I remember

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Alice and Mae have been friends since they were kids,but as high school graduation approaches,Alice head starts racing with thoughts.Thoughts that she knows aren't right,but why do they feel so?

Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



I remember the day we met.

It was 4th grade,I was new,an easy target for the bullies.You were practically one of the guys, always the little daredevil.You took pity on me.Beat the shit out of the guys who picked on me.Stood by me through everything that year.I thought for sure you just felt sorry for me,but you surprised me before we left that summer by flashing a smile and saying, "See you next year,huh?" Just that was almost enough for me to burst into tears.You had meant it all.

I remember the summer we spent at your family's lakehouse in middle school.Your parents fought the whole time.I remember it being the first time I'd seen you cry.

"Come on." I said. "Let's go swimming, that'll cheer you up." We took turns diving off the pier well past midnight and sure enough,your big bright smile returned.However it didn't last long.We returned in the midst of another argument.That night,as we shared the large bed in the loft,you faced away from me,seemingly asleep,but I was sure I heard sniffling.

Later that summer,your parents split,leaving you living with your unsupportive mother while your father ran off with a hotel maid.You put up a brave front,but I knew you were suffering.

I remember freshman year when you cut your hair short and dyed it neon green.You did it to rebel against your mother,but ended up loving the look.Around the same time,I recall you taking an interest in alternative music and foreign cartoons.

Horror movies became another passion of yours.I remember you making me watch one on Halloween that year,scaring me to death.I didn't sleep a wink that night,but you didn't either,because you didn't want me to be alone while I was scared.

I remember when you stole my first kiss.It was junior year and we'd stupidly gone to a party.We were drunk,that much was clear.Your dark hair held up by a claw clip,strands of purple from your highlights falling in front of your face.We were laughing our asses off at God knows what,but all I know is we were cracking up.You threw an arm around my shoulders and pecked my cheek.

"I-I luf yew sho much,Alice.Yew knoooow that?" you slurred.I giggled and nodded.You moved back and placed your hands on my cheeks and squished them."Shoooo cuuuuute..."Your eyelids drooped and before I could comprehend what was happening,you had already pressed your lips onto mine.I should have leaned away,but we were both so wasted I figured we'd both forget.All I know is that I didn't.

I remember last week when you told me you had been accepted to a university all the way across the country and you would leave shortly after graduation.I remember feeling my heart sink.My head has been rushing this past week.Graduation is tomorrow.What I need to do is make a decision.What are these feelings?


"Mae!" Alice called across the field.Mae whirled around and waved at her best friend.They had done it,they had graduated.Alice came running the best she could through the crowd of classmates."Mae I gotta talk to you about something!"She finally was able to reach her best friend,meeting her with a warm embrace.

"What's up,Buttercup?" Mae jeered playfully.Alice felt her face flush slightly.

"I-uh um,can we maybe just wait to do this later,I-"

"Come on,Alice,just tell me."



Unable to hold herself back any longer,Alice squeezed her eyes shut and pulled the taller girl into a kiss.Mae was shocked at first but sunk into it.They pulled apart and Mae flashed her signature smile.

"It's about damn time,Allie."she pulled the brunette back into a kiss.

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I remember

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