Thoughts In Desperation

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I was very iffy about posting this, considering how stupid it sounds. It just kinda shows the way some people feel, including me, and what thoughts occur in my head constantly.

Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



Who Am I?

Why Am I Like This?

What Happened To Me?

Where Did This Sudden Unease Come From?

Why Do I Feel So Wrong?

I’m Only Looking In The Mirror.

Who Is This?

Why Am I Not Someone Else?

Anyone Else?

I Just Don’t Want To Be Me.

Who Even Am I?

Me, I’m Nobody But A Broken Down Boy In A Girls Body.

Why Am I Not A Guy?

Where Did This Discomfort Come From?

I’m So Confused. 

I’m Happy With The Little Changes I’m Able To Make To Help Me Feel More Real.

More Alive.

More Like I’m Not Living Someone Else’s Life.

Why Is It That

With Every Advance I’m Able To Confidently Make

Only Seem To Push Me Farther Away From Who I Want To Become.

I Can’t. 

I Can’t Break Down.

Just Focus. 

Focus. Focus. Focus.

There’s More Going On Around Me.

Stop Being So Selfish.

Keep Calm.


Just Stop Thinking About It…

Fuck, Who The Hell Is That In The Mirror?

Who’s Face Am I Wearing?

Why Do I Look So Happy?

I Should Be.

Water. Splash Water On Your Face.


Let It Out.

You Are In Control.

Just Write!

Get Lost In The Words That Flow Onto The Paper.

You Can Be Anyone Now…

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