis said, pulling out his gun. The two of them sat there quietly as Alicia and Trevor went over to the slide. "How about I go pop her right now," Brittany finally said. "Oh, no...killing her would be last resort...naw, girl...I gotta few tricks up my sleeve...Ali ain't getting rid of me that easy...that's my soul future wife...Mrs Travis Dean, not Trevor Clemmons...I'ma kill this clown," he told her. Suddenly, they drove away. Alicia went back home with Allie sleeping in her arms. No one was there. As she went inside, Travis and Brittany were parked a couple blocks away. "Hello...Mom...Dad...Robbie...where are you guys," she calls out. Within seconds, gunfire ran out. Jeremiah, Kerry, and Robbie were driving down the street when they saw police cars and ambulances in front of their house. "Oh, my god...Alicia," Kerry said. They got out of the car to see what was going on. The EMTs were carrying four stretchers to the ambulances. Then they drove off.

Later that night, the family were in the hospital waiting to hear from the doctor. "I promised my little brother that I would take care of his daughter...if she dies' I'd never forgive myself," Kerry said. Jeremiah hugged his wife. "Don't beat yourself over this, Kay...she's gonna be fine," he said. "Is this the family of Alicia James," the doctor said, coming out of the ER. "Yeah...we are," he said. Seconds later, the three of them went in to see Alicia. She was hooked up to a respirator. They all sat by her bed. "Honey, it's me," Kerry said. "Mom? I'm so sorry," Alicia moaned. "You have nothing to feel sorry for, okay," she said. "Okay," Alicia said softly. "Hey there, kiddo! How are you feeling," Jeremiah said. "A little woozy...what happened...why can't I move my legs...Dad," Alicia questioned. He took a deep breath and told her the bad news. A week later, Trevor died and was buried at the town's graveyard. He was surrounded by his family. Travis was arrested and charged with premeditated murder. He was sentenced to life plus 15 years in prison. Brittany was charged with attempted murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison as well. Alicia gave birth to a baby boy and named him Trevor Clemmons Jr. Months after Trevor's death, she and Jane became best friends. The two of them remained close to this day.

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