Many's The Time

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I never learn.

Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



Many’s The Time


Many’s the time you’ve taken me in,

made out that you really care,

but many’s the time you’ve left me alone,

when needed you just were not there.


Many’s the time I’ve trusted you,

believed in the words that you’ve said,

and many’s the time that your deceit

has brought me to being misled.


Many’s the time I’ve been broken down,

with the tears flowing straight from my eyes;

but now I’m not quite such a victim

to all of those so bare-faced lies.


Many’s the time my heart has been cracked

but only once it was totally shattered,

it’s now just a scarred and twisted thing

now it knows that it never had mattered.


Many’s the time I’ve been hurt really bad

but now I’m just saying ‘No more!’

I’m shutting down feelings, turning away,

and on trust I am slamming the door.



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