The Murder Of Kevin Baxter

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After a stint in juvenile hall for grand theft auto, a teenage boy makes new friends and gets involved with his Science teacher

Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



The Murder Of Kevin Baxter

Kevin Baxter is an angelic fourteen-year-old kid with a wild streak. His parents, forty-year-old investment banker, Jackson Baxter and thirty-nine-year-old psychiatrist, Jane Wilson-Baxter, has two other children, sixteen-year-old Danielle and eleven-year-old John, whom Kevin are very close to. This family of five were very tight until Jack and Jane's marriage fell apart. Soonafter, Kevin started hanging with the wrong crowd and got into a mess of trouble. He was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault on an officer and grand theft auto. This is his story.

Six months later, Kevin came before the parole board. His mother, brother, and sister were waiting outside the room. His father was on a business trip. He couldn't make the meeting but is on the way back into town. "So, Mr Baxter...I've looked over your record...why should we release you," said the first member. "Well I promised my mom that I would stay out of trouble, go to school...even get one of those part-time jobs that my counselor was talking about," Kevin joked. When he saw that the parole board wasn't laughing, he cleared his throat. "Let's be serious, Mr Baxter," said the second member. "Sorry, sir! I just want to change my life and start fresh. I miss my family and would do absolutely anything to stay out of here," he said. Then the parole board talked among themselves. When it was over, Kevin came out to hug his mom and siblings. They got into the car and drove off. On the ride home, Kevin looks out the window at the old neighborhood that he once left from six months ago. "Now that you're out of that awful place, the three of us should go out for dinner...anyplace you want," said Jane. "Sure, Mom," said Kevin. "So good to have you home, big brother," said John. "And the male bonding begins," Danielle said, being sarcastic. Kevin and John did their secret handshake which annoys her. They started to laugh. While they have dinner at their favorite restaurant, Jackson walked in. "Dad...hey, Dad," said John. Before he could respond, a lady friend came in with him. "What is this? Who's the girl with Dad," Kevin asked them. "His girlfriend...they've been dating for three were locked up, little bro," said Danielle. "Hello," the woman said. "Hi, Lisa," Jane said. "He brings her to dinner every week...I don't think she trusts us or Mom," John told him. "Hello, everyone! Hello, son! Welcome home," Jackson said, extending his hand to Kevin. Then they hugged.

The next day, Kevin got up and went into the bathroom. He washed himself up, got dressed, and head toward the kitchen. His mom cooked some breakfast for them. The table was filled with plates of pancakes, eggs, biscuits, bacon, and sausages. John and Danielle had already eaten before leaving for school. "Hi, Mom," he said. "Hi, son! I'm so glad that you're home! Ready for your first day of school," Jane asked him. "Yeah...Mom...what's the deal with Dad's girlfriend...John thinks she doesn't trust us," he said. "'s not true, son...we're just good friends is all," she said. "Bull! What she thinks you're gonna do, steal Dad back from her? You divorced him ages ago--," he said before getting cut off. "Okay...that's enough! I get it that you're angry with us about the divorce but nothing could be done! We're not getting back together! We're not talking about this anymore," she said angrily. "Sorry," he said. "Eat your breakfast and meet me outside in five minutes," she said, then leaves the kitchen. Jane and Kevin got into the car. They drove off. "Mom! I didn't mean anything I said this morning," he finally said. "I know,'s not your fault...I'm sorry for snapping at's just a sensitive subject for me, too," she said, hugging her son. Once they got to the high school, they got out of the car and went inside to meet the principal. "Well hello, Principal Vance," said Jane. Principal Ross Vance is a middle-aged man wearing a pinstripe suit and wing tipped shoes. He walked over to greet his former classmate. "Hello to you, too...Jane Wilson," Principal Vance said to her. "Likewise...oh, where's my manners...this is my son, Kevin," she said, "Kevin, this is Principal Rossmore Vance." "Hello, sir," Kevin said. "Hello, sir," Kevin said to him. "Hello there, young man...I've heard so much about you," Principal Vance said to Kevin. Then the three of them went into his office. After their talk, Principal Vance and Kevin went down the hall to one of the classrooms. The kids were talking and carrying on until they came in. "Mrs. Vance, we have a new student! This is Kevin Baxter," Principal Vance said to the teacher. "Hello," said Mrs. Vance. "Well...hello little thang you," Kevin said seductively. "Watch it, Mr. Baxter," Principal Vance said, clearing his throat. "Oh, my bad! Hello, Mrs. Vance," Kevin said. "Quite the charmer, is he," she said to Principal Vance. "That charm can only go but so far...behave yourself, young man," he said to Kevin. "Yes, sir," Kevin said. Then Principal Vance kissed Mrs. Vance and left the classroom.

"Class, may I have your attention, please?" said Mrs. Vance. The kids quiets down as she makes her announcement. "Thank you! We have a new student! This is Kevin Baxter! Say hello, everyone," she said. "Hello, Kevin," they said. "What up," Kevin said back. "Have a seat, Kevin," she said. He went to the back of the room and grabbed a desk. As the hours goes by, Kevin attends all of his classes. Later that day, he sat down at one of the tables in the cafeteria. Two boys came over to him and sat down as well. "Hey, new kid! What up," the first boy said. "What up," he said back. "I'm Chad and this is Brian," the second boy said. "I'm Kevin," he told the boys. "So, Kevin...I saw you flirting with Mrs. like her," Brian asked him. "Don't be shy...we all like Mrs. Vance," Chad added. "Nah....she's a teacher...can't mess with that," he said to them. "We know that...she's the principal's wife, man," Brian said. "She don't care...she likes young meat, man," Chad said. "Here she comes," Kevin said. When Mrs. Vance walk past them, the boys pretends to look at a science book. She ignores them and joins Principal Vance at his table. The boys burst out laughing. "That was sweet," Brian said softly. "Which bring to this idea...or should I say up for it, Kev," Chad said. "Huh," Kevin said. "You wanna take the bet," Brian said. "Um, sure...what is it," he asked them. "I bet you $500 and a stack of comics that you flirt with Mrs. Vance," Chad said to him. Kevin looked over at Mrs. Vance, stroke his chin, and said, "Of course, man! I'll take the bet!" The two boys shook hands as Mrs. Vance glances at them. Three weeks later, Kevin was on the school steps reading a comic book when he felt a tap on his shoulder. "Oh,'am," he said. To his surprise, it was Mrs. Vance. "I hope you're ready for today's test," she told him. "Yes, ma'am," he said. She chucked as she went through the door. He meet up with Brian and Chad as the guidance counselor by the name of Chris Matthews shows up at the school. "Hey, man! What's going on," Brian and Chad said to their friend. "Nothing, man," Kevin said back. "Ready for that test," Chad asked him. "You know it," he said. Principal Vance walked up to them and said, "What are you boys talking about, hmm?" "Science test," the boys said. "Mr. Matthews, this is Chad Jones, Brian Foster, and Kevin Baxter," he said to the guidance counselor. "Hello, boys," said Mr. Matthews. "They're your new helpers for your after school program today," he said. "I'm on probation! I can't be doing this, man," Kevin mumbled. "What's that, Mr. Baxter," he said, "I've spoke to your probation officer! He thinks it's a good idea! That way I can keep a close eye on you!" He walked away from the boys and head into the building. The boys went to class after talking to the guidance counselor. Mrs. Vance gave each student a test as they came in. When Kevin got his test paper, he made a pass at her. "Excuse me! What are you doing," she yelled. "Well, I...uh...," Kevin stuttered. Brian and Chad chuckled. "Yeah, boy," they cheered. "You come with me right now," she said angrily. "Um...yes, ma'am," he said. Then the two of them left the room.

Later that day, Kevin, Chad, and Brian were unloading some boxes for Mr. Matthews as Vice Principal Smith looks on. Mrs. Vance was grading some test papers when Principal Vance came in with lunch. "Hello, Katie...any problems with those delinquents, honey," he asked her. "No, problems at all...are you coming home tonight," she said, watching the boys outside. "Sorry, babe! Got a lot of work to catch up on! Don't wait up," he said as he kissed her on the cheek. They started to eat their lunch. After all that hard work, Kevin grabbed his backpack and started to walk home. As he was heading down the street, a sport car pulled up next to him. "Whoa, dude," he said to the driver. "Hey there! You need a ride," said a voice from the car. "Oh...hi, Mrs. Vance...," he said softly. Within seconds, he gets in and the car drive off. Hours later, Principal Vance was hard at work in his office when Vice Principal Smith came in with some boxes. "So...what would we accomplish with finding dirt on Kevin Baxter, Ross," he asked. "I don't trust that kid, all," said Principal Vance. "You're not gonna find anything on that kid," he told his friend. As Vice Principal Smith searches the boxes, Principal Vance got up from his desk. He walks over to his friend and caresses his body. Then he locked the door and engage in a liplock with Vice Principal Smith.

Mrs. Vance stopped at a gas station while Kevin reads a car magazine. She went inside to pick up a few things, came out, got back into the car, and gave Kevin a bag. "What's this," he asked her. "New material...for your eyes only," she whispered. He looked into the bag and saw what was inside. "Whoa," he said softly. "I hope you like it," she whispered as she rubs on his leg. There was silence. She leans over and kisses him on the lips. All of a sudden, Kevin and Mrs. Vance were making out in the back seat of the sport car. They started to take off each other's clothes. Across town, Principal Vance and Vice Principal Smith were having sex in the office. They were pumping, sweating, and moaning. "Oooh, yeah! Who's your daddy, huh," he asked his friend. "You are, baby, you," Vice Principal Smith mumbled. Once they were done, they passed out in each other's arms. They kissed passionately. Hours later, Mrs. Vance drove Kevin home. Before he got out of the car, she kissed him again. "I thought you were mad at me for...," he started to say. "Shh! I couldn't stay mad at you but you can't pull those stunts at school anymore, Kevin! My husband will use it against you and send you back to jail! You hear me," she said. "Yeah...of course," he said back. "I'm taking a big risk being with one must know about us, got it," she told him. Then he nods his head in agreement.

The next day, Kevin was with his friends while Mrs Vance was with her husband having breakfast in the cafeteria. "So...where were you yesterday," Chad asked. Kevin thought about his sexual encounter with Mrs Vance and said, "I went to see my PO, looked for a job, and went home." "That's it," Brian questioned. "Yeah...I'm trying to stay out of jail, B," he said. "You're right, right...judge's orders," Brian said. "Yeah," he said back. Chad sat there quietly as the boys talked and joked around. Later that day, Chad stood by the pay phone in the hallway when a mysterious figure came up to him. "How's the case going," the figure asked. "It's going good...just need a little time is all," Chad said. "Sure...I'll allow it...stick on this kid...he's trouble," the figure said. "Sure, boss," he said. They went their separate ways. Meanwhile, Kevin was at his new job at a hardware store just a few blocks from his house. A mysterious woman came in and start walking down the aisle. "Kevin, go help the young lady back there," said the store owner. "Okay, Mr. Barkley," Kevin said. He did what he was told. The woman started to flirt with him as he came down the aisle. "So we meet again...Kate," he whispered. "I need your help...with something," the woman said. "Of course, Mrs. Vance," he said. She grabbed Kevin by the hand and pulled him into the restroom. They started to take their clothes off as the owner went outside for a smoke break. Then a dark car pulled up.

Principal Vance was at the office reading the newspaper while Vice Principal Smith talked with his wife on the phone. He got up and went toward his friend's desk. "Okay, Lilly...I'll be home soon...give JJ a kiss for me...bye, honey," said Vice Principal Smith, then hung up. "So...what are we gonna do in this little bit of time, hmm," Principal Vance whispered as he rubs his friend's back and chest. "You just don't know when to quit...," he said before Principal Vance kisses him on the lips. The two of them started to make out. Kevin came home from a hard day's work. His mother and brother were working on a project in the den. His sister was upstairs on her computer. "Hi, Mom...John boy," he said. "Dude...don't call me that," John growled. "Boys...hello, Kevin! How was work," Jane asked her son. "It was good...just got promoted to assistant manager today," he told her. "Congratulations, honey," she said, hugging him. "Congrats...that means I get your allowance too, bro," John said. "You sure about that, baby boy...huh...huh," he said to John. The boys pretended to wrestle with each other. Mrs. Vance pulled up in the driveway of the family's townhouse. Her husband was upstairs with an unknown man making out in the bed that he shares with her. She came through the front door and saw two suits crumbled up on the floor. She went upstairs to the master bedroom. As she got closer to the room, she heard moaning on the other side of the door. The closer she gets to the room, the louder the moaning got. She busts in to see her naked husband in their bed having sex with another man. "What the hell is going on in here? Ross? Jake!" she yelled at them. "Katie? Baby! It's not what you think," he pleads to his wife. Then they all started to argue.

Kevin was fast asleep in his bed when his cell phone buzzed. He picked it up and checked his messages. In a split second, he got up and went outside. Mrs. Vance was waiting for him in her car. Kevin came out to meet her. "Hi! I got your message! What's up," he said. "I had a fight with my husband...can we go somewhere and talk," she asked him. "Um...okay," he responded. He got into the car and gave her a hug. She kissed him. In no time, they started to have sex in the backseat of the car. While this was going on, someone was on the corner taking pictures of them with a cell phone. They started to moan loudly as the whole town slept. The person was aroused by the sexual tension between Kevin and Mrs. Vance. Hours later, they kissed again. "What are you thinking about, Kate," Kevin asked. "I know this is wrong but being here with feels right, you know," she told him. "You told me about your husband cheating on you...why are you even with him," he questioned. "Our fathers were best friends...Ross' father is a powerful man...he and my dad made sure that we got married and have plenty of children...but it didn't happen that way," she said. "What happened," he asked. "We found out that we couldn't have children," she said. "Really? So that's why he's tripping! Man, I'm so sorry," he apologized. "I'm not! He's too old for children--we took in his son from his first marriage! The kid hates my guts," she said. Then they kissed once more.

Two weeks later, the two of them went back to their lives. Kevin was playing basketball with Brian and Chad while Mrs. Vance was having lunch with her friends. Principal Vance was in his office getting a massage. "Hello, Dad," a voice said. "Hey...what's on your mind, my boy," he said to the mysterious figure. "It's about Kate, Dad...she's cheating on you...I had her followed...she is seeing another guy...much younger than you," the figure said. "You're sure about that, son," he asked. "Yes, sir," the figure told him. "Keep at it...whoever this guy is, he's gonna wish he was never born," he said. They started to laugh. Jane was at the supermarket picking up some things for dinner when Jackson showed up. "Hello, Jane," he said. "Hello, Jackson," she said back. "How's the kids," he asked her. "Why don't you ask them yourself...they're your kids, too...what about Lisa...not attached to the hip today," she said. "Okay...maybe I deserve that...she's my girlfriend...we share everything," he told her. "Really? That woman does not like me or the kids...thinks I'm gonna take you away from her...she doesn't get it...," she started to say before Jackson kisses her. Moments later, they were having sex in the back of his truck. They were going at it for hours. All of a sudden, their cell phones started to ring. "Damn...Lisa," he said, looking at the name on the caller ID. "It's Dani, our daughter...probably wondering where I am...go to your girl," she said as she answers her own cell phone. He did the same. "Lisa? Baby! Hello," he said. Then he looks at his ex-wife while talking to his girlfriend.

Danielle was walking through the front door of their mother's house. "Yeah, Mom...of course, Mom...I can handle it," she said over the cellphone. Kevin and Mrs. Vance were making out in the den. As they were about to get undressed, Danielle walked in on them. "Oh shoot...I'll call you back," she said, flipping it shut. "Dani? What are you doing here," Kevin said. "I live here...what is she doing h--you gotta go, little brother and I need to talk...NOW!" she yelled. "Maybe I should go...bye, Kevin," said Mrs. Vance. She kissed him and left. "What is going on here, huh? Kevin? Tell me you're not with that woman," she yelled at him. "So what if I am? What you gonna do about it, huh," Kevin yelled back. "She is Principal Vance's wife and your science teacher...she could go to jail for messing with you...and he could destroy your life...Principal Ross Vance is not a man to be fucked with," she said. "I ain't afraid of that cock sucking freak...he's cheating on Kate with Vice Principal Smith for months...she came to me, Dani," he told her. "You're sick...I'm gonna put a stop to this...I'm calling Mom," she said. "You wouldn't," he said angrily. "I'll tell her unless you end just got out of jail, Kev, and I don't want you to get hurt," she pleads to him. "I appreciate it that you're worried about me but I'm gonna be fine, big and Kate are gonna be fine," he said, then went upstairs. Hours later, the family were eating pizza and barbeque chicken. "So, was your day," Jane asked. "My day was great! I made the basketball team," John said. Danielle and Kevin were talking among themselves. "Guys? Dani? Kevin? Hello," Jane said. "Um...what up, Mom," Kevin said. "What's going on over there," she questioned her two older children. "Nothing, Mom," Danielle said. "Um...may I be excused," Kevin asked. "Of course you excused," she said to him. Then he left the room.

Once Kevin got there, his cell phone buzzed. "Hello...oh hey, girl...yeah...I can get out...okay...I'll see you there," he said as Danielle listened in on his conversation. He opened his bedroom window and climbed out. A dark car was waiting for him. He got in before it drove off. Danielle was watching them. "Kev, I hope you know what you're getting yourself into," she told herself. Meanwhile, Principal Vance and his son were having dinner at their favorite restaurant. A guy came over to them carrying a big brown envelope. "Here's what you're asking for," the guy said. They saw what was in the envelope. "I knew it! I knew that little punk couldn't be trusted...I let him into my school as a favor for an old girlfriend...what do I get in return...he goes after my what you wanna do about this...I value your opinion, Chadwick," said Principal Vance. "Hunt that scumbag down and shoot him dead, Dad," Chad said. "That's my boy," he said to him. They started eating their meal. Kevin and Mrs. Vance were making out in the car. All of a sudden, a set of headlights came toward them. "What the hell," they yelled. Four men in black clothes and ski masks came up to the car, breaking all the windows. Mrs. Vance as one of the men reaches in and grabs her. She was pulled by her hair. "Get off her, you jerks," Kevin yelled at the men as he got out of the car. "Shut up, punk," one of the men said. Then he hit Kevin from behind.

Jane went to check up on her son. When she got to his bedroom, nobody was there. The window was open. "You silly boy," she said as she slams it shut. "Hey, Mom," said John as he eats an apple. "Johnny honey, do you know where your brother went," she asked her youngest son. "Uh-uh," he mumbles through the apple eating. Danielle passed by the door as Jane was coming out the room. "Dani, where's your brother," she asked her daughter. "I dunno," Danielle said back. "I have a bad feeling about this," she said softly. She grabs the phone to make a call. Moments later, Jack was there. Jane opened the front door and held him tightly. "I didn't know who else to call...didn't know what to do," she said to her ex-husband. They went inside, leaving Lisa outside in his truck. On the other side of town, Kevin was in an old abandoned building bound and gagged to a chair. Two men in ski masks came in. One of them grabbed a pitcher of water and threw it on him. "Wake up, boy," he said. "Wha...? Where am I? Where's Kate, you jerks," Kevin yelled at them. "Kate is fine should be worried about you right now, young man," said the second man. Then he punched Kevin out.

As the weeks goes by, the Baxter family were making posters of Kevin and putting them up all over the neighborhood. Everyone including Lisa helped them out. Kate was at home watching the news and saw Kevin's face on the screen. She got up and left the room. Chad was playing basketball with Brian when Principal Vance showed up. "Hey, boys," he said to them. "Hi, Uncle Ross," said Brian. "How's your mother, nephew," he asked. "She's good, sir," Brian told him. "Good! Good! Tell her I'll see her soon," he said, rubbing his nephew's shoulder. "Yes, sir," Brian responded. "Chad, my boy! Let's go! We got some unfinished business to tend to, son," he said. "Ok, Dad," Chad said. The two of them left the courts together. Kevin was still bound and gagged in a chair in another old building when the same two masked men came in. "Hey, kid? Kid," one of the men shouted at him. "Uhh! Man," Kevin moaned. "What are we gonna do with him, Dad," Kevin heard the man say. "Torture him some more, my boy...then kill him," the other man said. "Wait a minute...Chad? Principal Vance? That you, man," Kevin said. "What? You little punk," Chad yelled at him before taking off his mask. Principal Vance held him back as he was about to attack. "What's going on...what are you...ooh," Kevin moans. "He knows, Dad...he knows about us," Chad said angrily. "Dad? What the...," Kevin said softly. He wiggled himself out of the ropes while they were arguing. He snuck upstairs after getting loose. "Hey! He's getting away," Principal Vance yelled. Then they chased after him.

Jane and Jack were in the living room sleeping on the couch. Lisa and the kids were out for the evening. All of a sudden, Jane starts tossing and turning. "Kevin...come back...," she mumbled in her sleep. "Jane...honey, wake up," Jack whispered. She woke up in a cold sweat. "Hey! I'm here! I'm right here," he said to her. The two of them hugged as Lisa walked in on them. Meanwhile, Chad and Principal Vance were driving around the neighborhood. "Where is that wife-stealing punk," they said. Once they went around the corner, Kevin came out of the alleyway and bumped into Brian. "Hey, man! Everybody's looking for you, dude! Your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother--the entire neighborhood, man! What happened to you," Brian asked him. "I was kidnapped, man, by Principal Vance and his son, Chad! I didn't know he and Mrs Vance had a kid," Kevin told him. " mean Uncle Ross and cousin Chad...well it's my dad and half brother," he said softly. "What...," Kevin questioned. "My mom and dad had the both of us...your girlfriend, Kate...she's not Chad's mother...that bitch can't have no kids," he said. "What...but how...," Kevin said. "I know all about you and my Aunt Kate...she broke up my parents' marriage, you know...she went after my dad of she goes after cheap...the little witch," he yelled. "I gotta get home! We'll talk later! Okay, buddy," Kevin said calmly. Then he walked away as he heard a gun cocked behind him.

"I don't think so...buddy! We're gonna wait for Daddy," Brian said, holding the gun on Kevin. "Hey, man! What are you doing," he asked his friend. "Oh, Dad," Brian yelled. Principal Vance and Chad came up to him with their guns pointing at Kevin. "You didn't really think I would let you get away with going after my wife, did you...HUH," Principal Vance said angrily. "Kate told me she hasn't been happy in a long time...I can make her happy...once she divorces you and I finish up my five years probation, we will be married and it ain't a damn thing you can do about it," Kevin told him. "Ain't gonna happen, buddy...over my dead body," Principal Vance said to him before pulling the trigger. Hours later, Jack and Jane were playing a board game with their kids when they heard a knock on the door. "I'll get it," Jane said, then went to answer it. Two police officers were standing in front of her. Jack and the kids came out as the officers told them the bad news. Meanwhile, the family went to the hospital where Kevin was in the ICU hooked up to machines. They all sat down next to his bed as the doctor came in. Principal Vance, Chad, and Brian were sitting back at the townhouse drinking beer and eating chicken. The news came on while they were bonding. Kevin's face was on the screen. "Little punk...Katie won't even think about cheating on me no more...whore," he mumbled loudly. Then he went to sleep.

Nine and a half months later, the Baxter family were putting some roses on Kevin's grave. "Hello, my sweet boy...we got some good news...your killers were caught...we finally got justice, baby," Jane said. "Hey, son! I know I haven't always been there for you but you've inspire me to have a much better relationship with Johnny that I could've had with you...we gonna miss you, my boy," Jack said, tears in his eyes. They went back to the car when a woman came to them with a baby in her arms. "Excuse me, miss! May we help you with something," Jack asked her. "I'm here on behalf of Miss Katherine Vance...she gave me specific instructions in case she were to become incapacitated that she would leave her only son, Kevin Baxter Jr, in the care of his grandparents," the woman told him. "That's Kevin's teacher...what happened to her," Jane questioned the woman. "She tried to kill herself a week ago...grief stricken over the death of her boyfriend...uh, your son...she was just committed to a mental institution outside town last night...she thinks she can give you a piece of your son back and apologizes for the troubles she caused your's all explained in the letter she left for you," she told Jack and Jane. The three of them continued talking. Two weeks later, Principal Rossmore Vance and his two sons, Chad and Brian, were charged with premeditated murder of Kevin Baxter. Since the boys were cooperative with the police, their sentences was reduced to 15 years in prison. Their father was sentenced to life plus 15 years in prison. He died after 18 months during a prison riot. Jackson and Jane got remarried. The recently adopted Kevin Baxter, Jr. Danielle and John bonded with their young nephew. For years to come, the Baxter family lost their 14-year-old son and gains a grandson. They get to start over with a clean slate.

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