The Cholum Empire - Prolouge

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First the Infinite Empire, then the Sith Empire, then the Eternal Empire. What was before them all? The Cholum Empire

Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



The Cholum Empire


Before time was even counted, there was an empire called the Cholum Empire. The Emperor, Cholum, had 4 children. Elik, Ean, Viylen and The Last One, (Ill reveal his name later). according to Empire law, you had to have a lightsaber at the age of 11. Viylen,Elik, and Ean where given they're lightsabers to them by they're grandparents, aunts and uncles. The Last One, wasnt loved by the parents grandparents or family. He was the oldest, therefor no one really loved him. it was like a wasteful mouth to feed. This is why the emperor gave him the hardest tasks. Even though he was hated, The Last One still liked Ean, and Ean and Him were very close. They did everything together. Even slept in the same room. And after many months of the Emperor sending them off to kill members of rival empires, It was they're turn to be invaded. The growning Infinite empire was the rival empire, and The Cholum Empire's children werent ready to be invaded and couldn't fight back. The mother took Viylen and ran somewhere, Elik fell on his own saber to defend the running females, and Ean and The Last One ran after they're father. Ean fell down near an infinite knight and The Last One ran to knock him out. The Last One had no lightsaber yet, even though he was 14. He borrowed a Cholum Knight's saber and ran to find they're father. To the amazement, a Infinite Assassin had stabbed the father in the heart, and the two kids lost hope. Ean was killed with his last words repeating what his father told them. "A Man can have anything, if he's willing to sacrifice everything." A saying that passed to the Eternal Empire and so on. The Last One, Took out the assassin and pushed the Infinite Empire back. went around, Picked up every lightsaber or saber pike he could find. By the time he was done, he had a bag full of lightsabers and pikes in his arm, There were no lightsabers left in the building, except for the Final Room. He took every saber he could find to the Final Room, which was full of his father's trophies, ALL LIGHTSABERS. He took them from the walls and from the cases. He froze himself in a pocket of time and spent 3 years, using every peice to make the ultimite saber. It had a part from atleast every saber there. He did this so he would remember his bloodline. He then merged every crystal to make the perfect black one, creating a almost twin to the DarkSaber. It was named the Perfect Saber and was black, had a flat blade, but had the most perfect hilt ever, It was melded to his body so it couldn't be taken. With this he killed every infinite soldior, but one Infinite Lord took him and forced him into the rule of the Infinite Empire. he was allowed to keep his lightsaber through training though.


End of Prolouge. 


Chapter One coming soon.



Authors Note:


If you're reading this then that means my storys are actually going to someone's mind. Cewl.




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