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Submitted: November 17, 2016

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Submitted: November 17, 2016



Our Story

He sat there waiting for his screen to be illuminated, craving the wasp-like buzz his phone created what would prompt him of a message received.  He knew the message was never coming, but he did not know why.  He began to think back of all the things he said, all the things he didn’t say, and wondered if he had somehow ruined what he thought to be the beginning of a relationship so great the gods would praise him. Timing.  He knew that timing is an important aspect in any relationship, but this time he was certain the timing was correct.  The stars had aligned and everything that was supposed to happen was happening. Or so he thought.

As he began to scroll back through messages from the months prior, he took a critical look at things he had said to see when everything began to change.  It was so instant; here today, gone tomorrow.  How can your everything literally disappear in the blink of an eye like a thief in the night?  The more he thought about it, the darker it became.  The darkness consumed him; he was back to this familiar place.  This place is so dark that shadows are a myth and consequences do not exist and although this place is absent of light, it felt safe—protective.

He began to navigate blindly through this dark space; he had no choice.  As he made his way through the abyss he noticed that everything he stumbled and fell he was unharmed.  Numb.  Not only could he see nothing, but feel nothing as well.  Nothing existed in this place except absence of all existence and feeling.  But as dark as this place was, he was able to hear a voice, cutting through the darkness around him. All alone, he followed the sound into a sea of light and found himself here…with her.  She gave him something back when he needed it most—a second chance.

“What do you think this means?” the professor asked the class.  “Don’t answer that now, but think it over during the weekend and lets discuss this excerpt on Monday.”

The class emptied faster than cans of Rainier on dollar beer nights at the local tavern.  The professor made his way to the dentist for an appointment he had scheduled earlier that day.  Making his way to the dentist, he realized he would have to interact with the dental assistant, whom he had a history with.  Their demise was his fault and he knew it, but every time he had an encounter with her he got knots in his stomach and had a hard time focusing.  While what they had might have been many years ago, the situation fresh in his mind always.

The closer he got to the office the more he began to contemplate turning around and just scheduling with another office. He wanted to avoid her at all cost, but he really needed the dentist to take a look at his teeth; mouth pain was not something he enjoyed much.

He made his way into the office and slowly opened the door.  As walked up to the desk, he noticed the receptionist was on the phone.  He waited patiently.  As he waited, the door to the back of the office swung open abruptly and there she was.  One glance at her and it was like a thousand knives stabbing him all over his body all at once—her looks could kill, literally.  Everything stopped in that moment as he gazed her way.  Her hair; long and free, her eyes; clear and radiant, and her smile; peaceful and serene. She hadn’t seen him yet, he was glad.  The knots in his stomach grew like weeds in an unkempt garden.  He looked at her again and with his second glance he saw nothing but an eternal sunshine with endless radiance and forgiving warmth.

She walked by as if not to notice him staring off in the distance.  He filled out his intake form and waited to be called back.  His name was called and he made his way back to the office and placed himself comfortably in the dentist chair.  As he began to relax he could feel a presence nearby and he began to tremble. Her. He laid his head back in the chair and tried to relax as he waited for the dentist.

As his head hit the back of the chair, she peered around the corner and realized who was sitting in the chair.  One glance and everything hit her all at once.  Her initial reaction was to go into the other room and pretend like he wasn’t there, but for whatever reason all she could do was stand there idly as many thoughts ran through her head. 

“I swear, it doesn’t matter what I’ve been through, where I’ve been going, or how long it’s been, everything always feels the same with him.  Here I am looking at him from a distance and all I can think about is his touch, his warmth, and his embrace. Everything is natural and nothing is forced with him. He is my person.  Nobody has ever made me feel the way he makes me feel and yet, I always find a reason to run.  But I’m done running and I don’t like to run much anyways, 5Ks aren’t my thing.  Stop running, start living. Know your worth.  He’s worth it.  You’re worth it.  Together.”  She thought deeply to herself.

He was examined by the dentist and sent on his way. He went home and made himself a meager dinner and she was still on his mind.  It had been hours since he had been in the office but he could still smell the warmth of her body and nectar of her scent.  She smelled like happiness and looked like hope. It was just then the alarm on his phone began to buzz loudly.

“Are you going to get that? Your alarm is going off.” She said in annoyance.

“What? Oh…sorry.  What time is it?” He said, confused.

“Time for you to go to work. I need you to make money so you can buy me something pretty.” She jokingly replied.

“How long have I been asleep?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I came home and you were asleep.  I know you said you weren’t feeling well earlier so I just let you sleep.” She explained.

“Oh…I am feeling better now, but I had the strangest dream.” He remarked.

“Oh really? What about?” she replied.

“I’m not sure…just kiss me.” He demanded.

He turned over on her side and grabbed her by the back of her head and gazed into her eyes and saw eternal sunshine with endless radiance and forgiving warmth—home. She was his and he was hers. Together. One. He leaned in and kissed her deeply so deeply it was as if she was bringing him back to life.

He made his way to his classroom and he waited for his students to meander into class.  As the students filed into the classroom he began to prepare to start with a quote from the story they had been reading.  As soon as the last student made his way to his desk, he began to read:

“Thinking of you, wherever you are.  We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend.  Now I will step forward to realize this wish.  And who knows, starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun.  There are many worlds, but they share the same sky.  One sky, one destiny.”

“Okay class, discuss.” He said with a smile on his face.

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