The Memories and the Supposed to be

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Many people try to hold onto the past and try to make what was, what it is. But it doesn't work that way.

Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



Many people try to make their pasts their present

while I hate to admit. I do too. 

Four years 

We went from best friends to semi best friends to just friends that hardly ever talk unless it's about a guy. 

She moved but hated her new school but seemed happier than she ever was when she was here at my school with me. 

We kept in touch. But now that I'm going on year four I wish I never did. 

I mean this whole time I had an image on what we really should be. But that's all it was. An image. 

Now I wish I could just let her go. But st the same time I can't help but want to keep her close. 

To make sure that she forever stays my friend. 

Theres a difference with reality and your dreams. 

The reality is what you live in. Which a good percent of the time means hell. But your dream is what you want it to be. And sometimes it helps the reality by trying to live out your dream. 

But currently four years of me trying to follow my dream is coming back to bite me in the ass. 

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