Life Without The Internet

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Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



Life Without the Internet 2017 Scholarship Essay
Submitted by Jon Fogle
Manheim Township High School
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The first thing I thought to myself when I saw the topic “Life Without the Internet” was, “Yes! Finally something I’ve thought about”. This is not only time I’ve wondered how life was like before all the crazy new inventions. Being born in 1999, it’s hard to think about life before the iPhone's, the VR Headsets, and the Ninja Professional Blender. I mean, sure you have the documentaries and the World War movies, but what was it actually like to live an educated life before the internet.
My U.S. history teacher and I have discussed this topic several times. During these conversations, he has asked me to describe what growing up in the 2000’s was like, and I have been astonished at his remarks. He believes that Millennials are handed everything, and he is right to some degree. We have been able to use research tools like Google and SparkNotes. We even have access to an intelligent personal assistant like Apple’s Siri.
My teacher gave me an example of what it was like for him to write an essay or article. In order to get a book for his biology lab he needed to catch a bus into town close to the library. On this particular night his mom was making his favorite meal of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. The only way he could get back in time for dinner was if he knew when, where, and how much the bus ride was going to cost. After hearing what he had to say my guess is that life would be a lot like that. The simplest and quickest things we can do in this age were painstaking tasks before. 
This summer three other guys and myself are planning a four week road trip across the country. We’re planning to go on this trip now because we know it will really expose us to the world and prepare us for all the responsibilities of life after high school. Much, if not all, the planning we’ve done has involved the use of a road tripping website or a Google Maps page. I doubt we would have considered going on this trip without these tools, since the planning would be even crazier than it is now.
Simple things we do on a day-to-day basis, like checking the weather on our phones, wouldn't be possible without the help of the World Wide Web. These things that we take for granted would require so much more effort and time. Certain careers and jobs wouldn't exist and a majority of the population would either be in the industrial or agricultural field. Knowing what we know now of the Internet, most people if given a choice would choose to have it in their lives. I would be one of them.

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