Masterpiece from Heaven

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two souls that want noting more than to be together.

She was the absolute source of happiness in this world. Her smile could make the darkest of souls bright in a whole new way. Her voice always could find a way to transform an anguished scowl into a smile. Her soft body was always warm with love's fire and her small figure was a statue Michelangelo must have created. Her emerald eyes were gems of nobles and her hair was a deep amber silk that God himself weaved perfectly. She had skin of soft, flawless Irish porcelain, with brown freckles that angels made when they wept tears of joy at her birth. She was a masterpiece from heaven, damned to this cruel world for a reason that will always remain a mystery to me.

And that masterpiece was joyfully trotting through the woods, causing a ruckus that she didn't realize. Her outer skirt was held up with her left fist as she was recklessly singing her lover's name. My name.

The intrusion of the beautiful girl alerted my fragile being in such a way to arouse excitement. I lifted myself from the garden chair where I was reading and sprint to the edge of the woods, with my father's colossal estate behind me. I did not greet her as a trespasser or guest. I wrapped my arms around her waist, capturing her in her poor attempt to stop running while claiming her rose coloured lips, sweet and unwavering bliss. Our noses were smushed together, and I laughed into the kiss as we almost fell over. In that moment, I forgot the twisted world around that births hatred and pain.

"You shouldn't be here," I sighed, breathless by our previous kiss. My mind bitterly returned to reality.

"Yes, but, here I am. It's been too long." She enfolded me with one arm so we were tightly pressed against each other, the other hand still clenched her skirt. I wanted to interrogate her to why she refused to let go of the fabric, but I then breathed in her warmth, distracted by her scent. I was mildly comforted until I saw my father's estate in my preferential vision. I split our embrace with haste and folded my arms.

“Listen!” I hissed in a whisper. “You shouldn't be here. My father is now home from Venice! I thought you were coming next Sunday, after he is gone again.”

Her dazzling green eyes met the ground as her mouth fidgeted into a frown. “I know, but... I...”

“Does it have something to do with that?” I inquired, pointing to her hand, which was becoming discoloured from clutching the dress for so long.

Her demeanor transformed quickly from the look of embarrassed defeat to a cheerful glow. She finally extended her arms to reveal a plethora of pure white rose petals, as celestial and alive as she was. “I wish to go out tonight.”

I picked up a petal and held it between my fingertips, inspecting its texture. I soon grew bored of it, for I enjoyed the sight of the woman in front of me  much more. “And... how is this going to benefit the cause?”

As I put the petal back, she closed the opening by retracting her arm. “I was going to lay a trail for you.” Extending her elegant arm, she pointed to a tall hill in the woods not that far away. “I humbly request for you to meet me there. No one even knows about it, just you and me!” Her volume increased as she became anxious, and gave me sparkling, pleading eyes.

I lifted an eyebrow in confusion, “the occasion?”

She put her hand in mine, holding it so tight it almost hurt. “You'll find out when you get there.”

I lifted our hands and kissed hers. “As you wish, my lady.” I gave her a smirk and she squealed in delight.

With a chaste kiss, my goddess left and I was thankful nobody had seen us.

But I was dead wrong.


It was almost midnight. I passed through the iron garden gate, slipping into the woods.

It was unknown to me, but a pair of sharp eyes were watching me from the estate. The eyes had a hateful voice to match, speaking words that I can only guess what they commanded, “Follow my child. Eliminate the Irish demon.”

My eyes were fixated on the ground as my feet followed the secret path. Petals as innocent as fresh fallen snow were being crushed beneath my feet, turning them a deathly black from my mud covered boots. The original colour was thankfully easier to follow,  for they seemed to glow in the moon's brilliant light. The harsh thudding of my heart became more and more perceptible with every tarnishing step.

Suddenly the path ended. I was standing between two trees, on a large cliff side rock overlooking the grand midnight woods. But my eyes were fixated on the a heavenly masterpiece before me, illuminated in Our Lady's moonlight. Her nimble hands were clutched tightly to the bodice of her dress. When her emerald eyes met mine, speech had left my throat, air had left my lungs. The extraordinary emeralds were glassed over with tears threatening to fall, but her lips were curved into a small smile.

Confused, I entwined my arms around her with the warmest embrace I could possibly muster. She kissed my forehead lovingly, giving me the strength to look at her. She reached into her dress' bosom and grabbed the chain of her necklace. Attached were  hanging two gold Claddagh rings. One sized to fit her, the other to fit me.

I sincerely couldn't indicate if my heart stopped or burst. My chest tightend and I probably didn't breathe. She looked at me for a long time with her hopeful, glossy emeralds as I stared into them, positively astonished. Rustling and twigs breaking were heard around us in the silence. I'm unsure how long we were like that, but my weak voice only emerged from my throat as she started to grievously put them back into her dress, “yes.”

I put my hand on hers, us both clutching the rings so tight it almost hurt. I leaned my forehead against hers and closed my eyes as tears of my own fell. “Yes, of course. I love you. I want to be with you forever. Only you.”

The heavens sang as she laughed painfully in relief. I retracted my head and my gaze was set on the most beautiful thing of all. Tears of joy fell from her eyes as she lit up my soul with a smile. She leaned in close, and said to me in that charming accent, “now I can love you, always.”

I felt the godly warmth of her skin touch mine as she held my face close to her own. My eyes fluttered shut and I felt our noses brush against each others as I awaited the intoxicating sweetness of her lips.

But instead, I heard the soft click of metal. The distraction was too evident for me to ignore. I spun my head to the side as I now stare down one of my father's men crouched in a nearby bush with a musket. An earth shattering blast from hell came from the weapon. The projectile was coming.

Coming for her.

Coming to rip her flesh. Coming to spill her blood.

But it didn't. I could absolutely not allow it. I gravely tore from the embrace and forcefully pushed her away. Instead it ripped my flesh. Instead it spilt my blood.

I don't remember falling to the ground but I was thankful to see her over me, despite the look of absolute terror that her perfect face was forming. Such an immaculate existence should never see something so grotesque.

I love you, I love you,” is what I wanted to say to ease back into her cheerful state, but liquid was filling my airways, unable to speak. I sensed it was everywhere, disgorging its warmth out of my body.

I couldn't understand what she was saying to me. My ears were full of a dead ringing. I couldn't feel her compassionate hands on my face. Her warmth was gone. I couldn't feel her put the ring on my finger. It was something I had waited for and the moment was slipping to somewhere I could never reach. In that instant, I did not fear death, I feared our future, which was vanishing before the both of us. Her eyes craved my usual lively response. I knew she was calling her lover's name. My name. Her voice turned my anguished scowl into a smile.

She was a masterpiece from heaven, damned to this cruel world for a reason that will always remain a mystery to me, even after my hour of death.

Submitted: November 18, 2016

© Copyright 2021 BeautyandtheBeast. All rights reserved.

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