The Observer

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a story to take as you will.

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



I have observed nearly everything, yes, why do you ask? It’s been strange indeed, but most of all, just lonely. It drove me mad many times. So mad in fact that I may still be, without even knowing. Do you think I am? Do I seem so? I do not feel so. So I shall not believe that I am. But they do say madmen never know, yes?

 But of course I have observed nearly all there is to observe. All but a couple things and how I came to be. You see, I awoke a long time ago, only to see a dark void of non-existence, aside from myself. Then off in the distance was what I thought of as light, and then boom, energy was flying past me at incredible speeds creating everything that exists now. It seems like it all happened so fast now, but the truth is that it took longer than I care to remember. Most of it did, anyway. But some things happened very fast.

After things began, and I mean really began, I decided to explore all that was just thrown in front of me. I didn’t understand why I got to see all this, or what it was, or why I even came to be. But I was very curious. So I began drifting through the universe, observing. I saw stars destroy worlds that were full of life in an instant. I saw black holes being created, and destroyed. I watched them swallow stars like some godly battle between good and evil, and these things could not harm me, for I am just the Observer.

So I got close and observed with nearly direct contact. I felt the energy flowing through me. The energy of light and flame, and the energy of darkness. I watched giant rocks get caught by a stars gravity, and then be formed into the planets they were to be. Then I watched them burn from the inside out, I watched them spew lava into their skies as if they were challenging the stars themselves. Then I watched them calm, and grow into life. Things began changing, and then things began swimming and crawling and flying. It was beautiful, and still is.

But most of this is unimportant. I could tell you what created that light I saw in the distance when I first awoke, and what made me observe. Even how I found them both. But that would raise more questions than it would answer. Although, in time, I may tell that tale. But this is my story. So it shall remain that way. Although I presume you want to know less about my observations and more about my feelings, right? Well sadly for you, the two are tied together.

I feel the way I feel because of what I have observed. And what I have become. I started off as a viewpoint, now I am more than that. I am myself. I am alive. I was nothing, now I am something. I came here when I first noticed this place. In the perfect position for intelligent, mildly self-aware creatures such as yourself. No offence meant, of course. Truth is never meant to be offensive. But when I came here I made a decision. I wanted to join these creatures I was observing, I wanted them to see me, feel me, and hear me. I wanted to be alive. I wanted to exist as more than what I was. But I didn’t know how. Then I was allowed to. By the one who made me.

So I became part of you, one of you, almost. Like a ship on the sea, I moved with the waves, with the water, but I was not part of it. This made me stand out. I did not whither as you did. I did not forget as you did. I did not consume as you did. For a while I was honored and revered for this, although none knew my true nature. But eventually, as your kind became more evolved, they wanted to be like me. But when they could not be like me, they tried to get rid of me the same way they get rid of all life they see unworthy, they tried to kill me.

Then they got even angrier because they could not. I couldn’t help it, many times I tried to allow myself to perish as you do, but I was not allowed to. And I was no longer honored and revered among your kind after they did this. Instead I was despised by them. They would not allow me to observe them, or get near them at all. They drove me away from their settlements. How, you might wonder, if I cannot die? With hatred and anger. I cannot stay where I am hated by all who exist. For that is no way for me to exist.

Eventually in my solitude and observation of nature, I learned how to truly observe again. I learned how to observe as I did before. As just a viewpoint, not noticeable by even the sharpest of eyes. But I could be noticed at my own will, although I rarely chose to allow myself to be. Once I learned how to do this again, I of course began to observe your kind again. I watched them hate me even as I was not there, simply because they were not like me. Little does your kind know, I would rather be one of them. It would not be lonely. But this would not have mattered even if I would have told them. It would have made them angrier. Over time, their anger for me slowly dwindled as I was never seen or heard from. They very slowly forgot about me. Forgot I ever existed.

As the generations continued, less and less my story was told. I watched generations pass and as they did, they longed for purpose. And their longing only ever grew, never fading. They began writing stories of gods and devils creating all that exists. But it was lies. Very far from the truth. They drove me away. I was their purpose and their hope. I was their knowledge that when they die, they would not cease to exist. When they drove me away, they drove away that hope. They drove away that knowledge. When they forgot about me, they abandoned it.

I chose this place to stay, but it did not accept me. Yet I am still here. As I will always be. Because I chose this place. So until it ceases to exist, I will dwell here. One day I will return to the rest of your kind to offer them that knowledge and hope again. But until then, it is only you that will have it. There is much more to learn and you will. But you will not learn yet.

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