The Beautiful Day

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Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was shining, there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  I love days like this, where the burn from the heat of the hot desert sun is cooled off by a nice gentle breeze.  For my first visit to this country, it was not at all as I expected it.  I expected scorching hot days and waking up the next day with even more scorching hot days.  But on this day it was definitely not a scorching hot day.

Like any day that is nice and cool I would sit outside the dormitory relaxing.  The workday wasn’t so hard, so it was time to kick back and enjoy some time off.  It wasn’t really the work that made me want to relax, it was the environment.  The environment wasn’t your regular backyard barbeque.  I was spending a nice vacation at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait and I was away from home.  I call it a vacation because I spent most of my time doing nothing all day counting the days until I could go home.  Me and my new friend were sitting in the smoking area smoking and enjoying the not so hot day.  I call him a new friend, because I had met him on this tour, he was the only one I hung around, and he made feel less upset about having to be there.  He was in the Navy and I was in the Air Force so the likelihood of me ever seeing him again after this was slim to none.

We sat out there for a little bit enjoying the nice breeze that was beginning to pick up.  It felt good sitting in the heat, just to feel the air brush past my face. As I looked up I noticed that the sky was turning a beautiful sepia color.  I looked at it in awe, I had never seen the sky this color and it was amazing.  As I enjoyed the hues of the afternoon sky I didn’t notice the people scurrying into the building and even if I did, I don’t think that I would have thought anything of it.

Suddenly the nice breeze and the beautiful sky began to turn on me in the worst way.  It started with a few drops.  The drops didn’t bother me.  I may have even have thought it was sweat rolling off my forehead, the last thing that I thought it could have been was rain.  Who thinks about rain when you’re in the desert.  Rain would be welcome in this heat.  As more drops fell I relished the cooling sensation of the rain. 

As more rain fell I began to look around and noticed my blue and grey PT uniform now had brown dots covering it.  That seemed strange, and I didn’t understand how it got there.  As more drops fell I could feel the grit rolling off my skin.  Normally I would have enjoyed the rain, but this felt different.  It definitely wasn’t like any rain I had ever been in before.  As I looked on I noticed that the sky was darkening.  The sepia sky had transformed itself.  I could see the sheets of rain coming down.  I could feel the rain on my skin and feel the sand roll down my face.  That’s when I realized that what was falling from the sky was not just rain.  It was a mixture of sand and rain and I was being pounded by it.  It seemed that the sepia sky was just a dust up of the sand in the surrounding area.  When the rain began to fall it mixed with the sand and left me in this mess.  Once realization sunk in, I made a mad dash for the nearest building. 

That evening I spent a long time trying to wash out the sand that seemed to have embedded itself in every part of my body that was not covered during the storm.  Though I still enjoyed the lovely sepia sky and enjoyed the cool breezes on the long hot days, I knew that sometimes beauty can bring about the strangest things.  I also realized that when the sky turns that color it’s time to get out of Dodge and quick.

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