A Song of Swords and Dragons

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Troubles in Felis

Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



Two days had gone by since the day that bad incident
happened to Leonardo.
Leonardo was busy reading a book while his friends. 
Harry, Ronald, Rylee, and Garry were busy practicing sword
fight, in a plain training ground. All his friends were son of
farmers, and all were good in agriculture except Leonardo.
But Leonardo was better than all of them in the art of war, and
in knowledge.
Leonardo gave them exercises, the things they should
do in order to develop their skill with the sword but they
practiced with the wooden ones. He gave them tips, and also
pointed out their weaknesses in sword-fighting.
Today, he told them to spar with each other while he
was sitting comfortably under a tree, reading a very interesting
book. It could be seen that he had totally delved into that book.
Ronald noticed him, and then, he went to him and
poked him with his stick. “Don’t disturb me Ronald,”
Leonardo said.
“Come; duel with me,” Ronald challenged.
“I have no time for that,” Leonardo replied.
“Too afraid?” Ronald mocked him. Then, Leonardo
darted his eyes directly on Ronald’s, and stood up. And before
Ronald was going to even raise his sword to hit Leonardo,
Leonardo unsheathed his own sword and with it, threw away
Ronald’s sword onto the ground and then he pointed his
sword at Ronald’s neck, and the sun made the blade of his
sword shine and look very majestic.
He then sheathed his sword and then said, “You are
good, Ronald. And three of you too. But with more practice
and hard work, you will be as deadly as a lion and will be able
to kill ten men by yourself.” His words too were inspiring to
their ear.
“Hey Leonardo,” someone called from the back. It
was Rickon, the same person you must have guessed. He
came there this time with ten men.
He said, “My business is not over yet. Tomorrow I
will be leaving.”
“Why have you come here, Rickon?” Leonardo said.
“Oh, I am sorry for killing your beloved Catherine.”
Leonardo didn’t say a word. And in the next moment,
Rickon’s face became red with rage. He bellowed, “After
that incident in the throne-room, everyone has started to look
down at us. Today, not even the gods will be there to save
you.” Before Rickon could complete his sentence, Leonardo
pushed him off, throwing him onto the ground and he pulled
out his sword and in a blinding speed killed three of his men
in a row. The other seven just pointed their sword to Leonardo
but made no approach to attack. The more Leonardo came
nearer, they went further back. Two of those men came
running at him, and their fate was sealed in that very moment,
which they must not have noticed when they died. Everything
happened in a split of a second by the swordsmanship of
Leonardo. And then Ronald, Rylee, Harry and Garry chased
the rest of the soldiers away though they had just wooden
swords in their hands.
Rickon stood up. He held his sword tight and charged
at Leonardo. The great duel began. Rickon was wearing iron
armor. Leonardo’s strikes were not able to do any harm to him.
But he was slow. Every move he made was too predictable
for Leonardo. Rickon had also become very exhausted. In
total rage, Rickon charged at him with all his strength, and
Leonardo moved an inch away and placed his foot forward.
Rickon missed his strike and tripped and fell on the ground
very badly. As he crawled to reach his fallen sword, Leonardo
kicked it off and pointed his sword at his neck. Then, he cut
out the tied joints of his breast plate and helmet, and then
removed it. Rickon cried “No, No Please,! Don’t kill me.”
Leonardo remembered Catherine, the way Rickon
killed her, and then he remembered the thousand and one
misdeeds Rickon had done to his friends, his mother and all
other innocent ones. He looked at him, holding the sword
upside down, with its point pointing at his chest and said, “You are not worthy to live.”
And as he was about to execute him and had raised
his arms to pierce his chest, someone shouted “No!” It was a
familiar voice. When he look around to see who that man was,
he found that it was Rictor.
“Why are you stopping me in a moment like this?”
Leonardo said to him.
Rictor walked towards Leonardo and said, “I am
sorry, Leonardo. I galloped here with my men as fast as I
could using my horse. The patrol guards gave me a message
that Rickon and his men were riding toward your village.
Anticipating that something bad might happen, I came here
as fast as I could.”
Leonardo looked disgusted. Rickon was still there
lying on the ground, afraid. Leonardo had his sword ready.
But Rictor went on: “I came here to stop the fight. But I guess
it had already begun. I am sorry for that.”
Leonardo replied, “But Rictor, for one last time you
must let me do this. I must have my revenge.”
“Can’t you feel about his family, Leonardo? He has
done very bad things to you but what about his mother, his
sister? They have done nothing bad to you.”
“And has he ever thought about my family, the way it
feels? He killed Catherine, and you know how much I loved
Rictor persisted, “Don’t make them cry for nothing.
Or there would be no difference between You and Rickon.”
That made Leonardo silent. Then he looked at Rictor.
Rictor thought he was going to say something, but he didn’t.
He stabbed the sword on the ground, leaving it standing there,
and walked away.
“Escort Rickon to his father,” Rictor commanded his
soldiers. Then he followed Leonardo, and said, “I am very
sorry Leonardo. I know how you…”
“You are right, Leonardo. You have said nothing
wrong” Leonardo replied.
Rictor replied after a while, “You are going to be a
knight soon, my friend. You won’t be living the same life
you are living now. You will have your own castles, your
own servants and your body guards and the title ‘Sir’ before
your name, because that is directly requested by me to my
father, judging you by your character and your skills in
swordsmanship. My father has gladly accepted.”
“You are the person who has always helped me
throughout my life. I don’t think I will be able to repay you,
Without a second thought Rictor and Leonardo rode
off to the Vermillion Palace. They walked to the door where
the Emperor was resting in his bed.
Rictor opened the door, and found his father lying,
surrounded by other men. He called Rictor and Rictor came
in. The Emperor had become pale, and it could be seen that he
wouldn’t live for long.
“Father, what happened to you?” Rictor said.
The Emperor replied, “Son, I have no time to answer.
I won’t be living here for long now.”
“No. Do not say that, father.” Rictor became very
emotional and tears came to his eyes.
“How will I rule my kingdom if you do not live? I
won’t be able to handle this empire by myself,” Rictor cried.
The Emperor showed some hand signs to the knight
Rodrik, and Rodrik said, “The Emperor wants some privacy.”
Everyone except Rictor and Sir Rodrik went away.
When Leonardo was also about to go, the Emperor stopped him saying, “Leonardo, you stay .”
The hall was silent, and Rictor was almost crying.
He asked Rodrik, “How did this happen? He was fine till
yesterday. Who did this?” Rodrik replied “It was poison, My Lord.”
Leonardo stood there without uttering a single word. “Rictor,” the Emperor said, “The empire is large. All
my years, I have been ruling this great garden. But now my
time has come. I don’t know how I ruled Felis all my life,
but I know that my father ruled it very well. And I want you
to rule my empire in the best way you can. I want you to
maintain peace and prevent war as much you can. But above
all, do what is right and just.”
“No father; you have ruled this empire greatly.
Historians call this period the golden period in thte history
of Felis. They say no other emperor had ever ruled it so
He walked toward the window and saw the great
empire and said, “I have been always lucky, to have a great
father like you, who nurtured his empire, and protected his
children very well like no other father could do.” Suddenly,
he heard the sound of Rodrik weeping. A cold wave entered
his heart, and he said, “Father!”. He jumped by the side of his
father’s bed and cried “Father!”
“He is gone,” said Leonardo, wiping his tears.
Rictor stood up and said, “No Leonardo; do not lie
to me. Do not lie to me!” He began shaking Leonardo, and
Leonardo simply looked down and wept silently.
“Nooo!” said Rictor and fell on leonardo’s shoulders
and started crying.
Other nobles, who were waiting outside, came in.
“What happened?” Sir Richard said.
“The Emperor is gone,” replied Rodrik. The crowd
then went mad. The whole city started to mourn.
The day was very dark. Even the sun was sad that
day. The empire had lost her husband. The whole empire
wept. The children of the empire wept; they had lost their
beloved father.
Rictor was brought to his room. He destroyed all the
works of art, stripping off the paintings, and smashing the
pots and the sculptors. Then he sat down in utter frustration.
He remembered something and went directly to Sir Rodrik
and said, “How did this happen?”
“Our royal physician Master Edmund told us that it
was poison.”
“Poison! Who could have done this?” shouted Rictor.
“I want all the matter investigated as deeply as possible. I
shall have no excuses,” Rictor replied in a harsh voice.
“My Lord, till now we have got no report of who did
this, but shortly we will know.”
“Do everything you can. You being the Emperor’s
chief advisor, must do this service of finding the traitor. I must
do this to avenge my father’s death.”
“It will be done, My Lord. The traitor won’t escape
the hands of your valiant soldiers and knights. He may run
and hide, but not for long.”

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