as all faith fails

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Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



Thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four.  The seconds ticked by, echoing within the foreground of my consciousness.  I had begun to shove my belongings back into my bag, all the while making an effort to do so quietly in order not to convey to the professor an aura of boredom that was clearly emanating from the rest of my classmates.  Fifty-eight, fifty-nine.  Students rose in unison as the highly anticipated double zero burst onto the little screens in front of their faces and like a lake overtaking the confines of its dam, these students (myself included) flooded out of the door and towards each’s individual ambitions for the night ahead; all of which I imagined to be infinitely more fulfilling than the surface level exchanges that I would be subject to suffer through alongside every basic I would come into contact with that night.  It is perpetually isolating to possess a complex and esoteric mind such as the one I was blessed, or arguably, cursed with.  Whilst wallowing in my own self-pity, a buzzing in my pocket caught my attention.  On the other end of the line was the same Philistine that had called on this and every Friday before with an invitation to join in his debauchery (which on any other night, I would have been delighted to take part in).  Despite the overall groggy and standoffish attitude that seemed to define me at the moment, I kindly accepted this invitation.  What a Friday night awaited me.

As my attention turned away from the man in my ear and back to the hallway that I was in the process of escaping, my claustrophobic state recessed while I realized that the sea of humanity had dissipated.  Gracefully, I weaved hither and thither through the now scattered crowd until the sea had recessed into nothing more than a little brook trickling through the corridor ahead.

Wonderful.  That should buy me enough time to freshen up before I head to the party.

After ducking into the washroom, a glance at the glass that glowed ahead handed me all the information I required to discern that my degree of charm was nowhere near the level that I needed to attain before embarking on tonight’s adventure.  This psychosomatic sense of solitude had all but consumed the zealous young man that once was inseparable from my personal reality.  Meticulously, I went about repairing the innocuous feeling of melancholy that I could observe across each inch of the face that endlessly and stubbornly pored over its twin.  With an icy and stabbing splash, I emerged from the lavatory as a new man, prepared to tackle any mischief that awaited me.  

An empty corridor greeted me as I thoughtlessly followed its dim lighting down the stairs, allowing this juxtaposing corridor to usher me out of the bastille that squandered hours upon days of my time and towards the stinging gusts of this December’s eve where an instantaneous and paralyzing silence froze my already frigid feet to the pavement on which I had just stepped.  This deafening lull was only complimented by the sheer cessation of humanity that I witnessed before me.  Every thought, every plan, every joy present was forced out of my mind and replaced with the image at hand.  Filling my vision from corner to corner lie the unstirring figures of the masses sprawled out horizontally in the ever most orderly of rows.  Hardly an inch separated the silhouettes from another; each with its own pair of uninhabited eyes which were fixed upon the silver luminance that shown down from above.As I observed this perfect picture of terror through the traces of my breath, the Darwinian being deep inside instructed me to act in no way except that of every character to grace the screen in cinema’s most horrific of genres.  That way was to run. 

Whilst miraculously defeating my paralysis, I burst back through the gate of the horrible prison that had now become my only safe haven from the horrors that awaited me in the night.  From my pocket, I produced my means of rescue but as I attempted to ignite the fire that lay behind the screen, no response came.  Scrambling through the halls like a feral beast, I screamed and I cried and I called out hysterically for any of those that may have been confined to this nightmare alongside me.  Alas, it appeared that fate had tasked the survival of my sanity to be a solitary effort on my part.  I slumped down to the floor, crumpled and defeated by this ironic and all too familiar alienation along with all the torment that accompanied it. 

With the passing of every second, the harrowing image burned itself further and further into the depths of my petrified soul.  Gradually, as I lay helplessly on the tile, the vision came to consume me, eventually igniting an inward metamorphosis allowing for the embrace of the depraved nature of my situation.  My end would not be met with the same hopeless solitude that had plagued all my days previously. With this newfound vigor I charged my body with each and every step to push forward into this eldritch fantasy and emerge victorious from the forces that had cursed me to bear this burden, but as I reached that gate and wriggled back into that cold night, the whole of my sanity failed me once more. 

I dropped to my knees as what I saw (or rather, did not see) devoured the last drops of hope that still flowed through my being.  Not a single face, not a single body, not a single atom of the humanity that had erewhile exhibited itself before me remained.  What met me instead and accompanied the continued unbearable silence was an emptiness of life akin to the state of a post-rapturous earth.  Even the dead have deserted me.  This vanishing proved too much for my own resolve to surmount so I buried my face in my hands to hide from this vision of hell as liquid filled my palms, for the tears of my insanity now streamed from violated eyes. 

Not long had my psyche been punctured when the stunning noiselessness was shattered by the faintest of sounds; which, in the stillness, resounded, unyielding as the tempest.  A deep, dark and dreadful hum echoed in the air, suggesting that Satan himself had bent down to whisper his exquisite seductions in my ear and as my slumped head tilted upwards to meet the Archfiend’s presence, every ounce of moisture that held firm to my face was frosted over. 

Peering through barely open eyes, I descried the shape of a woman, adorned in marvelous gown of white and silver.  Hair of an angelic golden consistency flowed downward before coming to a halt around the flawless curvature of her waist.  Outlined in her silhouette was a portrait of femininity and beauty even Far-Shining Aphrodite could not match and from her from her radiated a light that illuminated the world for seemingly a mile in each direction such that her elegance could be solely of divine nature.  As she moved forwards with unknowable grace, the edges of her warmth caressed my skin, evaporating the cold of the horrible night that had preceded her.  I could feel the sweat spilling from my skin as each approaching step transformed the air around me into a boiling mist.  Now, as she stood mere feet away from me, I rapidly declothed myself for the heat had become insufferable.  Kneeling naked in front of what I could only imagine to be the amassment of my departed good fortune come to liberate me from my personal hell, all fear and hatred and depression evacuated the thoughts that they inhabited and made room for the grace of my celestial mistress.  She leaned down towards my face, extending a faultlessly sculpted arm to the helpless mess that I was before her. 

“Be you my savior from this ghastly vision?” I timidly muttered as I lowered my eyes, for I felt myself unworthy to gaze upon this woman and her grandeur.  Yet, no matter the angle of my eyes, her image followed with an inescapable brilliance.

“Nay,” she whispered as a mistress whispers to a lover, “I be but a vanguard seeking to ferry the worthy into the blissful commonwealth of eternity.” With this, her lips drifted closely up next to my ear uttering a barely audible phrase that sought to fill my heart with jubilee.  “And thou hast been deemed worthy.”

With all my hopes fulfilled, she reached out to stroke my cheek as I brought my arm up to embrace this salvation from the evil of the night, but the terrors hereupon flooded back into the confines of my memory as my eyes shifted to what this heavenly warmth had done to me.  No longer did there exist a natural arm extending from my shoulder, but instead a long black shriveled one gnawed at by the frostbite brought upon by my mistress that towered above me.  As my gaze turned back towards the magnificent Her, I stared deep into the single feature of this being I had overlooked until this revelation.  Peering back at me were two eyes that burned as red as the blood soaked moon and seemed to contain every evil and atrocity ever to plague mankind.  The slight glance of her fingertip against my now deformed cheek sent through me a pain that has yet to be experienced by any living man; a pain that combined all pains, both physical and emotional experienced by your ill-fated narrator until this final tragic moment of his life.  The pain of every lost lover, the pain every broken bone, the pain of a family absent of love descended upon me as the comforting smile and bloodcurdling gaze of the goddess ushered me into oblivion. Still I embraced her.  Then there was white and then there was light and then there was nothing.  What a Friday night it was, indeed. 

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