My New Spiritual System

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A detailed description of my New Spiritual System I will present in a series of articles the coming weeks. This system is describing a new approach to spirituality. Not contradicting esoterics and modern science but building on personal experience first and foremost. It has been tried and tested for several years by dark occultists myself included.

Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



Some hype: The following weeks I will post a series of articles about my new spiritual system that will integrate concepts of life and death and all other findings I have done on my path to enlightenment. Important to notice is that my definition of enlightenment is an evolving spiral towards all knowing not a fixed state as described by most New Agers and Satanists. The conventional form of enlightenment is just about an unconditioned state. My definition of enlightenment is that conventional enlightenment is just the beginning. One can move beyond the unconditioned state to explore the occult universe more in depth and gain absolute power over mind and matter.

This process is described in esoteric teachings in great detail and is not contradicting my own findings. In fact esotericism describes this evolutionary process to the same degree. When I differ I don't contradict these teachings. I have just gone very deep into the heart of the matter to find that I'm exactly like this myself. I have found out (This is a major point in my own research) that life is depending upon death to vitalize itself. That life without death tend to become too artificial, too much dependent on artificial structure. And in the same way death without life amounts to a blank state. Without thought, action and emotion. Balance is the key to success.

It's a new spiritual system. But it has been validated by other dark occultists on the net. In esoteric teachers from all times and also confirmed by modern quantum physics. I have tried and tested this system myself for several years. Some of the points I will mention haven't been tested equally long as others but everything points in the same direction. And that is that everything generally believed about spirituality is plain wrong. Everything is the absolute opposite.

As an example:

One of the most important things for a dark occultist is to take care of the physical body. Work for physical and mental health, earn money and get involved in a true life relationship. Romantic or otherwise. The physical emanates from within. From perception of the subject and is not contradicting spirituality but completely otherwise. The Gnostics had a point though: That one can get overly dependent on the physical and lose grasp of one's true nature. Again balance is the key. Balance of all aspects of life. I found this out for sure during my countless trips around the globe.

I will also present links to past research and offer step by step instructions of how to implement these changes to one's life. It is not dogmatic rules but creative suggestions. As always personal life experience is the rule not the exception. True life experience combined with logical thinking. Building a spiritual system on the hard facts of research and modern science. Getting confirmation from serious individuals on the same path.

I will also offer links to my main body of fiction presented on my Continuation web-site. With explanations as to why these writings can help one to overcome emotional blocks to the source of deep knowing. Writings combined with newly composed progressive rock music to not just reflect upon intellectual concepts but also experience emotional realities.

That's all for now. Stay tuned. :)



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