Persona Hell

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What makes a man if not his past? What defines a man if not his choices? If to live means to go through living with the burden of carrying the regrets of both then why even bother?
Kainen Larable, a 27 year old con-artist, is a man burdened by his past simply living out of obligation and for the excitement of a cheap thrill. He is plagued by nightmares and confronted and questioned by his own personal dark entity going by the title 'Host'.
"Ah but the pain you feel now is no dream Larable. When will you realise your blood bleeds black for a reason?"

Table of Contents

Welcome Six o’clock.

Submitted: November 18, 2016

“Bloody hell, it tastes like a cat’s taint being dragged along a dirt road.” As if doing me a favour the wind blew my cigarette... Read Chapter

The Half-Lit.

Submitted: November 21, 2016

“Mr. Larable?” I opened my eyes to the sight of my empty desk in my office. My head resting in my arms and my sleeves somewhat co... Read Chapter

A Duck in the Machine.

Submitted: December 05, 2016

Since 2050 it was made a compulsory practise for all large-scale companies to have all employees go through a mandatory psychological che... Read Chapter

Follow the Red Brick Road.

Submitted: December 11, 2016

There was a bit of bustling in the office. It was nearly the end of the work for the day after all. Lucrum might pay well but no one has ... Read Chapter

Poison for the Pain.

Submitted: December 16, 2016

“He’s just a madman.” “But he only seems to kill gang members.” “Okay fine. Maybe he thinks himself as some vigilante... Read Chapter

A Tipping Scale out of Favour.

Submitted: December 21, 2016

I awoke with bounded arms. I had opened my eyes to some place I had no recollection of. I couldn’t move my hands nor head but not out o... Read Chapter

In Vino Veritas

Submitted: December 25, 2016

“I woke up to the shinning lights of the Requiem Debauchery’s backroom. I could see the dusk particles drifting in the air, guided by... Read Chapter

Point-Blank Proposition

Submitted: January 02, 2017

Bloody hell this one took a while to get right. Read Chapter

She’s Walking on Sunshine

Submitted: February 13, 2017

Sorry for not updating in a while. I was preparing for college. Read Chapter

Home is Where What is?

Submitted: February 13, 2017

I gently flung the shopping bags to the corner space just as I had opened my apartment door, and with a slight bit more grace I slide the... Read Chapter

Malice in Underland.

Submitted: February 27, 2017

Yup. It's quite a big one Read Chapter

Reluctant Wake.

Submitted: February 27, 2017

“Kainen…” “Kainen calm down…” “It’s just a dream Kainen, you’re just fine. It’s just a dream…” Again ... Read Chapter

Recollection Avenue.

Submitted: March 28, 2017

“Mommy… why is that man’s eye bleeding?” “No darling, you aren’t supposed to point out things like that here.” I co... Read Chapter

…Keeps the Doctor in Pay

Submitted: April 05, 2017

Sorry for the wait. It's been getting harder to keep track of this with college going on. I'll try working harder during this holiday ;)
Read Chapter

An Old Friendly Wound

Submitted: April 21, 2017

Avagunst sealed the door behind me. You could distinctively hear as he turned its valves and shut all the air inside. Antiseptic and sani... Read Chapter

Reminiscing Rain

Submitted: May 15, 2017

It was a downpour. I stepped outside of Avagunst’s clinic to be greeted by a heavy rain hard enough to cloud my vision. I was sat outsi... Read Chapter

Ambiguous Animosity.

Submitted: June 28, 2017

I'm pissed off... I am immensely pissed off. So much so that I've become overly aware of the fact that I'm pissed off. It pisses me o... Read Chapter

Masquerade Ballroom Dancing.

Submitted: July 10, 2017

Why the fuck can I hear Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty Waltz playing?! God dammit all the only reason why I even know the name of this d... Read Chapter

Miserably I Soliloquy

Submitted: November 29, 2017

Swish-swoosh, swish-swoosh. Then came the annoy drab sound of a mop being ringed above its bucket. Swish-swoosh it continued soon after. ... Read Chapter

Regret, Remorse, Repeat.

Submitted: December 08, 2017

Another train… At least this time there wasn’t a fat bloke doing his best to take up as much space as possible. Karin dragged... Read Chapter

Illuminated Intervention

Submitted: December 16, 2017

“You know Kainen, I actually was surprised to find an actual restroom on this… Are… are you okay Kainen?” I was back in reali... Read Chapter

The Colour book World. Part 1

Submitted: January 01, 2018

My reasoning behind joining the police wasn’t either pure or noble. It wasn’t a call to justice or a desire to right all the wrongs, ... Read Chapter

The Colour Book World. Part 2.

Submitted: January 04, 2018

The snowflakes flickered so slowly as they silently fell through the crack of the alleyway. Winter had come in force and everyone unfortu... Read Chapter

Bite the Hand that Feeds.

Submitted: January 15, 2018

“Kainen?!” “Sup fruitcakes.” I strutted over to the middle of the outside basketball court where most of the Silver Watch... Read Chapter

From Fall to Spring. Then came Winter.

Submitted: January 22, 2018

The next year gone by quick enough. I would’ve liked to be able to say that it was boring or that I didn’t have anything to do at all... Read Chapter

The Leaves are all Falling… And I Hate its Colour.

Submitted: February 09, 2018

I looked out from the balcony of my hotel room and thought to myself then how well everything was working out for me. In a week’s time ... Read Chapter

Reality Realised…

Submitted: March 14, 2018

And there I was back again in the plant covered room of a train station, back from only recently recollected memories of events wished fo... Read Chapter

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