The Salvatores

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Status, wealth and glory. These are the things we strive to attain in our lifetime. Augustus Salvatore is a composed and well liked business man who has it all and will do whatever means necessary to keep it that way.

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



I dislike the thought of petty, useless things. Everything must be perfect and everything must be in order. It is hard to believe that at one point I lived among the poverty stricken, living off trash and scraps just to survive. How we make it to the top, I say is not important. Things will happen, people will suffer and lives will be put on the line. What matters is what we do when we attain that wealth and status.

I married my childhood sweetheart, Loretta Salvatore formally Loretta Marquette, who bore me two children. My children, Thomas and Eliza were both aged five years apart. Thomas was yet to reach the age of eighteen whilst my youngest Eliza thirteen years old.

“Eliza!” I yelled as I walked toward my spiral wooden staircase. She had been in her room for hours.

“I’m coming!” she responded as I heard her door slam against the wall as she had swung it open.

“What did I tell you about damaging the wall Eliza, Good lord in heaven. I do not intend to be wasting my money on such trivial things” I said as I peered over the stair case.

“It isn’t as though you don't have the money, papa” she said as she made her way down the stair case and stood before me.

My brows furrowed instantly.

“Silence Eliza!” I yelled as she stiffened with fear.

“Not only have you deliberately ignored and disobeyed my orders to help prepare the ballroom from earlier, you speak back to me as well. I do not remember raising such an insolent child.”

“I apologize, papa.” She said as she looked down towards the polished floorboards.

“Eliza, do not break eye contact with me!”

She looked upwards and in that moment I raised my hand back. I threw my hand forward whipping it across her face as the sound of my palm striking her cheek echoed off the walls. She stared at me with her eyes wide in disbelief as her hand slowly made it to her red cheek. 

“Gather the décor from the dining room and go set it up with the help. Your brother will be arriving shortly and I expect everything to be in order for him. It isn’t every day you get accepted to a prestigious school such as Harvard. We will soon have a doctor in the family, Eliza.  I would urge you to learn a few things from your elder brother and give up on this nonsense writing hobby.”

She looked away in shame, unable to look me in the eyes.

“You must understand something Eliza” I said in a calming tone.

“What is it papa?” she asked as she looked up at me with a pained expression.

A faint grin formed upon my face for a slight moment as I looked down on her.

“In this world, without money… you are nothing” I said before I walked towards the ballroom leaving Eliza to her thoughts.

Night time soon arrived and the décor had been set up and ready. The cakes had been baked and frosted, beautifully presented. The guests had yet to arrive, though the table had been set to perfection. I scanned the dining area as I smiled with pride. It was all mine; In this world I am god.

As I began to finish polishing the silverware in the ballroom I had noticed the lack of presence. Something was missing, something not important but nonetheless was supposed to be present. It then dawned on me. My youngest Eliza was nowhere to be seen. I felt my rage began to boil as I headed towards the staircase and walked up towards her room.

Shall I yell? Shall I hit her? I couldn't decide. I would let my first instinct take charge the moment I would open her door. I began to polish the table knife I had brought with me in frustration. As I approached her room I heard a strong voice echo towards me. Her voice was quiet, petit and small. I opened the door and saw her laying besides a boy.

I looked towards the scene presented before me with unconcern.

“How unsightly and vulgar Eliza.” I said as I continued to polish my knife with a handkerchief.

“Papa! This isn’t what it looks like!” Eliza yelled as I approached her.

‘How tedious… How very like Eliza.’ I thought.

 I saw him slowly pull away from Eliza and back away towards the window. I began to approach him as Eliza attempted to push me back to shield him. I nudged her off of me and smoothened my suit.

“Please sir, we are just friends! I promise!” he yelled in attempt to save himself.

“Ah, how dull” I thought as I stood before him.

I smiled at him and brought my knife up towards his face and he watched in awe. I traced the edge of the blade lightly against his cheek and slowly traced its towards his eye as I examined him. I grinned as my eyes fluttered upward, making eye contact with him. His face was pale and stiff and his body was shaking violently from fear.

I slowly lowered the knife to my side.

“I do believe we have yet to introduce ourselves to one another. My name is Augustus Salvatore, I am the current owner of this house hold and Eliza’s Father.”

His face began to regain its colour as I spoke. He then extended his arm toward me.

“My name is Ryan Anderson” he said as he attempted to smile.

 I watched him as he attempted to straighten his posture.

“As you can see today is quite a busy day but I would be delighted if you would join us on the occasion of celebrating my son’s departure from home. Shall we become more acquainted?”

He stared at me in disbelief.

“We would like to have you for Dinner, Mr Anderson.” I said in terms he could understand.

I watched his face as it began to gleam with joy, with happiness and most of all, with hope.

I licked my lips and held them together briefly awaiting his response.

“I would be honoured sir! He yelled as he shook my hand violently.

I smiled as my eyes shifted towards Eliza whom was attempting to conceal her obvious delight. As her eyes set on mine she smiled with glee.

‘How unamusing.’ I thought.  

 “But a moment” I said as I exited the room for a brief second and re-entered with one of the help.

“Tera, please escort Mr Anderson to the special guest room for a change of clothes for tonight” I said as I looked toward her.

Eliza looked towards my maid and then towards me for a moment with concern.

“What seems to be the matter Eliza?” I asked her.

“You never call the help by their names, papa. I was just a bit confused” She said in a faint tone as though she feared I would be angered by her words.

I smiled and approached her.

 “She is my very special maid Eliza. She is very good at cleaning up quite a bit of our messes.” I said as I caressed Eliza’s cheek with my hand.

“I apologize for speaking out of place papa” Eliza said as she turned towards Tera and smiled.

I looked towards Tera and nodded slightly.

“I will attend to you later Tera.”

She looked at me for a brief moment then smiled, bowed and led him outside.

I looked towards Eliza whom could not seem to hide the excitement on her face. The look of happiness on her face feel me feel something something tug at my chest.

What was this feeling?

‘Ah yes’ I thought as I smiled before walking towards her.


I roughly clasped my fingers around her hair, pulling her out of her room and down the stairs.

As I dragged her down the stairs she screamed from the pain of her hair being roughly tugged from her head. As I reached the dining hall I threw her onto the floor. The help all looked in awe, gathering around her.

“Bathe her, dress her and have her ready for when the guests arrive.” I said as smoothened my suit and walked into the kitchen, leaving Eliza moaning in pain and gasping for air.

The guests began to arrive one by one. Each dressed elegantly, formally and expensively. Only the best shall attend, only the best shall observe this occasion and only the best shall know what kind of value the Salvatore name holds. As the doorbell rang for what I expected was the last guest, I excused the help and answered the door personally.

“I am honoured that you could join us today, Lady Windsor.”

 “Thank you for having me on this fine occasion” she said as she smiled sincerely.

“It wouldn't be an occasion worth having without you gracing us with your presence.” I said before she smiled and laughed.

As we entered the ballroom we all began hiding in different places whilst we awaited the arrival of my son Thomas to surprise him.

The lights were dimmed and we all stood still as we heard the door of the main entrance creek open. Loud footsteps echoed throughout the hallway, approaching closer and closer. The anticipation of his entrance began to build within all of my guests. As the door to the ball room swung open we all jumped and yelled surprise. Thomas jumped back in shock but soon began laughing with joy as he joined in with the guests and the festivities.

As we all celebrated his glory, wine, champagne, deserts and so, where given to each guest before the main course.

“Excuse me” I announced to my guests before excusing myself from the ballroom to attend another matter. I had seemingly disappeared from the crowd for little than over an hour.

As I returned to the ballroom I ushered each guest into the main dining room and each person took their assigned seat for their dinner.

As I ushered each guest in Eliza approached me with concern.

“Father I cannot seem to find Ryan anywhere. Do you know where he could be?” she asked with a saddened expression.

“It appears something came up last minute and he needed to departure immediately” I said as I brought my hand up and caressed her cheek slowly.

Her expression worsened. I sighed and tilted her face upwards to face my own.

“You needlessly worry Eliza; you will see him again soon.” I said as I felt a smile creep upon my lips.

She nodded as she smiled and headed towards the dining room.

“Where did you pop off to?” Thomas asked me in a curious tone.

I gave him a brief smile and walked towards my chair. All my guests watched in curiosity from their seats.

“Ladies and gentleman. I have prepared something very special for the main course” I announced.

Lady Windsor’s face began to gleam with joy.  

I smiled towards her and then looked toward Eliza for a slight moment.

“A garlic and honey glazed ham roast with tomato relish with a hint of basil and thyme.

“Oh my!” Lady Windsor shouted in delight.

This was the feeling of satisfaction over accomplishment. This was what I work hard for.

I thoroughly sliced through each piece, thinning every slice. I squeezed a subtle amount of lemon and added a touch of pepper and handed out plates until the roast was only bones.

“Eat up!” I shouted with glee as my guests complied.

 “My, I must say this is the most delicious dish I have ever eaten, and I have eaten quite a few!” Lady Windsor cheered as she quickly consumed her meal.

 “Where did you get such quality meat if you don't mind me asking” she asked as she dropped her utensils and looked towards me in curiosity.

“I originally planned for chicken but you see something came up short notice and I got a hold of this just in time” I said as I finished chewing and swallowed the content in my mouth.

“Yes but where did you get it!” she asked this time leaning over the table.

I dropped my utensils and looked towards her.

“I caught it myself, you see. It struggled for a bit but I was able to detain it. I even butchered it myself, with some help of course” I said as I smiled toward Tera who stood beside the doorway with an empty expression.

“My, aren’t you talented Mr Salvatore!” she giggled.

I looked towards Eliza who was staring down at her plate with a blank expression.

“Eliza, if you don't eat your food will go cold.”

“My apologies papa” She said as she picked up her utensils and cut though her meat. She brought her fork towards her mouth and gradually bit into the meat. She began chewing slowly.

“Is the food to your liking, Eliza?” I asked as I watched she turned to focus her attention towards me.

“It’s delicious papa” She said as she nodded her head in delight and continued to eat her meal.

As I watched her consume each piece a smile began to form on my face.

“I thought it would be to your tastes.”




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