A Song of Swords and Dragons

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Outlaws

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



. The foresters, the merry men of Fredrich were doing
the things as usual. The two boys, Ricardo and Rohan were
having a good time, playing catch-and-catch with a ball they
had made out of straw. Leonardo and Fredrich and some thirty
men with them, and had gone out hunting. The others were
in the commune, doing their works. Some were cooking food,
some washing clothes, and some cutting the wood, making
houses, forging the iron etc.
The environment was quite natural and pure. But
suddenly, when the sound of the horses thumping the ground
came in from a far distance, there was some confusion. Some
men said, “What the heck! The horses at that large don’t
usually come to the woods.”
Rohan and Ricardo also stopped their game and
listened to the mysterious sound. They asked to themselves,
“What might that be?” And suddenly, one of the middle aged
men shouted, “They are knights charging toward us. We are
under attack!” And the other men cried ,”To arms!”
Ricardo and Rohan’s child brains had enough
intelligence to know that it was a threat. They quickly went
into their respective huts, and closed the doors, and prayed,
not for anything else, but for Leonardo’s return. And soon,
they could hear the sound of men cutting, crashing, screaming,
hacking one another and shouting. They were all in fear.
And suddenly, the door slammed open. There was a
knight; his face could be seen as his helmet was unlocked.
The two boys were in all fear. The man came near, and as they
came nearer, Rohan became was terrified. The brave Ricardo
simply got in front, covering him, and raised his chest in
courage and said, “Do no harm to us knight, because if you do, Leonardo will have your head away from your body.”
The knight became enraged, and shouted mercilessly,
“Then bring that fool of yours to me.” Then, he took out his
sword and stabbed it on the wide chest of Ricardo, while
Rohan cried and curled in fear and grief.
“Where is your brother now, eh? Where?” the man
continued to ask as a pool of blood flowed through the veins
of Ricardo. Ricardo, with all his energy, lifted his hand to
point his finger, near the door of the hut, where Leonardo
had just arrived with blood all over his sword, his eyes big in
shock and tears. When the knight turned to look, Leonardo’s
face grew red with anger, and he cried “No!” Then he ran
toward the man with his sword raised and in an instant hacked
his head off as Ricardo said, and before Ricardo fell down,
Leonardo caught him and began to say, “You are not going
anywhere my brother; you are not going anywhere.” He
shook Ricardo as much as he could, but all in vain. The boy
was gone. Seeing this, Leonardo had no choice, but to put
his face on Ricardo’s dead chest and cry silently, as Fredrich
from behind, with his long bow came and watched the whole
tragedy with Rohan, who was also crying.
The day had become dark, and the sun’s demise had
come. The men were lighting up the camp fire, and Leonardo
was there among them, unlike others who were all merry,
drunk, singing hoarsely. Leonardo was just there, with Rohan
sleeping on his lap, as he thought ‘The boy for his age has
suffered a lot. He has seen so many horrible things which is
harsh even for grownups like us. Now he must rest. I will
have to escort him to a safer place somewhere, or else, I will
lose him too.
One of the brothers shoved him a little and asked him
to take wine. To this offer, Leonardo said, “No, I don’t want”.
‘The whole environment was noisy, yet the boy is
sleeping,’ Leonardo thought. He carried his small brother,
went to his hut and carefully layed him on a soft bed, without
disturbing his sleep.
H went out and saw Fredrich, who was having
fun joking around, gossiping with his brothers, and his
companions. Leonardo came near and said”I don’t want to be
one of the leaders now.”
When he had said this much, other men started
laughing. Someone said, “Who told you that you were a
leader? You are nothing but a jerk.”
Another one added, “You are a prisoner, brought by
our brother Fredrich.”
At this, Fredrich shouted high, “Mind your tongues,
you fools. He can cut you all into tiny meat flakes if he wants.
You may not want to follow him; that’s your freedom, but if
you mock him, then remember, he knows not how to mock
back. He simply cuts your balls off and throws it to the fire.”
At this, the others kept silent while some loudly
whispered to each other things like “Fredrich is getting more
stupid,” or “He has become more cowardly due to that man.”
Leonardo said to Fredrich, “Looks like they are biting
your tail.” and Fredrich replied “Let them say whatever they
want. I told you, this is a commune, not an order. We are
brothers, not commanders or soldiers.”
After a brief period of silence, Fredrich asked “And,
the fuss you were making?”
Leonardo said with a sigh, “You know what happened
today. I have realized that war is not the solution, no matter
how good you are at it. Now my condition has changed. I
don’t want to be a leader anymore, but I want you to lead your
brothers and me to a place where I can keep my brother safe
for some time, and after that I would be returning to him with
all the treasures of Santa Marina.”
“So you have started to believe in the treasure?”
“Kinda,” said Leonardo. Fredrich looked at him and
bursted out into laughter.

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