A Song of Swords and Dragons

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The story on the establishment of the treasure of Santa Marina.

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Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



Hadrian Longsword had just arrived in the island. It
didn’t take long for him to find the man he was looking for.
The notorious pirate, Captain John Barton, was digging the
ground to store the treasures he had stolen from around the
Hadrian cautiously went toward the pirate, who was
busy digging the ground. He had his hand clutched tightly
around his sword hilt, so that he could unsheath it at any
The cunning pirate soon realized that someone was
coming towards him. He stopped digging, and moved his eye
across the plains. The sea was silent; the sun was shining;
the birds were chirping but he found no one around. So he
continued his work but before he could even touch his shovel,
a crossbow bolt came flying from the air and landed on the
pit he was digging. The pirate’s heart fluttered, and he turned
around, and his eyes saw the knight, Hadrian Longsword.
The notorious pirate took out his cutlass and pointed
it toward the armored knight, while the knight replied as
he drew out his own longsword and said with pride, “Put
down your cutlass, pirate. There’s no hope for you, for my
longsword isn’t gonna spare you.”
The pirate grumbled at the knight “Arrrr, get out from
here before I cut you from brains to balls and see what you are
made of. I am a notorious pirate, not the common kind you
lurking in the seas.”
The knight chuckled, “You are not even half the pirate
you think you are.”
“Neither are you an honorable knight. You are no
better than a pirate, and you don’t stand a chance against a
pirate of my caliber.”
“I do,” the knight said calmly.
“You do?” The pirate smiled an evil smile. “Well, let
me tell you what you do. You kill innocents and you snatch
their treasures, and the most heinous of all, you cover it all
with your armors and honors. Piracy is a way more noble than
The knight felt abashed. He said, “One more word...”
The pirate didn’t let him complete his sentence.
“One more word, and I have my blunderbuss ready
to take your head off your shoulders.”
He took out the blunderbuss and almost shot the
knight but Hadrian was skilled, and he quickly spun around
and snatched the blunderbuss from the pirate and threw it
away. Sword-clanging began now. Captain John Barton was
true to his word; he truly was not the kind of pirate a man
would find lurking on the seas, but he was that kind of a pirate,
who would ride the oceans. The longsword of Hadrian clashed
with the cutlass of John Barton, but Barton quickly gained
advantage. He poked the knight at the regions between his
armor plates, leaving him more wounded than ever. Finally,
the pirate got the knight down to the ground.
“You are a dead man now, knight.” The pirate grinned,
as he raised his cutlass high to pierce the knight’s belly, but
somehow the knight got hold of the blunderbuss which was
there, lying on the ground, and before the pirate could do any
harm to him, the knight pulled the trigger, and off went the
pirate’s head.
The knight stood up, and looked at the headless torso
of the pirate, and then started the shoveling. For five days he
and for five days he did the storing of the treasure into
the pit. When he was doing it, he saw something in the lump
of gold, a sword. A sword shining with shimmering light. A
sword so elegant, its beauty couldn’t be described. But he
knew which sword it was, for Hadrian was well-versed in the
scriptures, and the world was lucky enough, for no one knew
what misery would incur to the middleland, had it fallen into
the hands of the notorious pirate. It was a sword, but a soul
stealer with a blade so powerful. Its invisible thrust could
take life away from the living, and could grant it to the dead.
He placed it within the booty, the sword stabbed on top of a
gold block. And five more days, he shoveled to cover the pit
with sand. Of course, he separated a sack of the treasure for
And from that day onwards, the treasure of Santa
Marina was established. The victorious knight, Hadrian
Longsword studied the island of Santa Marina, and made the
map to the treasure.
When he went back to his home, he became the
richest man of his time. He enjoyed the rest of his life as a
high lord, and he died at the age of ninety-two while he was
in deep sleep.

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