Red Flag

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Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



In this age of post-modernism where glamour has replaced simplicity and glitter is said to be affection, man works artificially and he does not care a fig for himself even. The age has no doubt lessened all the arduous jobs and taken over lots of burden from man but on the other hand what this modern thought of living has flourished and spread out, goes beyond expectations and it appears very horrifying to every eagle eye. The advancement of man in every field of life by means of fast as furious wonders of science has openly turned this world into the ideal one, but secretly put this life at stake. Indeed, none can avoid and ignore the services that this beloved age has brought about in our lives and that most of the times prove to us to be more powerful than an arm of flesh, but in reality they all are fatal for all flesh.

Additionally, the germs of post-modern-thought have disconnected man from his past. Now man is not ready to have even a remote connection with old days. He is leading a life which is poorer than human being's and richer than that of a machine. In the search for science, man himself has turned into a mechanical body; his actions are limited, his patterns are fixed and his thoughts touch the sky without touching his own heart.
It is a fact that man has forgotten the fact. He is dominated by the lust for power. The desire of being the ruling one has snatched from him the true essence of love, care, trust and honesty. In this age of glamour and glitter, the supremacy of spiritualism is being challenged. Man is completely dislocated. He has no time to stand and stare and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Today, man is on fire to bring fire and sword in his own life. No living is safe today. Nuclear weapons have made life weak and fragile. A single mistake of launching a missile can kill life in no time.

However, it is high time the world felt the real charm of life and enjoyed the nature that always surrounds to heal its lovers.

By: Mumtaz Ali

© Copyright 2018 Mumtaz Ali. All rights reserved.

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