It was a Good Day

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It was a day of reflection. It was a day of embracing what's next. It was a day of love. It was a good day.

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



It was a good day.

He remembered thinking that as the light faded to darkness around him. But the darkness lasted only a second before it was replaced by the most beautiful white light he’d ever seen.

The light was warm on his face as he stepped into the brightness. He no longer felt the pain in his hip nor did he struggle to catch his breath as he had when we had gotten out of bed that morning. He was a young man again with youth and vigor he hadn’t known for thirty years…no forty. The light he passed through had passed through him too and with it took away his pain and all of the hardship his old bones had suffered during his many years.

He still couldn’t see; the light was much too bright. But, he started to hear the warm, welcoming voices of his past. The first one he recognized was that of his grandfather.  He’d passed on when he was just a boy, already an old man by the time he’d come into the world. But their bond was strong and he mourned his loss even now. But it wasn’t his grandfather that came into view as he continued moving into the light; at least not the old man he’d known in his youth. Instead he recognized the warm smile of his grandfather on a much younger face. A youthful, strong countenance that hadn’t seen the hardship and lean years of the depression stood before him. His grandfather took his hand and guided him further into the light.

Next he heard the gentle laugh of good ol’ Mike Batson. Mike had been his best friend growing up; oh the adventures they’d had riding their bikes around the neighborhood they’d grown up in. Mike hadn’t made it back from the war so many years ago, but there he stood with outstretched arms. It’d been so long. Mike had introduced him to his Mary just days before he left to go fight the war to end all wars. He’d never had a chance to thank him until now.

As he stepped away from Mike, he felt a tug on his leg…no, it couldn’t be! At his feet was Chief, the old mutt he’d gotten for his kids when they were young. Chief was gotten for them, but he’d quickly become the best friend and companion he’d ever had, outside of his Mary, of course. He’d cried like a baby the day they had to put ol’ Chief down. He’d grown old and sick. He had been in so much pain the last time he’d seen his old friend. But here he was now with his tail wagging and just as full of love as he’d ever been. He wasn’t old anymore either; together, with a spring in their step, they moved further into the brightness.

As he continued on, he recognized old teachers, friends he’d met through the years, and people he only knew because somehow he knew they were members of his family...some had passed on way before he ever saw the light of this world. But his soul knew who they were and he embraced them.

The light was starting to fade now and the world around him was becoming clear. Green hills and rolling fields were all around him. He gazed in amazement; he’d never seen anything so beautiful. But in an instant he realized he had; this was the little farm he and Mary had settled down on when they were first married so many years ago. This was his favorite place.  The sun was warm on his skin; it was a breezy spring day. But, despite the light's embrace, he felt a twinge in his stomach…something wasn’t right. Suddenly he felt so alone.

Then, he heard her voice. It was the voice he’d longed to hear for so many lonely years. His Mary. She’d passed before him; the cancer had taken her in her fifties and with her it had taken his heart. He turned to face the voice he’d loved and lived for all those years to see not the ravaged body of a victim of a dreaded disease, but the beautiful, healthy young girl he’d held in his arms on that little farm so many years ago. They embraced tightly, so tightly they seemed to merge into one. Finally they were reunited. It was the most powerful emotion he had ever felt. He was home now. His pain, like his life before, was forgotten as he took his place by her side.

It was a good day.

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