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The one you love is the one you love, and no other.

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



Come baby, let me take you to Cambodia.
Let's ride into the sunset, one cloud at a time.
Oh my!
Get your box filled with the choicest underwear
And sexiest lingerie 
Slay down the porch in your bravest heels
And smile while you bathe flamboyantly in Arabian fragrance
Let's enjoy this scenery of serenading flowers
And the beautiful night stars that caress our souls
We travel light my love,
For in Cambodia, we have little need of clothes.
Oh my!
Remember your warm embrace?
Such as be, on a cold windy night do I crave
My arms wrapped around your gentle form
Eyes locked like the pyramid of Giza 
My beating heart next to your beating heart
Mouths agape and warm fresh breaths interlocking
In the hidden pouch of our ruffled blankets
I hold you tight till the cock crows
And if no cock crows, we swap positions.
Oh my!
Is it your soft tendered, freshly pickled skin that glows thus?
Or your hazel eyes that calls me by my first name.
Suddenly I'm awaken to the fantasy of your beckon
I helplessly obey your call, to the water bed
Drenched in a foray of magical petals
And colorful candles mixing the air with passion
I helplessly obey my love,
One cloud at a time
A gentle stroke of your eyebrows
A gentle lift of your gracefully carved chin
A gentle kiss on your waiting lips...
Oh my!!!

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