Night Orchard

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The young flower and her adventure in an orchard.

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



Rows, and rows, and rows of never-ending apple trees.  The bloom had come early this year and the rich green leaves were now complemented with the white flowers that made their own separate promises of fruit.  The large field was host to an army of magnificently humble fruit trees, and at the the south end of the grass lied a towering chateau that engulphed the entire orchard.  Ornate towers and decorated gargoyles covered the old-fashioned mansion adding an air of elegance and refinement to an already beautiful place.

The flowers whispered to each other as a gentle wind blew threw them. the ones in the front noticed that the side door to the chateau was opening slightly.  A white orchid peered out from the door, beautiful yellow peddles fell from its stem, and the leaves were covered in a thick white sheet  which twisted and twirled all around the thin flower.  

 She moved, gracefully floating above the grass as the wind blew her towards the orchard.  The apples watched in awe as no one from the house ever came to their home at night unescorted. The white sheet billowed softly on the grass behind her, as she rooted herself one stem at a time into the ground gently making her way around the trees.

 The bumblebees slept and the trunks sighed as the lovely flower observed the pastoral beauty. The grass didn't mind the little pressure, and were further soothed by the silky sheet that calmed as it stroked the blades. 

 The moon smiled and silently approved as it rained beautiful silver rays between the leaves, speckling the scene with an ethereal glow. 

 The flower reached a small stream that made its way through the orchard. Apples and colourful leaves flowed down the glossy water.  She curled her yellow peddles around a small branch.  She looked at her face in the water and smiled.  She hadn't noticed that her white curtain had partly fallen into the stream and was beginning to welcome the happy water into its silky fabric. 


The flower was caught up in her gorgeous reflection as her magnificent covering devoured its fair share of water, weighing itself down in a gorge of fullness. Before she noticed it was too late.  The front of her fell in first as her white gown spread out in the gorgeous stream.  The yellow peddles spread out among the liquid as she flowed down the river.

 the flower and her dress ended up embracing the soft sediment at the bottom of a large lake, they were locked in a never ending embrace of love. Years will progress and the flower will soon become part of the dirt never to be seen again.

The moon will keep smiling.

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