The secret room at the Risa Ale House

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The Secret Room at the Risa Ale House

It is said to happen only on rainy nights when the full moon hugs the clouds as they cry, Risa's friends were staying over that night, the rain was pouring down and Risa was telling her friends a horror story when they heard mumbling, they all asked Risa to stop in a scared tone, Risa did stop but the mumbling got clearer and they began hearing what seemed to be a song with a piano playing in the background " 1,2,3,4 make sure you close the door" the girls all looked at one another and as they looked at Risa to ask her about the song her expressions showed that she doesn't know the origin of the voice and the lyrics were repeated, the girls asked Risa if she had a neighbor and Risa answered telling them that she and her mother live alone in the house and that the voice was coming from the basement, the girls started shaking and the song continued, the girls looked scared but 4 minutes later the song stopped, they all got close to one another and were shaking but the night passed and nothing happened. Two days later Risa was alone in the house her mother's work starts after midnight so she had to stay all night alone ,just as Risa was going to sleep she noticed that it started to rain so she got under the sheets and fell asleep but a nightmare woke her up 3 minutes later, she heard the song in her dream only to wake up to hear the man's voice once before the song stopped, Risa shaking on her bed decided to sing herself a melody that her father used to sing for her to make her go to sleep, she kept singing the song but she couldn't sleep that night, when her mother arrived Risa told her the story so her mother went down to the basement to check but they couldn't find anything her mother believed her and asked her to record the sound next time she hear it, that night Risa stayed up but the man never sang that day, Risa very confused decided to let it go and she started sleeping but only because it stopped raining, when Risa's mother asked her about what happened to the sound she told her that it stopped and that it might be a prank, her mother who was very caught up in work decided to let it go too since her daughter is fine now.

 Risa four days later heard the song again but then she didn't want to keep bothering her mother about it so she simply listened to anything either on the TV or the radio to stop the noise from bothering her but ever since she started doing that…things got pretty bad and she hoped she could get the old days back it started when Risa was listening to her favorite show she started to hear mumbling and then the radio started to sing ''1,2,3,4 I will haunt you even more" , Risa thought that this was just because she can't forget about the song and because she was barley awake that night but when she heard it once more she started to believe all the ghost stories she ever heard and was shaking in fear, Risa anyway decided to face her fear, first she started to write notes about when the sound starts and when it ends and she started listening to the song carefully which changed back to normal when she closed her radio and TV.

Risa came to the conclusion that this sound is only heard from her bedroom and that it can only be heard when it is raining, that took her weeks Risa's grades weren't getting any better and her health too she always looked tired and fought to fall asleep, her mother noticed so she took a week break from work and stayed with her daughter, first she asked her why is she like that and Risa answered her mother telling her that the sound came back, her mother asked "why didn't you tell me, I would've been able to help", Risa then hugged her mother and kept crying and telling her that she had enough, the next day Risa's aunt visited them and took Risa home with her and her mother stayed back at the house to figure out the deal about this song Risa claims to hear, her mother slept in Risa's room as asked by Risa and the first two days passed without a sound until the rain started pouring down, The mother listened to the melody and started to investigate the house looking for what she believes is a stalker, she contacted a friend of hers and started to look until her friend would arrive Risa's mother went to the basement in the hope of finding a recorder or anything but what she found was a surprise Risa's mother heard the sound from the basement after it had already stopped but the voice wasn't singing this time it was talking so fast that the mother started to cover her ears from how annoying the sound was and that's when Mrs. Ale heard the man's song as clear as the day as if he was singing from inside her brain but the melody never stopped he kept singing inside her head and when she uncovered her ears all she could hear was screams accompanied by the man's song, Mrs. Ale ran to her room in hopes of escaping the sound but it got even worse the man started to laugh and the screams got even higher, Risa's mother stayed up for the next three days and she didn't say a word when Risa's aunt asked Helen's (Mrs. Ale) friend she told her that ever since that night she never spoke a word, however when Risa arrived home she ran to her mother who said three words "It won't stop'' , Risa knew that her mother heard the song but what she didn't know was that her mother was hearing it as they speak not only it but the laughing , the screaming and everything, the night Risa arrived back home she heard the song but this time it wasn't raining and the man didn't sing as well she heard a familiar voice singing the melody when she approached the basement she saw her mother singing the song while she tried to commit suicide in front of her daughter but when they arrived at the hospital she was rescued and the doctors said that it was nearly impossible for her to live because of the major blood loss but somehow she managed to survive, a mentally destroyed Risa Ale decided to go home and end this curse, her aunt thought that Risa was staying at the hospital with her mother as Risa claimed, when Risa arrived home it was already raining so she walked to the basement and she started to sing the song only to hear a voice singing along with her coming from behind the wall Risa grabbed a hammer and started to knock the wall down only to find a sad room with candles everywhere, Risa walked inside to find two small holes beside each other in the wall and then she looked at the other side of the wall to find the same scene and on the ceiling as well she didn't understand what that was and then she found a collection of letters when she read them they all described the same experience she had the description she would never forget is the description of a devil, Risa never saw anything but maybe her mother did, by the time Risa finished reading she heard the song, a terrified Risa looked back to find a wall instead of the door she created. When she tried to break the wall down, the wall became harder and impossible to break, and when she looked at the wall she found two eyes looking directly at her from the small holes she saw earlier Risa stared back at those eyes speechless.

 Risa Ale was found by her aunt who got a call from the hospital telling her that both the mother and the daughter escaped the hospital, when her aunt called the police and they searched they found the room a month later when the smell of a dead corpse was coming from there and when they broke the door they found the corpse of Mrs. Ale buried in the wall with two holes for her eyes to see her daughter go insane inside the room and die slowly and they also found multiple other corpses in the wall , Risa was there in the middle of the room and when they talked to her all she did was sing "1,2,3,4 make sure you close the door".





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Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Oh my god, that was terrifying.I like it a lot.I wish there was a movie or atleast drama on this.I seriously like this. :)

Tue, October 24th, 2017 2:41pm


Oh, Thanks very much for the endorsement. i'll try to be more active and post more interesting content hopefully

Mon, April 23rd, 2018 6:17am

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