what happened?

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As a little girl I always used to love walking along that path.

If anything, that gave the grit and determination I have today to be writing this. I don't know what used to draw my parents in to walking that steep rocky mountain path every week but for some reason they did and that I'll never know from what happened...

The path when I was little -was although hard to climb- incredible beautiful it looked like it had just been took out of book the step path always reminded me of sand for its golden brown colouring(not that I had ever been to a beach) and the sea greens and blues did nothing add to this beach like image I had created.

The further I walked along the path and the steeper it would always get. Then the smell hit you like a fish smell had been combined with the smell of the leaves finally hit you and it was glorious. It seemed the older I got the more I started to dislike the family walk, as I was the youngest of five I always had to go because my older sisters and brother could always think of some witty excuse to get out if. I was not so fortunate. The reason I feel it taught me determination is that, no matter what, from the age I was able to walk you had no help from Mom or dad or Uncle Jack getting to the top you had to do it alone and when I was younger; it felt like the hardest climb of my life and it took 6 hours! But now I am quick enough to do it under thirty minutes if I'm alone.

So here we are now I'm Alice; I'm nearly twenty-three years old and I'm lying in  a hospital bed for reasons why ill get to later.

Last week, was my 23rd birthday and I was having a great time I had just come back from university and it was such an amazing experience there I had my bio medical science degree so I could be what really wanted to be a forescenic sciencetist . As my birthday treat my parents said if me: Uncle jack and my big sister Gemma climbed the old mountain trail there was a surprise at the top. So as it was winter we knew it would tough and the chances of a blizzard were high.

As we prepared to go out and gear up(we always took extra gear during winter in case we had to camp overnight) and everything seemed to be in order and then my mother handed me the very small but mighty mountain rescue walkie-talkie which her dad or uncle Jack took it and I only climbed during summer so I never needed it but somehow it was like they knew it was going to happen. The accident that is.

At first the climb was quite easy, as expected, but we knew it was going get tougher. We had just got to one of the steepest section of the trail and we prepared to climb making sure we stuck to worn down bits of path. But for some reason Uncle Jacks boots wouldn't seem to grip properly and it was getting dark so we considered stopping and setting up camp but we didn't we carried on going and trying to get to an easier bit.

That's when it happened...

I'm not entirely sure what happened after Uncle Jack slipped but I know it was horrible and that someone tried to save us and it hurt. From what came over the radio I thought they said "Are you there yet?" But in fact they said  "Make sure you move there a blizzard up ahead and snow plough are coming to clear up!"

 So I went to radio back and then Uncle jack who was behind me slipped and fell taking me down as well. Luckily I heard the plough coming and scrambled out of the way. Uncle Jack was not so lucky.

The next thing I heard was the sound of the plough and grinding bones.

The plough shuddered to a holt,as the driver started to scream at what lay before his eyes I tried to get up but was too weak to do so and ended up practically falling off the side of the mountain..Causing me to nearly break every bone in my body including my hands which is why I'm having so much difficulty writing this.

I bet your thinking what happened to my sister, as she was furthest in front she got my radio and called for help and survived unharmed. Well I say unharmed she survived with the mental scars of seeing her uncle's body torn into pieces.

His funeral was a few days ago and it was a beautiful ceremony I heard as I never got to see it.

Ten years later...

My biggest sister married the man who ploughed her own uncle to death and lives happily with two children.Me?I'm still here but I never climbed the path again...




Submitted: November 18, 2016

© Copyright 2021 charl111. All rights reserved.

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fish man

I liked your story you kept my attention I could feel your anxiety when your uncle slipped, and you were pulled along behind him. Scary ah, there were some spelling errors like in my stories it's something I struggle with my self-good job girl. I would like to invite you to read one of my short storis and leave me some feedback thank you.

Fri, November 18th, 2016 3:12pm

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