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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
It portrays the relationship of a daughter with her father as well as her husband.

Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



Milli lost her mom as a kid. She grew up with her dad. Her dad acted as her mom, as her entire world. Even to her dad, Milli was his everything. That’s why he never remarried. She was very frank with her dad. She used to hug her dad and sleep. She used to change in the same room. She used to cook, washing utensils with her dad. They always ate together. He was her everything.

After she grew up she build her own career. Her dad is a retired man. He reads newspaper and reads while Milli is away on work. He waits for her to return home everyday. Meanwhile as she working on a project in the office she meets a young man named Rihaan. They slowly start falling for each other. This wasn’t unknown to her dad. One day Milli wanted to introduce her boyfriend to her dad. So they invite him to dinner.

During dinner Milli’s dad tells Rihaan, “You do know that you won’t find a more beautiful and talented girl other than my Milli right? And if you hurt her, I will skin you alive.”

One evening Rihaan takes her out to dinner and proposes to her. He puts a ring on her ringer. Next morning, Milli shows the ring to her dad and he gives her his blessings.

After the marriage Rihaan and Milli lead a happy life whereas her dad is alone at home, missing her. Even though he never mentioned it Milli was worried about her dad’s loneliness and health. She frequently goes to meet her dad but Rihaan despises it.

During one such visit while her dad is carrying her bag he lets go suddenly and put a hand on the wall for support. She immediately goes to help but he waves it off saying it’s nothing massive. That night Rihaan and Milli have a huge argument when she suggests her dad living with them.

One morning when Milli couldn’t reach her dad on the phone she decides to go check on him. Her dad is ill. Seeing this she plans to transfer all her belongings to her dad’s place. She goes back home to gather all her money while Rihaan is away at work. She leaves behind a letter that showed all her emotions and says: if she had to choose between Rihaan and her dad it would be her dad. She comes back and gives medicines to her dad. She also has another fight with Rihaan on the phone.

One afternoon her Dad suddenly collapses and passes away due to a heart attack despite all her effort to try and save him. She spends her days in sadness, doing her daily chores all alone, staring into nothingness and misses her father’s presence. One such afternoon Rihaan comes to talk to her saying, “He had made all the necessary arrangements for her and her dad. He was about to go get her when...”, she replies him saying, “It’s too late.”

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