Red Roses

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Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



The night absorbed the clink of our glasses against one another. The stars stole our thoughts and we drank in an effort to get them back. My head lay on his shoulder as it would on a pillow, with a sense of belonging. Our feelings whirred in the summer breeze and a smile from him on this night said more than a thousand ‘I love you’s’.

We’d done this before, at different parks, on different nights. He and I knew that there was something unequivocally intimate about just being; that we should cherish this lack of motions and words rather than fear it. He and I understood this, just as we understood each other.

Earlier, we had exchanged memories with the backdrop of a golden sunset and the soundtrack of waking crickets. We attempted to climb a tree, having as much luck with that as we had with catching fireflies. We were always young in each other’s arms, and he had a way of making every minute spent together feel like an adventure.

I had never believed in perfection or eternity, but that night he proved me wrong on both accounts. The ring, though brilliant, meant nowhere near as much to me as the night – but he knew that.

My parents wondered what it was that struck me about this man, who showed up unexpected and never brought flowers or chocolates on Valentine’s. That night was the answer: He knew everything that I had never told him. He knew that I wasn’t one for red roses or grand gestures; that serenading was for the movies, and walks on the beach were for dating profiles. He knew exactly how I would want him to propose.

By that night, he knew that I loved him more than anything and that he could sell me any dream he desired. And by the following morning, when we awoke to birds beginning their song and rays illuminating our empty glasses, I knew that I had been his only dream.

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