A Song of Swords and Dragons

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Keep of conquerors

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



In the Tyrantine Empire, there was all joy for the
moment, but in a dark heart, joy does not exist for long.
Emperor Theodred was a very pessimistic and mad Emperor.
He used to suspect almost each and everything, each and
everyone. He had the constant fear that he would lose and had
always anxiety in his heart that someone would betray him. So
he had become very cruel, a tyrant. But most of the emperors
of the Tyrantine Empire were tyrants; hence the name. The
whole Empire was built on blood and iron, nothing more. The
Emperor had become old, and yet very dark and pessimistic.
He always had nightmares, although he had everything that a
man needed. The Emperor was weak. His eldest son Prince
Arriston was chosen as the acting ruler. But he was very
weak, both mentally and physically. His brother Wolfric was
far more superior to him. Prince Arriston had no interest in
politics. In the eyes of Wolfric, he was a lazy fellow, who
could spend his entire life either watching dramas, reading
novels or spending time with girls. He was not a warrior, tall
and strong as his brother Wolfric. Instead, he was lean and
thin, and had no charisma. That is why, the whole Tyrantines was ruled by the council of masters, the eight advisors of the
empire, and not the Emperor, as Theodred had become sick,
paralyzed, and had no energy left to take part in the politics
of his Empire. A man in his sixties, Theodred had become
sickling with old age, but in his youth, he was one of the most
powerful, ferocious and tactile individuals across the infinite
The head of the council was Lord Marc de Rampaygne.
‘The Viper’ he was called in a mocking manner. He was a
cunning tactician who had the whole of Tyrantine Empire in
his hand. He was cunning and was master of manipulating his
friends as well as foes. All the preparations of the conquest,
the bribery of the counties, and attacking battle plans of the
Felisian empire, the time for the first strike— everything was
arranged by him. Even though not officially granted, he was
the absolute ruler of the Tyrantine Empire. Born a peasant’s
son, he had reached the top of the council, overcoming one
adversity after another.
The greatest enemy of Marc de Rampayne, was Lord
Wolfric the Wild, the second son of Theodred the Tyrant. The
ways of Wolfric and Marc didn’t meet each other’s So, there
was constant conflict between them. Wolfric had his rage
and status as a prince, and Marc had his influence and wits.
With time, it turned out that wits defeated power; that’s why
Wolfric was sent to Felis and Marc was responsible for that.
Marc de Rampayne had become the ever influencing leader.
So, Wolfric was forced to leave Tyrantine.
The council of the eight lords were held every week,
discussing about recent matters, their solutions and their
consequences. As always, Marc de Rampayne was highly
influential there, and all other members of the council had to
follow him somehow, or Marc de Rampayne convinced them
Once again, like every week, the council was about
to be held. All the eight members arrived at the ‘realm of
the masters’. They took their seats on the round table. The
discussion began with Sir Motred, who said, “We have
completely seized the Felisian Empire. Now we need only to
secure it, crushing every rebellion that ever comes.”
Sir Rosemburg replied, “We need not crush them; we
have Wolfric there. He will rip them apart, won’t he, Lord
The viper stood with his arms crossed. He had yellow
hair up to his shoulders, and looked down and then said in a
confident way, “My sirs!” He said looking at every member
around, “It is not Felis we have got to worry about. The main
issue of our concern is about to come.”
Sir Wilson said, “It’s the Dragons, Your Greatness!
We need magic now. Only magic and sorcery and the dark
lord will help us fight the Dragons.”
Marc replied in a shrewd manner, “I do not believe
in any dark lords, my friends. I only know one thing, that the
Dragon princes are coming. My eyes can see them.”
Sir Motred replied, “But your greatness, Lord Harris,
the brother of our Emperor, is a great devotee of Lucifer. And
it is said that he wields the power of the undead. If that is true
then the whole world will become ours.”
The viper smiled sarcastically and said, “If that is
true, then fear not. We won’t have time to know when we
died.” “What do you mean, Sire?”
“You have not been paying attention, after all. Lord
Harris has been worshipping and helping for the release
of Lucifer the Condemned. He is giving him strength, by
performing many dark rituals. He has hired many sorcerers
and spell casters, and is in construction of the great underworld
portal, for the legion of darkness to come and invade the
“Why would he do this?”
“Lucifer has promised him to make Harris the Lord of the entire middle land after he has freed him, which he
never will be. Dark lords never keep promises.”
Other lords either showed small concerns, or gave
some opinions but never went against him because everyone
in Tyrantine knew that Marc de Rampayne was the most
dangerous man who had ever walked through roads of the
Tyrantine Empire. But it was his words, not his swords, that
made him win wars, and made him the most powerful man
on earth.
Rampayne looked around to see if anyone had
anything to say, and then declared “That will be all”
“So, today’s council is over, Your Greatness?” said sir
Rosemburg. “Isn’t it too early to leave?” objected sir Motred.
The viper hissed, “I hope that it is not too early to
leave, unless you have anything not understood by your shitty
brain, or if you have anything bold to say which I think you
have non, judging by the filthy little balls you have hanging.”
Sir Motred felt abashed, but really he had no good
balls to reply back. As the viper was about he live, he
remembered something “Ah, one last thing to say. My men
have at last found the spiders who were lurking here and there
in the Lilywood Forest, and prayed on our gold when it fell
into their web. But they shall no more. I have men attack them
from all the angles. The spiders will be crushed to liquid; they
will die a horrible death.” Saying these words in a symbolic
manner, Marc de Rampayne majestically went away from the
realm of the masters, while the other seven of them just saw
him walking, but had no guts to say anything about him, for
no one knew which member worked as a spy to Marc, and no
one knew who may have been hiding behind as a spy for the
viper, who would tell the things to Marc, and his men would
kill that man before he would have even known. That was
the style of Marc de Rampayne, and that made him the most
feared men in all over the middle land.

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