A Song of Swords and Dragons

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Divine Ordeals

Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



In the heavens, the gods were watching the whole thing. It had
become a matter of great discussion, for it could also have an
effect on heaven. A great convention was happening in Mount
Tartarin. It was the seat of the ten guardians of existence, ten
selected gods that were the most powerful of all other gods
and they had a significant role in maintaining the condition
of existence and protecting it. Those guardians were Thorin,
the god of thunder, Orion, the god of war, Daeron, the god
of Fire, Ballador, the god of light, Amira the goddess of
Magic, Lorintheen, the goddess of knowledge and literature,
Bellandra, the goddess of beauty, Kriton, the god of the seas,
Orgoros, the god of the land and the mountains, and Peroncles,
the god of space, time, life and death.
“Rictor wields no power of kings. He will die young,”
said Kriton.
Orgoros refuted, “Rictor is a very virtuous man. He is
holy, and respects gods’ well. He has my favor.”
Bellandra said, “Lord of the lands! I think you have
forgotten that we are gods, and we have no right to meddle in
the business of the humans.”
Amira replied to her in a soft serene manner, “Then
why do humans pray to us? Why do you love to have
followers?”  Thorin then said, “On one side, we have a world
conqueror, Lord Theodred and in the other, we have Rictor,
a virtuous boy but not powerful and tacful. But the truly
powerful ones always have the right to rule the weak. Only
the fittest can survive in this world. So, I see no bad thing in
this. The Tyrantine Empire is powerful; so it has the right to
invade the weak Felosion empire. The lion always eats the
deer; this is the law of nature.”
Lorintheen refuted Thorin, “So, we will let the
Tyrantine Empire rule the whole earth. Can’t you see the
impact? This is a threat for the destruction of the heaven and
the order of the universe. It is a bud at the moment, but if this
thing goes on like this, the bud will turn into a beast and will
engulf the whole universe.”
Thorin argued, “How can humans defeat the gods?
You don’t talk logics Lorintheen, even though you are the
goddess of knowledge.”
Lorintheen replied confidently, “I am the goddess of
knowledge; so I am in touch with everything that is happening
in this universe. You probably don’t know that the Tyrantines
are demon worshipers. They worship Lucifer, the condemned
one, who is the current lord of the underworld. And you must
be aware that he is using every grain of time to strengthen
his legion of darkness which consists of undead knights,
Cyclopses, Dark Ogres, Frost dragon…”
“No, no,” Thorin interrupted “The Tyrantines worship
him Orion the god of war,” and points are Orion, who sad
nearby. Lorintheen replied calmly, “Orion is their national
god; yes this is true. But you as god of knowledge, must see
and believe the reality and not depend on things are apparent.”
“Well,” Thorin said, “what do you have to say Orion?”
“Don’t joke. The strongest has the right to rule. A we
are gods; even if Lucifers comes, we can again throw him
back to his hole in the seventh hell. That is why we are god,
aren’t we?”
Daeron stepped forward and said, “We are more
powerful victors then gods. Our victory over Lucifer an eon
ago was what made us gods. We had launched the divine
rebellion, and that gave us our seat in Mount Tartarin. Before
that, we were mortals. So, we can’t say that Lucifer cannot
defeat us. He has a legion of darkness, and as you all know,
thousands of death lords, undead beasts, fallen angels support
“You are a coward god,” mocked Orion.
“Is that so? Then you are blind ones.”
“Stop biting each other’s tail, gentlemen,” the wise,
bearded and giant-looking Peroncles interfered.
Kriton said, “Enough now. Our final decision will
be the decision of our Supreme Lord Peroncles. We all will
follow what he will say.”
Everyone agreed to that, because everyone knew that
Peroncles was the ultimate of all, and no one could match his
power and wisdom. Everyone became eager to find out what
he was about to say and declare.
“There is no need to be afraid of Lucifer.”
When he said this much, the gods in favor of the
Tyrantine conquest were in all smiles. Lorintheen was about
to object when suddenly Peroncles said, “And there is no
virtue in the conquest of Tyrantines at all.” At this, the gods in
opposition of the Tyrantine conquest became happy because
they knew that for Peroncles, virtue was one of the main
things all gods must have.
“And we are no one to control the nature of things,”
Peroncles continued. “The strongest has the right to rule over
the weak. Only the strongest can survive.” After a pause for a
second he said again, “But without external influence there is
no order, only chaos. And there is no beauty, only destruction
and deterioration.”
Now the gods were not sure which side Peroncles
supported. So the curious Orgorus stood and said, “So whom do you support?”
Peroncles, after a few seconds replied “I support not
the truth; I support the side which is right.”
“And which side is right?” asked Belandra.
“Time will tell, which side is right.”
“There is still one god; we will all support the side
which he will support, because the side he supports will have
the majority’s support.”
All the gods looked at the still, beer-drinking
Ballador. Orion asked him, “So, which path the lord of light
intends to follow?”
Ballador raised his beer cup and said loudly, “The
path that is led by the light itself.”

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