Love the pain

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Im in love with the pain...

Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



You're the Angel and Im the Devil. I know I shouldnt love you but I do. I know I shouldnt have these feelings for you but I do. You showed me the light and I showed you a side of me that no one else has ever seen. We have been living like an Angel and a Devil. You light me up but then another tear in my heart starts to form, but Im loving the pain, I dont ever want to live without it. I dont ever want it to leave. Its what makes me realise im incomplete without you. Im screaming for you but you cant hear me. Im reaching out but you're not there. Im falling, Im love sick. You make my heart skip and I still love the pain of my heart tearing when it does. You run circles around in my head. Constantly on my mind. You drive me insane. Im screaming your name just so you can see what you mean to me. Im right here just fall in my arms and let me love you. Baby Im in love with the pain because it reminds me that you make me feel human. I dont care what you think through everything I always think you are beautiful. I wonder why I try yet I see you and then it all comes rushing back why. I cant ever think straight. Im such a fool. Im a fool for you. All I want is a little bit of your heart. I know I cant be your only. I know I never tell you how I truly feel, its because I can never find the words, only actions. I always wonder do you think about me? Do you remember how it felt looking into my eyes. Wanting to kiss me. Wanting more. Cause I do. Im not trying to ruin anything. Just listen to me. Im always going to be here. When you fall i'll catch you. When you need someone i'll be there.

Darling dont you know I could be your only one. So do I ever cross your mind?

Im not trying to hurt you at all. I just want you to know. I just want you to see.

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