Definition of a Dream

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I wrote this using my past experiences. I also have an "unattainable dream" that the society around me doesn't support. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy!

Submitted: November 16, 2016

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Submitted: November 16, 2016



Definition of a Dream


The word dream can be defined in any ways. Here are 2 dictionary definitions: 1. A series of images, or emotions occurring during sleep. Or 2. A strongly desired goal or purpose. But, the second definition is very complex. The literal definition is understandable, but the way society understands the word is what makes it baffling.

Usually, people are all about “achieving dreams”, and “making dreams come true”. But, is that really the truth? Is that what they really believe in? “An astronaut? No, that’s too unrealistic,” they say. “You want to make the NBA? Nah, that’s too difficult,” they scold. So, are people really all about “making dreams come true”? Sure, they may seem to be doing it for our own good, helping us fix our priorities and all, but all “unrealistic dreams” are thrown away. All “unattainable dreams” are told to be forgotten. Every “that’s too difficult” dream is told off. So what is a dream supposed to be?

“You can be anything you want to be when you grow up,” they lie to us. “Anything is possible,” they fib. “Don’t be afraid to dream,” they falsely promise us. If all the above were true, then why can’t we have an “unimaginable goal”? If all of what they said was true, then why can’t we do the “impossible”? If all that was true, then why won’t you let us dream?

 So what is the definition of a dream? Is it “a strongly desired goal or purpose” anymore? People have butchered our dreams so many times, we don’t even know what to strive to be anymore. “Win the Olympics? Don’t be stupid, that’ll never happen”, we hear so many times. “Become a manga artist? Where did you get that stupid idea?!”, society tells us.

Well, don’t worry anymore, formerly trusted adults. Don’t fear, we’ll become the good little boys and girls you want us to be. Don’t mope, we’ll become the little boys and girls that follow instructions obediently, like machines. Don’t fret, we’ll become the boys and girls that used to have heads filled with dreams.

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