The Story of Men 1 and 2

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This was a story i wrote in 5 and 8th grade. Book 1 in 5th and Book 2 in 8th. We (as kids) thought this would make a lot of money and make us famous. This is worse than The Room's writing.

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The Story of Men: Book 1

By: Robert Callahan and Emmett Bell (mostly Robert)


Chapter 1: Barge through




“I would like to have Earl grey tea, hot.”


“With cold ice or a frozen bullet in your head”!


“With ice. You know that I don’t like your attitude”.


Fang is a nice guy, but if you get on his bad side…. who knows what he would do to you. He can put you on the grill, put your head in the freezer, take a knife and shove it into your heart; he can do anything to you!!! Luckily, I ended the conversation fast. Then, my friend, Emmett came.  Why would you say “ You know that I don’t like your


“I would like to have a Mocha Grande, please.” He demanded.

Emmett is a good friend… and lawyer. He got me out of jail 12 times and he was just like me. So that’s why we are friends. Then a funny looking man came in. He had an AK-47, a Chromed shotgun, a Colt Python, and a Desert Eagle. He was wearing all black, including his face. He yelled with a loud voice ” Get down onto the ground…!!!”

We tried to call the cops, but he shot Fang in the head. “That’s what will happen to you if you try to call the cops!!!!” He found no money because I had it. I sounded the alarm. The cops came and arrested him. We found out his name was Brady. Then a, police man put Brady in cuffs. His final words before he went to jail, he said “I’ll meet you at court, Monroe….” That was the scariest thing yet. How did he know my name? We started off, then, Emmett got shot with a dart, a tranquilizer dart. I wondered who shot him. FBI, the Police, it could be anybody. He fell asleep, fast. Dylan, A.K.A. Poppy, came out. He asked “Hi Mon---dead body?


I replied angrily “Nope, a knocked out body. Don’t you remember?!  Emmett got you out of Alcatraz!!! Emmett paid $200,000,000,000 to get you out!!!!... And he is still not broke!!” An ambulance came to take Emmett to Silverton Hospital. After a few hours a nurse said Emmett was totally fine, he was just asleep from the tranquilizer dart. After Emmett got out of the hospital they had to go to court for a crime scene of the shooting.




Chapter 2: Something Goes Bang!!


While we were walking to court, little did I know that today would be the worst day of my life. At court, we saw Brady in handcuffs. There was people shouting, denying, and approving. Emmett sat down with the other lawyers. Then the judge whammed his wooden hammer against the desktop three times. Then everybody went quiet. It took a while for Emmett’s turn to speak, and then finally, he spoke. “I was there when it happened; Brady shot and killed the waiter!” Everybody started gasping, murmuring. Then Emmett started again, “He tried to steal the money, but if it weren’t for my friend Mon—“Then something went BANG!!! Then Emmett stopped talking, a small flow of blood trickled from the side of Emmett’s head. I gasped, and then Emmett fell to the ground. Then everybody started screaming and fled toward the door.


The first guy out was a man dressed in black with his hand in his coat, as if he were holding a gun. Then, more people came, hiding his body. It felt like I was dying, like Emmett. I ran over to his dead body, and balled.



Then the ambulance came to take Emmett to Salem Hospital. The Doctor said something sad; there may be a funeral for Emmett on April 24, 2006 (was originally 1912, but I changed it -Future Caleb).


Chapter 3: Raven


I remember Emmett’s last words. He weakly told me “Live long and prosper, Monroe. Remember me…” That night, I cried, and cried. After a few hours, I started to leave. I thought I was never going to see Emmett again. Only in the Afterlife. A man named Raven came up to me and Poppy, and said he would like to be my friend. I, nor Poppy knew his real name. He seemed like he was a nice ol’ man. But I couldn’t help to notice, but he had a AK-47, a 45 Ruger pistol, and a 33 rifle. It seemed he was the killer, but he declared he was not even a lawman. Poppy ruined my thinking and said “I don’t care about who is who, the killer got away and Emmett got his head blown of! Now who will bust me out of jail?!”

I replied “Look Poppy, die or find the killer. If we can’t find the killer, were going to die!” Then, Raven finally spoke up and pronounced

“We have to stop talking, and get the heck outa’ here. We need to find out more about the scene…”


Chapter 4: The Call


After a while, we got over it. We decided to go look for the killer. We looked at who was invited to court, and missing. The only one was Zach Smith. I thought he was the killer, but he was a good friend to me. An idea popped in my head. “Guys, we have to find Zach Smith. He can be the one who killed Emmett.”

Poppy denied. “Look, we either believe Monroe, or follow our instincts. I think the killer was NOT invited to court.”

Raven snapped quickly and pronounced “The guards were armed. Nobody could’ve got through them, even with a handgun, they would’ve killed him.” I believed Raven. If you were not invited and tried to go, you would get killed. Poppy said that it was true also, but the guards were not armored. So 1 bullet in the head might’ve killed them. Also, we found out that the guards were missing BEFORE Emmett got shot. I was confused until I got a call from Zach Smith. He exclaimed “Look Monroe. Don’t you see it? It’s right there! The sun is blazing, hotter ever before. We all are going to die, so I’ll take care of…you! Hahahahahahahahahha!”

Then, a barrage of bullets came through the windows.

“We have to kill Zach Smith, before he kills us!!” Raven yelled. Poppy called out to us.

“We have to be “equipped”. Luckily, I know of a place where we could get some “playthings” so then we could kill Zach.” I knew where we were going. It was Good Sporties. It has every gun on Earth…literally. So, we went to Good Sporties. It was a long drive. About 24 hours in fact, but it was worth it. We got AK-47’s, Ppshes, and bronze knuckles.


After we went on our shopping spree, we went to find a restraunt. So we went to Burger King. I got a BBQ burger, Raven got a Chicken Burger, and Poppy got a bacon burger, and we all got Coke. After about an hour we all started to feel sleepy. Then I realized that our Cokes were drugged! Then everything went black.


Chapter 5: Trapped!



I woke up about a day later, in a dark room, chained to a concrete bed. Poppy and Raven were not with me, but I heard their screams, like they were being tortured. Then, Brady came in. I shouted “Brady?! I thought you went to jail!” He replied sharply “I had help, from a friend.” “Zach!” he exclaimed. I cried for mercy “Zach… it was y-“I was cut off by Zach. “Yes, I killed Emmett!” “It felt great, as a matter of fact!” he pronounced. “No, no, noooooooooooo!!!!” I cried with mercy. “How could you!” “Well…” Zach said, “My boss Brady, he said if I killed anybody he told me to…” he paused. “… I would get $1,000,000,000 every kill!” he yelled with excitement. Brady just made an evil grin, and said… “Zach, kill him!” Zach pulled out a golden Desert Eagle, and pointed it right at my head.  

“This is the pistol I used to kill Emmett that night!” Zach exclaimed triumphantly.

“Just kill him already!!!!” screamed Brady. “ I have $1,000,000,000 right here in my hands!!!” said Brady shaking $1,000,000,000 in Zach’s face.

“Alright, alright already!” yelled Zach irritatingly, still pointing the gun at my head.

Just before Zach shot the gun, I screamed, “Aah!!!!!!!!!” which made Zach flinch, and made him shoot one of the lock on my chains. My right hand got out of the chains first, and I knocked the gun out of Zach’s hand, and sent it flying across the room, so he would not shoot me the second time we shot. My right hand worked with the other locks, while Zach tried to find the gun.

Brady screamed “ You nit-wit! I thought you had him! Find it!!! Find the gun!”

Zach searched franticly. I got out before Zach, or Brady could find the gun. One of Brady’s bodyguards tried to stop me. He was as strong as the Hulk, or Superman. I got pass him by grabbing the gun (luckily found) and shot him. He had a severe wound, so he didn’t have the strength to stop me from saving Raven and Poppy, and I called out to them and exclaimed “ Guys, the exits this way! We have to hurry!” Then 2 guards stopped Poppy and Raven cold.  

Brady came in laughing. The guards pointed guns at Poppy and Raven’s heads. Brady screamed “ Put the gun down… or your friends die!” Poppy screamed “ No! Don’t do it Monroe! No matter what, he’ll kill us!”

Still, I put the gun down. Brady laughed, and laughed, and laughed. “ I have you right where I want you. Trying to save people you can’t save! I know there names too! Dylan A.K.A Poppy, and Javin A.K.A Raven. Now you don’t have to hide your true identity, so I wi- …” Brady got cut off because they were on T.V.

I chuckled “ Did you think that I would be stupid enough to not bring my phone? Thanks to you, you’re being the one hunted this very second. So, let us go, and I will tell them it’s false. Alright?” The phone was strapped to my arm. It was hidden under my sleeve. Brady said, calmly

“ Fine, go. But no matter what, we will kill you. Our prey never escapes because we are the Hunters!”

Great. Brady has a clan now. Even though we have a clan, they have more people. We have only one chance to survive, and that is to… kill.


Chapter 6: The Shoot-Out


“We need to find out what Brady is doing before he finds us.” We were at The Diner’s Hall. It (was) a nice motel. We had room number 666. Everybody screamed “Don’t stay at room 666! He’ll kill you!” We were asking what’s wrong with it. How and why would somebody break in? One old man, about 96 said that ‘the Beast’ is a man named Bradley Tarveniria. It is probably Brady. It sounds like his name, so we stayed there.

“This is stupid! We waited 9 hours and he hasn’t came!” I noticed that the clock struck 12:00. Then, a familiar figure was walking, then disappeared. Suddenly, we heard thumping, like someone was walking up the wall. Then, Brady came in. There was gunshots everywhere. Raven, me, and Poppy returned fire. Brady fled, limping and bleeding. “He’s not dead.” I stated. “But he’s injured… badly.” I continued. “We have to find him before he does anything else.” pronounced Raven. “You think I would have thought of that!” I shouted, heading for the door.

I thought that Brady fled, but he got room X. So I asked myself: Where is room X? “We have to find clues on how to get to room X!” I exclaimed. “Or we just get lucky.” added Poppy.

So we set of to find clues, or either get lucky.


Chapter 7: Getting Lucky


We decided to look for room X. We went to ask people who stayed at room X, but they all died the day AFTER their stay at room X. Poppy questioned us “Who or WHAT is keeping room X a secret? On my suspicious list is: Brady, Zach, The Fed’s, or… a machine. It looks like when they leave, they disappear. Then, I knew where to look. The generator room. It was covered up, until somebody wanted to see what was inside. One day, he got caught in the generator, and died. People say that they saw treasure in the generator, and tried to get it. There have been many complaints about treasure and people trying to get it. Then complaints about blood on the floor and the generator. Greg, the check-in person/ check-out person, put people in room X and laughs after he see’s people die. There are rumors that he died  because he got put in the generator. Brady is in there and I have to save him or leave him there to die. Unwillingly, I went to save Brady. I know that he was leader of a vicious clan trying to kill me and Raven, and Poppy, but I had to save him. If I save him, I’ll die, but for Emmett. Yup, that’s right. I did not forget him. Even though he has been dead for a long time, I remember his last words “Live long and prosper, Monroe…”(P.S I almost forgot that Emmett was in the book and until Chapter 7: Getting Lucky, I remembered about Emmett. From: Caleb) Then we went to save Brady. Raven screamed “You have to be kidding me! We save Brady? Brady tried to kill us and almost did.” I responded furiously “Look, Brady might be dead, and I know his last command. Ever since I called the cops I knew his last order:  Kill Monroe. You want anybody else getting killed? Emmett got killed and now Brady? Put his last order in your head, and think about it.” I can tell he thought…a lot. Then, he calmly spoke, “ Monroe, I think I have to agree with you. Emmett got killed, now… you’ll die. We have to find Brady.”

When we got to the generator room, Brady was screaming, with his left arm bent like a plastic glow-stick…and a Ruger in his right. He quickly screamed “ You must die! You lived for way to long! It took me 12 years to plan to this very day! So die Monroe, and see you in court!” I dodged his bullet. After I dodged, I looked out the window, and saw….Emmett.


Chapter 8: Secrets Revealed

I could not believe it. Emmett had what I think a near death experience. Now Emmett was standing with Zach, and Zach had a knife at his neck. Zach made me come because 1) Emmett was about to die 2) Emmett lived, and I  didn’t want him to die…again 3) He’s my best friend. I came and Brady too. He stood by Zach….with the money. Brady (and Zach) were by Emmett, laughing. Emmett managed to cough some words out and talked, but frightened “ Monroe, don’t listen to them. I’ve heard their plans. They are trying to get Formula X-23. He wants to make a “creation”!” I believed him. I stood up to Emmett and spoke, “I will not…” Brady shot me. A direct hit to the arm, but I continued “Give you… the…formula.” Brady eyed me, and shot me in the other arm, this time even more. He aimed at my head and cried “ Give it. Give X-23…NOW! I need the formula to create a man of invincibility!” Brady continued “I will give it to myself and rule the world!!!” This is what he was planning? This is what you would least expect. “Hey!” shouted Zach “What’s in it for me?” “Well…” Brady responded “I don’t remember signing a contract, or shaking hands or anything like that…” Brady paused “We never made a deal.” Zach stared in horror “Y- you traitor!!” screamed Zach with fury. Brady just looked at him with an evil grin. Then Zach pointed the golden Desert Eagle at Brady’s head. “Whoa, whoa, calm down-“ Zach cut him off “How should I calm down you traitor!” screamed Zach pushing the knife even closer to Emmett’s neck. Then something went “BANG!” I thought Brady was dead, but then Zach fell to the ground bleeding. Just after the bang, Brady blew the smoke off the barrel of a Mk22 Mod. Emmett fell to the ground unconscious. “How could you!” I screamed “You betrayed him… if anybody dies it should be you!” Brady just grinned, then he snapped his fingers. Just then two ripped guards came in and grabbed me and took the recipe for Formula X-23, then gave it to Brady! “Hahahahahahahaha! I shall become invincible!”


Chapter 9: The Final Battle


I was chained up in a dark room for three days, without any food or water. I could swear if I was in there for another minute, I would die. Then, Brady came, gun in hand and chuckled “ I have made the formula, and shot myself in the head. So your wondering, why am I alive? Because of  X-23, I made myself—“ I cut him off “ I know the only thing that can kill you, and that thing, is a bloody man’s fist.” Then, I head-butted him.  

The Story of Men: Book 2

   Written by Rob Callahan and Andrew Fronza




 Chapter 1: My Name...Is Monroe


“I would like tea. Earl gray. ”


“Hot or cold?”




 For those who may not know...My name...Is Monroe. My real name is classified: not even my friends know this. I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you this: 20 years ago, a man by the name of Brady Taverniera, tried to steal a formula labeled X-23 from my partner, Emmett in a coffee shop that I happened to be in. While in court with an innocent imposter of Emmett, the imposter was killed by Zach Smith to lead me to believe that Emmett was dead. Zach rescued Brady and freed the Python, a psycho women who agreed to help Zach. Me, Raven and Poppy searched for Zach, Python and Brady, and we were kidnapped twice. Once we broke free, but the second time..I can’t remember what happened. All I know is that I head butted Brady, and from then on, I have no memory. After I somehow beat Brady and Python, and destroyed their clan, The Hunters, Emmett took out on his own, attempting to run away from the situation, and disconnecting me and his friends. Zach slipped away, and has never been heard of since. I don’t know where Poppy is, but he was in the news a while ago for murdering some of Brady’s guards. Sadly, Raven was assassinated in his living room by an unknown shooter. Before his death, he was a great political leader and running for president. But one day, he got drunk as hell, and the polls started dropping. And as for now, I have 2 new allies, whom are co-workers: Wally, my P.A who likes to strike up conversation with me and Levi every once in awhile, and Levi. Levi is my sidekick, but wants me to refer to him as “partner”. He’s a nice guy, who can get work done when needed. I now work in Silverton Oregon with Levi and Wally. Now, with the situation of allies out of the way, it’s time to update my journal…


     Chapter 2: The Call




After finishing our latest case, which was gang related shootings on important figures to the public, me and Levi head back to the office, in our old 1982 Camaro. There, Wally was already out of his wood desk chair, and he came over and with a worried tone shouted:


“Monroe! Oh thank god!”


I responded naturally: “Calm down! Whats going on?”


“Monroe! Someone asked for you!” He boomed.


“Why is this frightening?” I asked. “We’re a detective agency”


He exclaimed, “Because: he says he knows you, and you know him!”


“Did you get a name?”


“NO, but he’s still on the phone!” He couldn’t keep the horrified sound out of his voice.


I picked up the phone that was hanging off of Wally’s old wood desk, and spoke,


“Hello? This is Monroe. Now, why did you need me?” I interrogated.


Then, a hefty, low tone, deep voice came out, almost as if it were fake, disguised so I couldn’t tell who it was.


“Come over to 602 Main Street in Mill will find what you need in there.”


Then the infamous dial-tone-before-enough-talking cliche appeared. I was about to grab Le-...Mill City? I couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself: There is no way I can go back there. Not now, not ever. Not after the deaths I have seen, not after what I went through. I bluntly explained to the best of my knowledge why to Wally and Levi:

“We’re not going.”

I predicted what Wally or Levi would have said: “I won’t explain why. I CAN’T explain why.”

Levi’s mouth began to open, but I gave him a good glare and it forced his mouth shut. Wally interrupted the silence with his voice:
“Monroe, why give it up? You haven’t even started. Why can’t you tell us why?”

And all I did,was hand them my old, bloodstained journal, covered in horrifying memories. They looked at it for a while, then retracted their heads. Then Levi declared:


“Well, if you don't take it, how about me? You told me multiple times that I could be a great P.I,  So-”

I spoke over him, and my voice was louder

“No. I can’t let you go through that town, or that side of Oregon for that matter.” I thought up of a reason, a lie quickly, and hoped he didn’t catch me “There’s too many riots and gangs. An besides. I need you here.” And my luck failed me, as he pointed out.

“I haven’t heard about any riots or gangs, and you seemed to do fine before I worked here. Why won’t you tell me WHY?”

I knew this would last forever if I didn’t, so I choked out,

“I don’t want you going through what I went through. I never received a call from any city that wasn’t within 2 miles. So it was someone that I knew at one point during my last journal.”

 “Just because something happened years ago, doesn’t mean it’s happening again.”

I had to admit it. He was right. It’s just that the memories I had were gruesome and painful. Maybe I thought that that was reality for a second. With a new opinion I agreed

 “Fine, Levi, grab your bags. Were going.”

Wally complained “Hey! Why is it that you guys always go on some High Fancy Investigation trip thing? Why can’t I go along? I learned enough investigation by simply reading the documents aloud. Please? I want to get out of this old, moldy building. Just once!”

 I snapped back at him “No. What if something happened? What would I do without you? You essentially run our business. We need you here.”


“So you think that I can’t deal with a little pain? A slight scar across the arm? A gun wound to the chest?  Well if that's what you think, and want me to stay here, I quit.” He replied.


 “Listen,” I said with the most sincere voice I could utter out “I’m afraid that something will happen. If you really want to come along, go ahead. I'm not paying for anyone's medical bills or food. Only mine. Those are my conditions.”

Wally spoke, “Yes!” I cut the celebration short. “Alright guys, that call leads to Mill City, and I've read about the murders there.” Levi chimed in, “Do you know who did the murders?” “Maybe.” I replied, “I trust my instinct and I’m fairly certain that the killers are working for an old friend of mine.” Wally, who was now filling up on Pepsi©, asked “Old friend?” I replied grimly. “Yes. A man by the name of Zach Smith.”


Chapter 3: The Return


It was a short drive, about 44 minutes, but I was back in Mill City before I knew it. It’s not a good town anymore, thanks to the Brady incident. “Keep an eye out for anything suspicious.” I said to Wally and Levi. We pulled up on a bar, hoping to get a quick drink. Levi opened the door and suddenly memories came floating back to me. Memories of a maniac almost slitting my best friend's throat. Memories of a dark twisted world, where happiness seemed like a myth. I blinked my eyes and Wally was standing by me again. I sighed and went up to the counter of the bar. Suddenly I began to recognize faces and voices. I went up to a group of 3 men and tapped one of them on the shoulder. “Yes?” The man said. I couldn't believe it. The voice, the face! It was my long lost friend...Emmett. “Emmett?” I sputtered. “Monroe?” He replied. We man hugged. “Oh my god dude, where the hell have you been?!” I asked. “I've been right here in Mill City!” He answered. “What about you?” “I've been working as a detective still, I hired a partner, and a P.A!” “Still into the detective business huh? Well these guys are long time mystery solvers too.” I looked over his shoulder and saw Poppy and Raven. “Raven”? I thought you died!” I said in utter shock. “That was just an excuse to get out of the politics. Good to see you.” He said drunkenly. “Still looking sharp Monroe!” Poppy stated. “Thanks dude, nice to catch up with you.” I replied. We all sat down.  “This is my partner, Levi.” I said. “Nice to meet you all.” He said. “And sitting next to me is my P.A.” “The name’s Wally.” He stated. “Okay...” Emmett said now a little more serious. “Now that everyone’s friends, we have to talk. Mill city isn’t safe anymore, I’m sure you knew that. But it’s not just Mill City. Zach Smith is back, and he's out for revenge against you, and he wants the U.S.A too.” The news came on as no shocker. Zach Smith is insane, and only insane people will do the most cliche things, like taking over the country. “If we’re going to bring down Zach again, we'll all have to do it together.” Emmett stated. “Wait Monroe.” Levi cut in. “Doesn’t Zach have clans or something? I mean, you killed off the hunter clan, but wouldn’t he team up with other clans?” “I think he did.” Poppy replied. “He teamed up with a gang called the Bruisers, and a clan called the Seekers.” “Yay.” Wally said sarcastically.  “We need a plan of action.” I said. If we want to catch Zach, then we need to-” A loud THUMP cut me off. All of a sudden, the door to the bar broke down. 6 men wearing hoods, coats, and scarfs stormed into the bar with assault rifles, shotguns and pistols. Everyone in the bar ducked under a table. “Monroe!” One of them said. “The bruisers need you and your friends eliminated!” “Don’t hold your breath!” I shouted back. “We aren’t scared to kill!” One of the bruisers shot a man in the head without even looking. “And Neither are we.” The Bruisers opened fire on us. We ducked behind the counter. “Monroe, I don’t have a gun!” Levi yelled over gunfire. “You don’t need one!” I shouted. I grabbed a beer bottle from counter and chucked it at one of the men. The bottle exploded on his face, sending glass shards everywhere. He fell to the ground, throwing his gun. 1 down, 5 to go. Raven pulled out his pistol, as did Poppy. They peeked around the corner and started to return fire. Poppy shot one of the men in the chest, then in the foot. Raven shot one of the men in the head. 3 down, 3 to go. Wally ran around the bar, dodging bullets and glass. He then punched a Bruiser in the face, which caused him to drop his rifle. Wally picked up the gun and shot the man in the chest. 4 down, 2 to go. Levi and Emmett took cover by a nearby table. Bullets flew into the wall. Emmett ran out with a machete and pierced the blade right through the Bruiser, killing him. Levi began to fistfight with the last Bruiser. The man punched Levi in the chest, then kicked him. The Bruiser then pulled out his gun and almost shot Levi, but Levi kicked the gun out of range and he shot a nearby table. Levi then picked up a glass shard and stuck it into the back of the Bruiser, killing him. 0 down, 0 to go. “Just like old times, eh Monroe?” Asked Raven. “Oh yeah. It’s even better with new allies. The more the merrier they say.” “Alright.” Said Emmett. “Let's go. We go together as a, not to be sexist, Rag-Tag group of men.” And we headed to our vehicle, ready to take on the case.


Chapter 4: The Rag Tag Group of Men


After the conflict, it was time to put a stop to all this crap that Zach has put us through.  We got in my crowded Camaro and set off. We agreed that the gangsters were hiding at the house before, and came after us when they realized we were there. How do we know? Emmett, to my surprise, had a contact. His name was Lucas. He hacked the Pentagon..3 times, and was never caught. He could hack surveillance systems, police scanners, you name it. Emmett was speaking with him, and I managed to overhear their conversation


 “So Lucas, we need you to find someone” Emmett said bluntly

 “Lemme guess: Zach Winston Smith. Yeah. Found him”

 “How did you know?” Emmett asked

 “Did you forget who I am? I found you guys and listened in through the phones. I heard the gangsters and the fight. I could hear each individual footstep and gunshot. He was last seen, or so I think, in a warehouse. 57 I think. And looking at the radius of the gang shootings, it’s pretty close”

 “Okay. Well, we will look into it.” Emmett abruptly hung up. “Well that call was a waste.”

 Levi disagreed “How? It gave us vital info. We can go up and kill Zach”

 Emmett grunted “You know what? Last time we got a call from someone, we were attacked. I know he’s a friend of mine, but I can’t trust his instincts. Remember...he hacked government buildings before, which goes against what I do, or what I DID. We shouldn’t go.” Emmett ended in a grunt. His phone rang, but he ended it. Then, I heard a text message go off, and it read:


“I heard what you were saying. Meet me at the Pub. I can PROVE it’s all related.” Emmett sighed.

 “Turn here. Go down this street until the first corner. Park there.” I could tell he was not in the mood for anything. I followed his instructions and parked on the corner. We all got out, and a man, wearing similar clothes to those who attacked us, walked up to me and said


 “You’re a dead man. Mr. Z hired ME to carry out a message”

 “What?” I replied



 Then he proceeded to punch me in the gut. I pretended it hurt a lot, make him THINK he’s winning, when in reality, I have taken worse. I fell to the ground.

 “Ya know, Mr. Z really would have liked you on our team. But since you did ruin his reputation and killed his family, I think this is a fit punishment”


 Dammit Zach. God dammit! Doesn’t he know he’s INSANE? My thoughts were only full of rage, and I used it to my advantage. As he gloated over me, I grabbed his leg and threw him down. I could tell he was in a lot of pain, after landing his chest on the curb. I stood up and spoke


 “Well, he REALLY wanted to kill me bad. Hiring a master of fighting to kill me. A real Assassin. Ohhh, I’m SOOOOOOOO scared.” Despite being in major pain, he drawed his gun and pointed it at me.


 “You really think that I wouldn’t bring a gun to a fight? Ha! You’re as stupid as he said. It’s a miracle you’ve been living this long”

Maybe one reason he joined was because this guy WAS insane. And insane people are attracted to each other, evidently Brady and Zach. I crushed his hand before he could pull the trigger.


 “How long have you been working for “Mr. Z?” ” I questioned


 “About…...AGGHHHHH….a we-ARGHHH! -ek” he was quietly screaming in pain. I found it funny. It almost sounded like he WAS trying to scream. I crushed his hand more, just to hear him groan more.


 “You want this to end? The pain and suffering?”


 He was in tears “Yes!! Ple--AGGHHH!-ase! He would have kill----AGGHHH---ed me If I didn’t.”


I pulled out a syringe. He started thanking me, not knowing it was empty.

“This may hurt a little” I managed to keep a giggle inside me.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank GOD! THA---AGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! AGHHH AAGG! HE-ARRGGGHHHH!” I was not really enjoying shoving that syringe slowly through his skull. I wanted to show Zach, (because I know he’s watching) that 2 can play the insane game. I wanted to prove that I would kill, no matter what. No matter how. Soon, the tears and screams stopped. He slumped off of the bloodstained curb, and fell under the car. Just to be safe, I grabbed his gun and put a few rounds in him. He couldn’t get more dead than he already was. I kept the syringe in, but wiping the fingerprints and changing the plates I had in my trunk (don’t ask why I have spare license plates.)

“Come on. Let’s go meet Lucas.” I said with a grim tone, and we went down to the Pub.


 Chapter 5: Building #57


 We went inside, and guessed they hadn’t heard the screaming from just outside, because the police hadn’t shown up or people running away. They were either drunk as hell or deaf as hell, but it’s the lucky break we need. Emmett walked ahead of us, over to a table in the corner by no windows or communication devices of any sort: smartphones or cell.


 “Hey. I know you think it’s stupid, but haven’t you heard that gang guy talk about a “Mr. Z”?


 Emmett replied in the same blunt gruff as before “Yeah. But it could be a different man. Like that one guy….uhhhh Zan-Za-Sanchez! Zanches! What about him?”

 “He’s in jail. We have evidence that leads us to Zach. Need real proof? Follow me. Oh, and changing plates are useless if there’s a dead body underneath. And you were pretty brutal with that syringe...”


 I replied in a fast, but quiet voice “I know. I wanted to show Zach that I am not afraid to kill, even when meaning peace.”

 “I don’t think he meant peace”


 “I meant me. I offered to help relieve the pain, and I kept my word.”


Lucas gave me a weird look for a moment, but passed.


Crap. Now Lucas may think I am crazy. He hopefully shrugged it off. Hopefully.


“Come on. I can show the way to #57.”


We exited the Pub, and took the Camaro, smeared with blood on one side.  Lucas took his car, and we followed him. He led us to an old looking building, with the walls looking as if they were to fall, and broken boarded windows. This place is a mess, I thought to myself. How could anyone hide here without getting killed by the ceiling? I noticed Lucas was worried.


 “Hey, uh I did as I said, soooo bye! See you later...Monroe, is it? Nice meeting you.”


Lucas ran to his car and drove off before we could. We decided to push ahead, and go inside #57. The huge doors creaked as we pushed them open.  It was pitch black. Not even night vision could see through here. As we walk in, Wally, in the loudest voice he could without giving us away, whispered:


“Sshhh. Everyone shut up. I heard something. From over there”


He pointed over to an area of black darkness, but I shrugged it off, saying that it's nothing. Probably a rat or something. Just as I was about to wrap it up, and telling Lucas he had faulty info, a light buzzed  on. There was a figure. A familiar figure. It was Zach. Holding a gun and a knife. He called out,


 “You know, I thought you were smart, and could figure this out all by yourself. But you had other people do your work. So sad. After leaving me for dead, I crawled to the nearest man outside, and begged him to get me to a hospital. And you know what he said? Nothing, and walked away. Fortunately Someone found me and did the right thing: Called an ambulance. Why? Why try to save Brady, and not me? Huh? I will never forgive you. You can’t call yourself a “Hero” or “Law Enforcer” or other crap like that. But now, I can make us even. Hey you guys!”


He yelled, and at least 3 dozen men and women came out, and the lights flashed on. We were ambushed. I decided to take action, and command the group:


 “DAMMIT! Take cover!”


After I said “cover” a barrage of bullets came through on all sides. Then we knew...we were at war


Chapter 6: Heavy Fire


Me, Levi and Wally all took cover behind some crates, filled with old cement and bricks. Raven, Poppy and Emmett all ran behind a woodpile in front of us. Bullets sprayed everywhere.


“There’s too many of them!” Emmett yelled.


“No DAMMIT sherlock!” Poppy yelled back. I looked to my right, looking for anyone trying to flank us, and saw some more crates.


“Follow me.” I told Levi. “Wally, you stay here.”


“Why?” Wally asked.


“Because I need you to give them a taste of their own medicine.” I replied. We ran behind the boxes, dodging bullets left and right. We turned around a corner and a henchman was standing there with a flamethrower.


“Watch it!” I shouted. And a burst of flames came our way. The crates caught on fire. He sent out a burst of flames again, missing me by a hair. He hit me with a flaming stick of crate debris. I fell down. He raised his flamethrower again and sent out some flames. I luckily rolled out of the way.  Levi hid behind a box while he watched me fight the man. I saw a guy come up to him with a machete, ready to stab him, but his instinct kicked in. Levi dodged his swing and kicked him in the shin. I wish I could’ve helped him, but the man with the flamethrower was my first priority. I punched the man in the face and he returned the favor and punched me. I then took his head and slammed it into a brick, but he shook it off like it was nothing. He shot some flames at me. The fire was now quickly spreading through the warehouse. Levi had knocked the machete out of the man’s hand and punched him in the face, killing him. Levi pulled out a submachine gun he stole from the dead body,  and shot the tank on  the flamethrower, creating a big explosion. The henchmen all ducked to avoid flying wood debris, so the rest of the group took the  opportunity and started to lay heavy fire on the men. Henchmen dropped left and right. The ones who survived took cover. I told Levi to hold off the men, and I ran to face Zach. Levi gunned down the first 3 men who turned the corner, then he ran to find the rest. I noticed while running to face Zach that Wally’s gun had run out of ammo, and he made use of a nearby forklift. He drove it around wildly, mowing down henchmen like grass. Just then, a hiding henchman came out, and shot me. Luckily, he missed anything vital, and shot my calf. I kept moving, and shot him back. He fell, with a loud thud. And I could hear screams from somewhere. It wasn’t Levi or Wally or anyone: It was from Zach.


 “DIE MONROE!”, and started shooting at me. I took cover, and returned fire. After a few minutes, it stopped. I looked around, and the group is finishing the last of the men, when I hear running. I saw Zach attempting to escape, and chased after him. He jumped onto a crate, and grabbed onto the steel supports running through the roof. I naturally started chasing him, and dodged a few bullets. I fired back, but hit nothing. As I was climbing on the same metal rebar has him, it fell, and we both landed on a railing, As we get up, he uppercuts me, and I fell near some flaming boxes. Zach then pulled out 2 butcher knives, and threw one of them at me. It missed and landed right beside me. Zach then ran at me and was about to stab me, but I reacted quickly and pulled the other butcher knife out of the ground and clashed it with Zach’s knife. I then kicked zach in the chest and stood up. I then swiped the knife at him, and missed. Zach swiped at me, hitting my knife. We proceeded to clash our knifes together, until I slashed him up the arm. He drew back, holding his arm. He then threw his knife at me again. This time I deflected it and sent it flying across the wherehouse. I then ran up to Zach, ready to stab him, when he punched me in the nose. I fell down with a bloody nose. Zach then started to run away. As he was running away though, Levi appeared from the corner, grabbed a metal baseball bat (which was flaming at the top), and knocked out Zach. Then Emmett ran over, and instead of helping me…


     Chapter 7: Betrayal


 Emmett, to my surprise, went over to Zach, and checked his pulse. After doing so, he pulled Zach's gun from his belt, and aimed it at me. He looked like he went to hell and back when he said


 “Monroe, this isn’t how it was supposed to go: You were supposed to die, along with Raven and Poppy, and he, in return, would send me to a private island, where I could be away from everyone and everything. People asked: ‘Why? Why do you run away from your fears and demons?’ To escape the truth. The bloodshed you put me through. And Zach understood. He knew what it was like. Now, Monroe, let me ask you: Who’s side would you rather be on: The Patriots, or the British. Sure, the British dominated the beginning, but were ultimately crushed with the rising numbers and allies of the Patriots. Come. Join us. Let us start the next Revolution. Be the winning side. Leave your past behind, and make new friends with the future!”


 “Is this a joke? You have to be insane, considering what he tried to do!”


 “Zach did it for a good cause” by this point, I knew that Emmett was either insane, or brainwashed. I could not believe this.


 “Come on Monroe, I am waiting. And I don’t like to wait.”


 “Emmett, you're insane! Why would I ever join you?”


 “Monroe, I am not insane. And why would you join me? Better Guns, Men, Money, you name it. It’s at least better than what your puny team is.”


 “Emmett, stop. There is no need for violence! Put the gun down, and let’s talk this out.”


 “How the hell do you expect me to put this down? And you will shoot the first chance you get! And there is a need for violence. You only speak in Pain and Murder, very fluently as a matter of fact!”

He left Zach’s side, and pulled a machete from his back. I looked around, trying to find something to defend myself with. Over near a crate labeled “W-E-A-P-O-N-S” I found a Katana. What else is there? I thought to myself. Emmett walked over casually, and swung, It missed and I countered. No serious harm except a scratch on his right arm. He swung a few more times, and sliced my chest. I got up, and jabbed at him, only to result in him dodging. He swung at me, and I slashed my sword into his. We slashed at each other a few more times, then he knocked the katana out of my hand. Emmett then swung at me, but missed. I jump over to a gun crate and grabbed a tommy gun. I aimed at Emmett and fired. Emmett swung his sword around in circles, deflecting all the bullet. The gun then ran out of ammo, and I got up. I put up my fists, and Emmett slashed me across the stomach AGAIN. This time I fell down, defeated. Emmett then came and stepped on my foot and put the machete up to my neck.

 “Oh, Monroe. You don’t understand, do you? I took sword fighting lessons, and you didn’t. Guess where I learned? Zach. He’s more than a friend: He's a teacher, a mentor. He showed me the evil ways of the likes of you.” He raised his machete above my head when Wally threw a knife into Emmett shoulder. Emmett ran out of the warehouse. A henchwomen came over and scooped up Zach. She took him to an armoured car and drove away. I tried to get up, but the pain was overwhelming. I couldn’t bear to stand up. Levi came over, half sobbing, and said,


 “Monroe, come on. Emmett is getting away. Come on! Please, don’t die on me!”


 “Kid, when have I ever died on anyone? Go follow Emmett. He probably took the Hennessey Venom GT that was there when we got here. Steal another one of the cars lying around. Don’t let him get away. The others will take care of me. Now GO!”


 “No, I can’t lea--”


 Ï screamed as best as I could “GO! NOW!” It hurt so much, but it gave him a clue for him to leave me and get Emmett. Poppy and Raven came over.


 “Where the hell is he going?” Asked Raven.


 “Follow him. Make sure he’s not dead when I get back up. Ya hear me?”


 “Yes sir.” he responded formally, and dashed after Levi.


 “Hey Poppy, help me up, take me to the hospital, or somewhere safe at least. The pain is killing me.” I grunted with all my might. He said nothing, and took me to a car. He hot wired it, and we went off to the hospital.




   Chapter 8: Railroad Terror


These next few events were from Levi, so I can’t confirm that these are true. I am handing the book to Levi and letting him write.


 Levi- CRASH! That was the sound of me practically leaping through a window. Not my smartest move, I know. But Emmett was loose and he sliced Monroe across the chest. I couldn’t let him get away. I landed on the ground with a cut in my arm. Brilliant. I then saw Emmett running towards the old train yard, and I continued to fill Monroe’s wish. There was a crowd of people, but I was able to spot Emmett. I walked up to him, not drawing any unwanted attention, when a train came by. Emmett noticed me, and jumped onto the train roof. I sprinted to the train, barely catching it at the end. At the top of the speeding train, I saw Emmett, with the broken off brake handle in hand. “This is a one way train Levi. If you or I don't die, we both die.” Emmett said casually


Emmett had to be crazy. “How were you and Monroe ever friends?” I yelled.


“The answer to your question is through fake trust and broken promises.” He replied. He then threw the train brake at me and pulled out his machete. The train brake hit me in the arm, then fell on top of the train. I picked it up and charged at emmett. He punched me in the chest, then in the cheek. I swung the brake at him, but missed. He swung his machete down at me, which landed right next to my right foot. He raised his machete again, and swung. I swung the break, which collided with the sword. I swung again, he countered. He then kicked me in the knee. I fell over. He took out a knife, and threw it into my shoulder. It is impossible to imagine the pain. After the few minutes of pain, the train turned, and I slid off. I grabbed the edge of the train, with my blood soaked hands, and Emmett walked over to me and said,  


 “Oh, Levi, Levi, Levi. You will never understand victory. Even if it was shoved down your throat you couldn't taste it. But I can describe it for you: It’s sweet and succulent. It's the most wonderful taste you could taste. But being dead, you won’t be able to. All the cases you did with monroe were simple ones. Ones Monroe thought that YOU could do. Like ones with the killer is obviously there. But the more mature one-- ”


I pulled the bastard’s leg, to get him to my level. His and my hand start slipping, when he said:

“See you on the flipside.”


And he let go. I thought he fell, but the force of the train flung him down the wall, where he slid a window open, and someone helped him in. I couldn’t see who, but it didn’t matter...for now. For now, I had to worry about my hands. As I was about to slip, I hear a car. I saw Raven, driving that old junker Monroe called a Camaro. He opened the passenger door, and shouted,


 “Get in! Let’s go!”


 I had a choice: Hope to live by trying to jump in, or let go. There was no time, the train was coming up on a bridge. I didn’t want to take the chance, so I jumped. I hit my hip on the edge of the car door, but made it in. The car came to a complete halt, right as the train crossed the bridge. As I was cringing, Raven asked me,


 “What the hell did you think you were doing? Getting on top of the train? You're as crazy as Zach!”


 “Monroe told me to follow him, and I did. I couldn’t let him get away,”

He replied angrily “Well he still got away! What difference does it make? Monroe is hurt, and is going to a safe house to get treatment.”


 I replied “So? He’s getting help, why worry?”


 “He’s unguarded. And the lengths Zach went to find him are amazing. Zach really wants him dead. He is going to go farther, just to kill Monroe. Hell, maybe even all of us, so his secrets die with him.”


 I sat there, in silent pain. I agreed, and moved carefully to the front seat. And we went to find Monroe…




   Chapter 9: Patched Up


We’re back in my journal now. Monroe’s Journal. Me and Levi were brought to Wally’s house, injured badly. Lucas was already there with medical supplies. Not only can Lucas hack, he knows how to heal wounded people. Poppy and Raven sat down on Wally’s couch and turned on the TV. Wally went to his kitchen and grabbed a Beer. Lucas kneeled down in front of Levi, fixing his arm.


“Well, Zach and Emmett got away.” said Poppy. “But look on the bright side, we took down some gangsters. And as a bonus, you're alive”


“Only gangsters though.” I snapped. “Emmett and Zach got away, and god knows how many members to the clans there are.”


We all sat there in silence. Finally someone spoke. It was Lucas. “Did Emmett ever show any signs of evil when he was your attorney?”


“No” I replied. “He was always just really serious. He was an attorney after all.”


The group fell into another dead silence again. The only thing that was heard was the TV, which was playing a game show. Raven opened a Mountain Dew© can and sipped it. Suddenly, Wally’s phone buzzed. He looked at his phone and read the anonymous text aloud:


“Come to the old house where the sun was blazing hotter than ever before.” Wally read.


“I know what the text is talking about.” I said. “It means the house on the corner of Grove Street. Zach tried to kill me, Poppy and Raven there.”


“Well obviously it’s a trap.” Lucas pronounced.

Everyone agreed to the statement.


“Okay. I think i've got a plan.” Wally said. “Wait!” I said now patched up. “Explain it in the car ride.”


“Where are we going?” Levi asked.


“To get some more help.” I replied.


So we set out for Mcminnville, to meet one of my oldest friends.


   Chapter 10: The Extract


We are now looking into one of Emmett’s journal entries. Again, I have no idea if these events are true, but these notes are all we have. I found this in the trash, so it may be important


Emmett- “Name.” Said one of my guards.


“Emmett Bell.”


“ID?” He responded.


I showed him my ID and he scanned it. I heard a beep when he said. “Okay, you’re free to pass.” I took back my ID card and entered the laboratory. Zach was standing by a machine we called Extractinator 500, awaiting a vessel.


“The Seekers are getting impatient.” I said to Zach. “They want their money real bad.”


“Well I guess we’ll just have to get rid of them. Unless they actually fight alongside the Bruisers, they will not get paid. All they do is slack off and drink beer. The only thing they actually have done is find HIM.” Zach said.


“Okay, I’ll tell their boss to wait, otherwise he might see a machete wind up in his stomach.”


“Now on with the extract! You have the casket?” Zach asked.


Four Bruisers wheeled in a cart, with the casket on top. They came to a halt at a table, then they set the casket down. Zach opened the casket and grinned with pleasure. I did the same. There in the coffin, was the one thing the Seekers managed to find. It was the dead body of Zach’s former boss, Brady Taverniera.

“His body is filled to the brim with Serum X-23.” Said one of the guards.


“Wonderful! Now, on with the plan! Emmett, Get in there, and put Brady in there!” Zach ordered with delight. He giggled as 2 guards strapped me to a table


“Oh, and a side note: This hasn’t been tested. So if anything goes wrong….it’s not my fault” Zach added


Once I was strapped, the guards took out needles connected to tubes, which led (or came) from Brady. It hurt a little more than it should have, but the guards were clumsy. Once all the needles and tubes were connected, Zach laughed and laughed and laughed. I think he tried to say something, but he couldn’t. He switched a lever, and fell down the stairs laughing maniacally. I felt Brady’s blood rush from the tubes, into my own. I felt pain for a while, but it stopped. I knew I was getting stronger, and stronger by the second. After a few minutes, I opened my eyes, and felt the guards unstrapping me. I looked down, and I saw that I was more buff than I was 2 minutes ago


“Now, you did the equivalent of 3 years of weightlifting, in just 2 minutes, and we took more of X-23 to be analyzed. We could mass produce men capable of lifting cars in a few days! We will be unstoppable!”


 “Yeah yeah. But we need to do one thing before anything else” I grinned “”Find Monroe.”


 He could be as capable of us, but only if he listened to me in 57. Only if…




Chapter 11: An Old Friend


We pulled up on a Panda Express once we were in Mcminnville. We all got out of the car.


“Why did we come here?” Levi asked.

“My friend always liked chinese food.” I replied. “He’s also a mercenary, so he carries a lot of rifles and knives, and a bunch other stuff..” I stopped talking.


We entered the fast food joint and I saw him sitting alone, eating some orange chicken.


“There he is.’’ I said.


We walked on over to him. He looked up from his food.


“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the ‘master’ detective.” He said. “And are these your Teen Titans?? How adorable.”


“Yeah, nice to see you too pal.” I said. “Anyways, these aren’t some stupid superhero cartoon people: they’re the real deal. They’re just the guys who need your help to bring down these two evil guys and their army of trained clans.”


Wally ate a piece of the man’s chicken. The man glared at him.


“I’ll help you clowns only if you help me with something. See I got these friends, and they really want to see me. But the thing is, they like to greet people with their guns, will you help me dispose of them?” He asked.


I looked at my group. They all nodded. I turned back to him.


“Alright fine. We’ll help you with your ‘friends’.” I held out my hand. He took my hand and shook it.


“Excellent.” He said.


“Sorry to interrupt the conversation.” Raven interrupted. “But what’s you're name?”


“The name’s Alex.” He said “If you ever need a gun or a knife, I got your back. Unless I stabbed it” He opened his leather jacket to reveal guns, knives, and even a few grenades strapped to the inside.


“Well how about that.” Wally said.


Me and Alex talked about what was going to go down, and what he was going to get into. He agreed, as though he wasn’t listening. As we got up to go, a group of men came through the door, armed with all types of guns and weapons. An employee tried to dial 911, but one man shot her in the head and called out. “That’s what will happen if you call the cops”


“Why can’t any food place be safe anymore?” Levi cried.


“Alex Houserye!” One man called. “The league of Hunters want the money!”


“Since when do you want money?!” Alex asked.


“Since our boss needs it to build a weapon”.


“Zach..” I mumbled under my breath.


I noticed that Alex was reaching for his gun, so I knew that these were his “friends”, and this was going to be one hell of a fight.


“I don't have no money.” Alex said. “But I do have bullets.”


Everyone pulled out guns and started shooting. Chicken and rice flew everywhere. Raven darted behind a wall and shot a man in the head. Poppy shot 2 men and then stabbed another with some chopsticks. One man had a crossbow and shot the gun out of my hands. I dodged the next arrow, and pulled out my brass knuckles. I swung at the man and missed, falling and landing near another man. The man raised his gun at me, but I punched the gun away. The gun slid across the floor, where someone else picked it up and fired at me. I took the guy on the ground next to me, and used him as a shield until I got cover. Then the man with the crossbow kicked the body out of my grasp, and aimed his crossbow at my head. Then, out of nowhere, Alex ran into battle with a wrench, and knocked the crossbow out of the man's hand. Alex then proceeded to beat the man’s head down with the wrench. Two men quickly started to shoot at Alex, who quickly pulled out two knives and threw them into their chests. Wally picked up the crossbow and started to impale henchmen.


“That’s how it’s done.” said Wally.


Levi pulled out two submachine guns and shot 5 men in the chest. Me and Raven quickly took out 2 of the men. I punched one of the men in the cheek with my brass knuckles while Raven shot the other one with a pistol. Alex finished beating the man to the ground, but got knocked over by another man. But before the man could shoot Alex, Lucas arrived on the scene with two pistols.


“How about a taste of your own medicine?!” He cried.


Bullets flew through the man's head. Alex pulled out a grenade and threw it at 3 of the remaining 6 men. The explosion sent bodies everywhere. Alex pulled out an AK-47 and nailed one of the 3 goons. Wally and Poppy gave him some cover and shot the last two men. Me and Alex stood up, reloading our guns with ammo.


“Nice friends you have there.” I said.


“They were never close to me.” Alex said with a smirk.


Alex then stopped talking. “Everyone shut it!” he said. A small THUMPA-THUMPA could be heard in the distance. “I think it’s time to go”. Alex said. “Into my van! Quickly, quickly!”


We all ran out of the fast food joint and practically leaped into Alex’s old military van.


“Why are you so paranoid?” Lucas asked.


“Because a devil from the sky is coming. And he won’t be nice.” He replied.


Chapter 12: The Sky Devil


Alex stepped on the gas and his van was off like a bullet. His van ripped through the streets of Mcminnville.


“Where the hell are we going?” shouted Poppy.


“Anywhere that’s safe! We have to get away from here right now!” Alex shouted back.


Suddenly my phone went off. It was Zach. I covered one ear and held the phone up to my ear. Zach’s voice spoke, and it was like hearing the voice of a demon. “Look Monroe. Don’t you see it? The su-” I knew what was happening. I shouted at the top my lungs


“Everyone get down! NOW!” As if someone read my mind, the chopper riddled the car with bullets. You could hear the CLINK CLINK of the bullets hitting the metal van. Poppy opened up the back of the van and started to fire at the chopper. The bullets did nothing. The chopper fired some more, hitting the branches off a tree. Raven pulled out an SMG, equipped with a grenade launcher. Poppy and Raven started firing at the chopper. Raven fired a grenade and it missed the chopper and hit a nearby telephone pole. Raven fired again, and actually hit the chopper. The chopper was still flying, but Raven had knocked off one of the guns. “Yes!” Poppy yelled. But our celebration was cut short. The chopper started to fire missiles at us. One missile landed next to the car, almost blowing us up. I swear if it weren’t for Alex’s good driving skills, we would have been dead. Almost as if he was seeing into the future, he dodged missile after missile. Levi and Lucas pulled out their guns and helped out Raven and Poppy. Lucas was a terrible shot and kept missing. Finally Levi shot the co-pilot, and the chopper started to fly away. “It’s flying away!” Lucas called. “You can slow down now Alex.”


“No way.” Alex called out. “These guys don’t give up. In fact, I can see we’ve got more company.” He sounded worried. I looked in the mirror of the van. There were 2 bullet-proof cars coming at us. “Shut the doors!” I shouted. Raven and Levi quickly closed the doors just before a barrage of bullets came from the cars. We floored it, at least, it felt like it. As we were driving past the vans, he shouted to us “HOLD ON!” and we took a plunge off of the canyon.


Chapter 13: File X




When I woke up, I was in a bed. Everyone else seemed fine, with the exception of cuts, scars and bruises. I tried to get up, but there was a sharp pain in my legs. “Try not to move” Alex said as he walked in “You cut your leg pretty bad. We thought we were going to lose you if it weren’t for Levi”


“What happened?” I urge out


“We were being surrounded, and I drove off the cliff. We landed in the water, and the van had extra padding in case we crashed. The Airbags protected us, but mainly because I replaced them with something better.”


“How long was I out?” I questioned


“About 3 days. We dragged you from the creek once we got out. Your leg was almost severed off by a piece of metal that broke off of the van.” Every few hours, I tried to move my leg. eventually was able to walk with it, but I had to be careful. Alex called out “Well, look who it is: The Survivor. How's the leg?” He asked


“Good. Hey, ummm, I forgot to ask you, but where are we?”


Levi stood up “Once we crashed, we found this cottage in the canyon. We tried to see if anyone was home, but it looked abandoned. So we took refuge in here.”


“Won’t the people who live here be back? We should get out of here.”


“It’s OK. You see, ummmm, they’re dead. We found them in the closet. They were stabbed to death.” He responded frightfully. I took a look around the small house, and I noticed something strange: A book that was pulled out halfway. Out of curiosity, I pulled the book, and it was attached to a lever. The bookcase pulled away, and a dark room could be seen.


“Hey, guys? I think I found something.” Everyone gathered around, and one by one, we went in. We took a lantern off of a wall, and walked in. It was cold and damp. It was the last place I would want to be in. But as we got further, things started getting brighter, literally. There was a light in the center of the room, hanging over a table. “Hang on, there’s a light switch.” I said. I flipped the switch and a few of the lights came on. This place was seriously old. Shelves of old files were everywhere. It was like a library. “What in the hell was this place?” Levi asked. “It looks like a hidden lab, but why hidden?” “Hey guys, I think you should see this.” Raven said nervously. We walked over. Raven was holding a picture. “So what, it’s an old photo of some men and women. Big deal.” Lucas said. “It is a big deal pinhead. Look at the upper left Monroe. Remind you of anyone?” Raven questioned. I adjusted my eyes to the man. It was Brady.

“Dear god.” I said. “This must be where he did most of his projects. This is Brady’s lab!” “Dear lord.” Poppy said.


“Wait a second.” Alex remarked. “If this is Brady’s lab, then we could find out what Emmett and Zach are up to.” “They wouldn’t just think of a new idea, they would finish what Brady started.” We all agreed. “Okay we need to look through the files. All of them. Not one file left unsearched.” I ordered. “Yes sir!” Wally replied. And we started to search through the files. It took about 2 and a half hours until Lucas found something. “Over here everyone!” Lucas called. He was holding a file titled simply: File X. We opened it. There were ingredients for a formula. “Formula X-23..” I mumbled. “What?” Levi asked. “Formula X-23. It was the formula that made Brady stronger. But I killed him somehow. That must be what Zach and Emmett are doing. They’re finishing what Brady never could have done alone. They’re making Emmett into a monster.” “Oh god.” Wally said. “Wait there’s some sort of photo here.” Poppy pointed. “It’s Zach and Brady.” He said. “Back when they were partners.” There was a coastline in the background, as well as a giant rock. “I know where that is.” Levi said. “They’re at Cannon Beach. I don’t know why they’re there, but they are.” “ Well I guess we have to take another road trip.” Alex said. “Can we stop at Mcdonalds?” Wally asked. “Why not?” Alex said. “Bring File X.” I said to Raven. He shoved it in his backpack. As we were walking out, I spoke to Levi. “Thanks for saving me.” I said. “No problem.” He replied. “I still have a lot to learn.” “Alex can train you.” I said. “Now get your butt in the van. “Yes sir.”


Chapter 14: Clues


After almost a 4 hour drive, we were at the location of the photo, Cannon Beach. “Okay people, we’re just here to look for some more clues, not to mess around. Remember, we have to be back in Mill City to get the upper hand on Emmett.” I said.


“But what building was the picture taken in?” Poppy asked.


“Let me see the photo again.” Levi said. Levi examined the photo very carefully. He noticed some buildings behind Zach’s head. Levi lead us to those buildings and looked for the building where the photo was taken. “This is the place.” Levi said. He opened the old door to reveal…. A surprisingly nice house. “Was this Brady’s house?” Wally asked. “I don’t know, but something about this house seems familiar.” I said. “I know what you mean.” Raven said.


The house was small on the outside, but it seemed bigger on the inside. It had a kitchen, a dining room, a deck, a living room, a couple of bedrooms, a bathroom, and a basement. “Look for a file or a photo. There has to be something indicating that this was Brady’s house.” I said. Suddenly Alex’s voice rang out. “Hey guys, down in the basement!” We piled down there. “Okay so I found a paper titled “Death Plan”, and it talks about Brady writing to some guys called the Hunters?” Alex said.


“It’s the clan that helped Brady and Zach. But they all died.” Poppy said.


“That’s true.” I said. Alex went on.


“If I ever happen to die, then I want you to finish my plans. Find and exterminate Monroe McCoy. I left a list of his personal current contacts and their information, so you could extract the info. Furthermore, I would like to recruit his assistant, Levi Hamilton. He would be a good asset for you. Once Monroe is out of the way, and his friends are with us, we need to attack Salem and Portland. Use the bombs and weapons cache in the attic. There is a floorboard that is pretty loose. Once you remove it, you can tear apart the rest of the floor. There are more weapons you need. Once they are destroyed, take control of more cities. And more. Until you control the city of Memories, don’t stop. Recruit, and kill. That’s your mission. This is Brady, signing out.”

Everyone stood in silence. In utter shock. “The whole damn state. And if he got away with it, he would have taken the whole country.” Wally said.


“So Zach and Emmett are finishing what Brady started, he’s going to take Salem over!” Raven said.


“We need to get in the van, but we have to go to Salem, he’s not going to be in Mill City.” Lucas said.


“How do you know that he’s not going to be in Mill City?” I asked.


“Just a hunch.” He said.


“But we can’t go now. Levi needs to train here. He can hardly fight. We’re making this home base.” I said.


Chapter 15: Home Base


“Okay.” I said. “Raven, Poppy and Wally will go raid the nearby Good Sporties for their guns, as well as raiding the old house for our old guns. Me, and Alex will train Levi to the best of our abilities, while Lucas works on finding Emmett and Zach. Got it?”


“Yes sir.” Everyone said. Raven, Poppy and Wally took off in Alex’s van to get the guns.


“Anyone else feel a breeze?” asked Alex.


“Put some logs in the fireplace. That should help” I said.


“There’s only two logs, but that will have to do. Maybe later I’ll go get some lose branches off of the beach.” Alex said. “If you’re gone by then, i’ll just call in a truck.” Alex proceeded to light the fireplace with what we had, filling the room with a warm gust.


“Now onto more important matters.” I said. “Levi, you got your ass handed to you when you fought Emmett.”


Levi looked embarrassed.


“I shouldn’t have sent you after him alone, I lost blood, I was delusional. That was my bad.” I said. “But if you ever find yourself in that situation again, nowhere to run, only option is to fight, then you must whoop his ass. Use your anger to your advantage. Try fighting Alex.”


Alex had cleared some tables and couches to make room for a fight. He also laid out a rug. Levi went up to Alex and tried to punch him. Alex ducked and countered, sending Levi to the ground. “Ouch.” Levi said.


“Again”. Alex said almost  robotically. Levi looked angry. I smiled. Levi ran up to Alex and faked a punch, causing Alex to flinch, which gave Levi the chance to punch. Alex hit the ground.


“Good. Now try again.” Alex said. “But do it on Monroe this time.”


I stepped onto the rug. “Come at me.” I said. Levi ran at me with his fist ready. He swung his fist, but I stepped out of the way. Levi fell with a thud. “Try to anticipate your opponent's moves.”

We went on training Levi. He made some progress in the ways of fistfighting. “Okay.” Alex said.

“That’s enough fists. Let's try melee combat. Here’s your bat.” Alex tossed Levi the baseball bat. Levi caught it and took a few practice swings. I pulled out my katana. I had no experience in melee fights, so I was also learning. Alex had some experience so he was the teacher for this lesson.


“Ready your weapons.” He said. We did as we were told. “Now then, don’t kill each other, if you find yourself in a killing position, say Kill.”






“Now fight!”


After about an hour of training, Levi and I could sword fight no problem.


“Good job.” Alex said. “I'm going to get more firewood. If i’m not back when you guys are ready to leave, leave without me. I’ll call a truck.”


Alex left us with Lucas.


“Good job fighting.” I said to Levi.




“Hey guys!” Lucas shouted. “I got a tip about Emmett and Zach! They’re near the capitol building in Salem!”


Salem. Not Mill City. Dear god. Wait? How did he get the information? Maybe he got it off of a thug or something. I don’t know how, but it’s a lead nonetheless. The door opened. Raven, Wally and Poppy came in with a DAMMIT ton of guns. “All right. Guys got the weapons?” I asked. They nodded, and dropped a few sports bags filled with guns and ammo. “Great. Let’s rock and roll.” As we were leaving, Lucas called out:


“They’re in an old facility used for making and distributing weapons, but was shut down it was called Beatworks, which was funded through money the gang that Zach controls. It’s probably still full of weapons, due to the government not shutting it down and confiscating the weapons.” I’ll scout out ahead, you should leave in, like, half an hour- forty five minutes. See ya!” That was the last thing I heard before I couldn’t trust anyone.


Chapter 16: Hacked


I received a text from Lucas while driving (I was in the back, due to my injuries still hurt) and it said:


“Hey, I have a plan. I could hack the buildings lights, (if they have anything) and we could ambush them. I can give you guys the gear, near an ally on Capitol Street, so you don’t have to be in the dark too. And come  ALONE!”


It seemed suspicious, but up until now I trusted him, so why deny him now? As we arrived at the nearby ally, we saw the facility’s lights were already out. As we got out of the car, Lucas approached us

“Here’s the gear. But don’t put it on now.”

“Why?” Wally asked

“It’s expensive, and i don't want your blood on it” He pulled a knife and stabbed Wally in the chest, severely. He cried in pain as we were ambushed by Zack's goons.


“LUCAS! We trusted you!” Levi shouted.

Levi pulled out his submachine gun and aimed it a Lucas. Lucas had picked up Wally’s crossbow and aimed it at Levi. All the goons pulled out guns and each aimed them at a member. Then I heard laughter.  Two goons stepped to the side as Zach entered the scene with a strange looking weapon.


“You son of a bitch.” Raven spoke. He aimed his gun at Zach.


“Oh I don’t think you want to do that.” Came another voice.


Emmett stepped in, putting some sort of shot in Wally.  


“Don’t worry. It kills him quicker so he doesn’t have to suffer….long.”


Emmett looked ripped. His muscles were bigger than bowling balls.


“That’s what Serum X does to you!” He yelled. “As for Zach’s weapon…. It’s a Serum X gun, able to take down a fighter jet with a single pulse! It has the horsepower of a cannon!


I aimed my gun at Emmett. Poppy aimed his guns at the goons. Raven aimed his gun at Zach Levi aimed his gun at Lucas.


I glared at Lucas.


The bastard killed my P.A. Who else will get me coffee if I’m lazy? Joking aside, I knew, that after this moment, there were going to be bullets spraying everywhere. I took cover behind a dumpster, and hoped for the best.


   Chapter 17: Standoff


 Zach fired the Serum X gun at me. I luckily jumped out of the way and it blew the bricks off of a wall. Poppy shot his uzis, killing of 2 of the goons. Lucas shot his crossbow at Levi, but Levi shot the arrow in mid air. The two started to fistfight. I could see bullets fly everywhere. Raven joined me behind the dumpster and he reloaded his gun. We popped up behind the dumpster and started to return fire. A bullet scraped my arm. I jerked back in pain behind the dumpster, and saw Levi fall. He got back up though, but dragging his leg, trying to avoid gunfire. I glanced over at the other side to check if everyone was okay. Then I heard “click click” from Poppy. He was out of ammo, and threw his gun at a henchman, then he grabbed the henchman from over the dumpster, and held him in a chokehold, and walked out in the middle of the gunfight


“STOP FIRE!” he screamed, and everyone did “Listen you sons of bitches, I don’t know this man, but you probably do. If you kill me, you’re going to kill him.” Poppy was using the man as a hostage. What was he trying to do? A man started crying out:


“John! John! NO! PLEASE! DON’T HURT HIM” it was probably his brother “Listen, we don’t need to kill each other? What are you fighting for? I can give it to you, but please don’t hurt him. He’s my only son…. ” he started to cry. Then Poppy, being the most non-negotiable man said:


“It’s too late. There’s nothing you can do to help him” and he stabbed John in the chest, leaving the knife in the wound. He bent down and slowly retrieved the knife from the dead carcass, and said “Well, who’s next?” The father pulled out his phone, and dialed a number. I couldn’t tell instantly, but he called the SWAT.


“Crap. Now you’ve done it. COME ON! Poppy, grab Levi” I shouted as we started running and muttered under my breath “You asshole” then I heard a “THUMP THUMP” behind us. It was Emmett, and he rammed right into me. I fell down, and the group stopped. He pulled his Machete, I pulled my (modified)Katana. We started our fight. Emmett slashed his machete at me. I held the katana against it. I punched Emmett in the stomach. He stepped back, unharmed.

“Don’t you get it? Emmett yelled. “You're punches and stabs can’t hurt me!”

“I don’t care.” I said I slashed my katana toward his leg but he defended my attack. I countered again and he pulled out another machete. He held them against my katana. We kept holding our swords against each other. He slashed his swords in the direction of my head. I ducked and he hit the side of the alley. I then slashed his back and he fell to the ground. I then saw the group head to the exit of the alley. But a zipping noise stopped me in my tracks. SWAT teams were zipping down on ropes. “PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!”One of them shouted. They were all holding guns. Suddenly all of the men's heads exploded, spraying brain tissue everywhere. Zach appeared with Lucas. I turned and ran toward the exit. Lucas shot his crossbow at me, sending an arrow whizzing by my ear. He fired 5 more, one of them cutting the side of my arm. I dove out of the alley and met up with the others, who were currently firing bullets at the goons. I joined in. Just then one goon stepped through the bodies with a minigun and started raining hell on us. We ducked out of the way. Bullets crippled the bricks. I saw Raven take a crowbar from a trash bag. “Who would throw away a crowbar?” I asked. Raven threw the crowbar at the goon, piercing him in the head. We heard a rev of what sounded to be an engine. It was Alex, with a m249 machine gun mounted on the car. He laid down a suppressing fire, long enough for us to escape. Emmett, Zach and Lucas ran away, but were picked up by a black car. We didn’t mind it now, because the police were chasing us. Alex rolled down his window.


“COME ON! LET’S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” He screamed at us as we piled in the car. “Poppy, what the hell did you do?” Alex cried out


“What I needed to. What else could I have done? Be shot to death? It was either me or him. What is one life compared to a friends life?”

“Their both valuable. Now that man is going to look for you. For US.” Alex replied


“So? Can’t we kill him, like the rest?”


“You're just like your great Grandfather: Bold, rash, arrogant, and bloodlustful. You’re a bad man. Monroe, how is he your friend in the first place?”


“Well..ummmm,,,,,someone’s chasing us. Alex, give me a gun” But it wasn’t Alex. It was Poppy.


“Don’t lose this” and handed him a 1890 Remington Revolver. “It was my great grandfather’s. He used this during a heist that went bad in 1920 in a city of Riv-.”

“Hurry UP! I don’t think we have a whole lot of time before they fire first”

“Don’t lose it” I slipped the gun into my jacket, knowing it may be useful later, but I decided to use my Beretta, and started firing at the car. They fired back, “Crap. It looks like the police. Alex, get to the safehouse”

“The one on i5?”

“Yeah. and take the ‘short’ route” The short route was going literally off the side of the Highway. Me and Poppy fired at the car, but they were too drunk for us to hit them. They kept dodging our bullets, one after one. I saw I was able to  manage to kill someone, because I saw blood stains fill a hole in the window. The car started swerving. I guess I killed a man in a British car, because I shot to the left.


“Come on! While we still can. Get to the house.” We did some off road “racing” and eventually got to the house. A black car pulled up, and no one moved. I whispered

“Just wait. See if anyone gets out. They could be the neighbors.” Just as I surmised, they got out, but not towards us.The people went over to the neighbors house. I let out a sigh of relief as did the others. Alex spoke out:

“Guys, leave all the weapons here in this cupboard. We can’t be caught with them, or the neighbors will call the cops. And that’s the last thing we want.” I had to agree that he was right. If they found us with weapons, we would have no choice but to run or kill them. Little did I know that I would have to choose option A.


Chapter 18: Hunted


Raven opened the fridge and grabbed a beer. He opened it and joined us in the living room. I sat on the couch with Poppy’s gift in my coat, thinking about Wally. Lucas. Emmett. All the people I had lost. Three to the side of evil. The score in my head read: Me: 0| Evil:3  My memory was filled with the blood of friends and enemies.  Suddenly, Levi spoke out.


“How do we know we weren't followed?”


“Do you see any SWAT vans or Seeker cars out there? We’re fine.” Poppy said.


“I don’t know, it just feels like we’re being watched.” Levi replied.


Raven, who was sitting next to me, spoke. “The goddamn curtains are closed on all the windows, and the doors are shut. Like Poppy said, we’re fi-”


All of a sudden the window facing the back of the couch shattered. Raven’s head exploded sending bits of tissue and brain everywhere. I spit out some of his blood that landed in my mouth. Everyone gasped as they saw what appeared to be Zach in the neighbor's house holding his strange gun. He fled before we got a good look at him. Levi was right: we were being watched. The front door’s lock blew off and Emmett entered with a revolver of his own. Everyone except me took cover because they had no weapons. But I did.


“I’m going to ask you again Monroe! Would you bet on? The kickass Americans? Or them.The pansy British idiots?” Emmett shouted.

I stepped over the dead body of Raven and walked through the blood on the ground.

“I’ll choose my own side.” I said, as I pulled out Poppy’s great uncles revolver. I shot it at Emmett. It missed.


“DAMMIT!” I yelled. I took cover behind the couch. I had 5 bullets left. Emmett ran around the couch and shot his own revolver. He missed and the bullet went straight through the couch. I kicked him in the legs. No affect. He punched me across the face, and more blood splattered onto the floors. I looked up and shot the lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, sending glass shards raining upon him. He barely even flinched. 4 shots left


“You can’t hurt me Monroe. No matter how hard you try. THIS is what Brady envisioned. THIS is what he was talking about. INVINCIBILITY. IS. MINE!” He fired his revolver at himself, demonstrating his power. The bullet merely ricocheted off of him and almost hit me, and hit a window, which completely shattered. “Try and stop me” he chuckled. I shot again. 3 shots. I kept making a mental note, on how many bullets I had left, to be safe. It grazed his cheek. “I'm sorry, was that supposed to hurt? I have a hard time feeling pain. Could you repeat that again please?” He said sarcastically as he put his foot on my chest. He held out his gun. I tried to break free, hitting his foot with a gun, squirming “Keep struggling. It massages my feet.” I kept struggling to break free, but I knew I couldn’t. Poppy and Alex jumped on Emmett, nut Emmett threw them off like they were nothing. But just then I saw a combat knife laying about 2 inches away. I grabbed hold of it and drove it into Emmett's foot. I twisted the blade, almost like a drill, hoping his foot would bleed. Sure enough, after a few seconds, my chest was drowned in blood. Emmett started breathing heavily. He took his foot off. The breathing turned to screaming. That's what the serum was: a drug. You need constant injections to keep yourself that way. “This..isn’t...the last…..of me” he gasped out from the pain. He took a needle from his jacket as he ran to the broken window. He injected himself, and amazingly started to heal his foot. A van pulled up and Emmett jumped in. I demanded


“Everyone! Get in the van!”


Everyone except Poppy piled out the door. Poppy was looking at the dead body of Raven. He looked like he was about to weep. This was no surprise, they had been partners for 23 years.


“Com’on Poppy! I know Raven’s dead but we can’t change that! I’ll miss the adventurers we had together too!”


Poppy wiped his eyes and walked out the door and into the van in silence.


As we got in our van, I saw Zach get in his. They floored it. We did to. Once Alex hit the gas pedal I knew, there was no turning back.


Chapter 19: The Chase

It was our van v.s their van. Alex v.s the driver. Levi v.s Lucas. Poppy v.s Zach. Me v.s Emmett. Suddenly the back of Emmett’s van opened up and Zach was standing there, with an AK47. He started to fire at the windshield, doing little damage. Why wasn’t Zach using his strange gun I wondered. Zach really was insane. “We can’t let them escape. We need to stop them from destroying Portland with that gun and that dangerous serum!” Alex shouted from the driver's seat. At this point Zach’s bullets started to get annoying, so Alex rolled down the windshield and pulled out a machine pistol. With the windshield down I could feel the wind hitting me hard. Alex fired at Zach. Unfortunately Zach closed the door for protection, and the bullets scattered across the door. Zach poked his gun around the door and returned fire. Alex tried to swerve out of the way, but Zach shot him in the arm.


“DAMMIT!” he shouted. But to save his life, as well as ours, he kept on driving with a crippled arm. We were quickly coming off of i5, and onto the North Santiam Highway. Where the hell was Emmett going? Alex swerved into the other lane, dodging traffic. Alex stepped hard on the gas pedal. We were coming up next to Emmett’s car. I saw Lucas in the window. He was holding his crossbow. Zach appeared out of the back again and sprayed the side of the car with bullets. For 5 seconds all you could hear was CLANK CLANK CLANK. Lucas shot an arrow through the window of our van. It grazed Levi’s stomach and pierced the inside of the car. Levi was furious with Lucas. Wally was like a brother to him. I noticed he was loading his guns.


“Levi don’t!” I said. “I don’t want to lose you too!” Levi looked at me.

“He killed Wally. I have no choice.” He finished loading his guns and rose up to the window. He fired his guns at Lucas. Lucas ducked and the bullets painted the inside of Emmett's car. Alex looked at the side of the other car and rammed our van into it. Poppy flew into me. Alex rammed the van into the car again. Levi fell over and shot the roof of our van. Poppy looked out the window and saw that Emmett’s car was heading towards the Detroit dam.

“That can’t be good.” Poppy said. I looked out the back window. There were four black cars heading straight for our van. It was the Bruisers and the Seekers. “I guess we gotta deal with 5 problems at once.” I said to myself. The cars sped right up to our car. I had 3 shots left in the revolver, so I used them wisely. I peeked my head out the back window and aimed the gun at the tires of the Seeker car. I fired. The bullet pierced the tire and sent the car spiraling back, hitting the other seeker car. I had 2 shots left. Some thugs inside the Bruiser cars opened fire on our van. Bullets shot through the car, luckily missing all of us. Alex shouted:

“HAND ME A GUN!” Levi tossed him a pistol. Alex shot 5 shots at the driver in Emmett’s car, one of them hitting him in the shoulder. Poppy and I looked out the side window and opened fire on Emmett’s car. All of a sudden, I felt a scrape on the side of my chest. The Bruisers were still firing at us. I pulled out the revolver once more and shot the driver of 1 of the 2 Bruiser cars left. The car went straight off the side of the road. I put the revolver (which had 1 shot left) back in my jacket, saving it for later. Bullets kept spraying through the car. All of a sudden, Poppy pulled out a grenade, and pulled the pin out of it. Dear god. He chucked it at the last Bruiser car, exploding it, and sending it flying off the cliff that was next to the road. “I’ve always hated cliffs.” Levi said. All of a sudden, Emmett’s car rammed into our car, almost sending it off the mountain. “Uh-oh.” Alex said. Alex swerved to the left, bashing the front of Emmett’s car. Lucas appeared in the shotgun seat with his crossbow. The car rammed into us once again, this time pushing us towards the cliff. Alex’s window was right next to Lucas’s. Lucas shot an arrow at Alex, which flew past him and went straight through the front window. Lucas prepared to fire again, but Alex was quick. With 1 hand on the steering wheel, Alex lowered the crossbow fast, and punched Lucas in the jaw. The crossbow flew out the window. Seeing as I had an opportunity to kill Lucas, I jumped to the front of the car, with my AK-47. I aimed it at Lucas, pulled the trigger, and sent bullets spraying into the car. I missed Lucas by a centimeter. “GUYS!” Levi shouted. I looked out the window and saw the Detroit Dam. I also saw Emmett’s van stopping there. “STOP THE CAR!” I shouted. Alex slammed on the brakes, halting the vehicle. Poppy, Levi and I leaped out of the van with our guns in hand. We started to run towards the dam, firing our guns at Zach, who was running across the dam. I saw Zach pulling out a pistol. “GET DOWN!” I shouted. We leaped behind a tree. But we weren’t faster than a gun. I saw Poppy get shot straight in the shoulder. Levi went down to help him. I returned fire. “RUN BACK TO THE VAN!” Poppy yelled. “I can’t leave you.” Levi said. “I’ll be fine. You two go.” We ran back to the van as fast as we could. Alex was still there, holding off the goons. We got there just in time to see a goon drop dead. Levi climbed in the van while Alex and I laid bullets down on the goons. We shot three goons. A bullet grazed past my arm, making a giant mark. With one hand on my arm, I climbed in the van. “Guys, Zach is dragging Poppy onto the dam!” Alex cried. Dammit! I pulled out my phone and dialed 911. The operator picked up. “911, what is your emergency?” I answered. “There’s a group of criminals here at the detroit dam. They’re about to kill one of my friends, for the love of god send all of the help you can. There’s an army of them.” I hung up. “I only got one round left.” Levi said. “I used up all my bullets. I only have some throwing knives and a couple of grenades left.” Alex said. I looked at the only weapon I had: the dusty revolver. All of a sudden, our van jolted. The windows shattered. Alex looked out the window to see a seeker van trying to ram our van over. “BRACE YOURSELVES!” I cried out. The van backed up, and drove toward us like lightning. It hit the van like a boulder. The van toppled over. The next thing I heard was footsteps. A lot of them. I saw the backdoor open up, revealing five bruisers and Lucas. The bruisers collected us, and dragged us onto the dam. Where are those damn cops?!





Chapter 20: The Detroit Dam


So here we were. Levi, Alex and Me being dragged onto the detroit dam. I looked up from my feet to see Zach holding Poppy close to the edge of the dam. I realized there was little water at the bottom. That meant falling off would mean death. There were Seekers and Bruisers everywhere. There were at least 12 cars, 2 helicopters, and 50 goons. The bruisers and Lucas threw us down in front of them, so the only place we could look at was Zach and Emmett.


“You idiot.” Zach said. “You really thought you and your “Ragtag group of men” could defeat an entire army?”

“Well for a second there, yes. But now not so much.” I said.

Zach grinned in an wicked way. Emmett stepped forward with the Serum X gun.


“Goodbye, Monroe.” Emmett said.


He raised the gun at me. Levi and Alex tried to struggle. All of a sudden, I heard sirens. Tons of them. I saw all of the Bruisers, Seekers and thought-to-be dead Hunters look over my head. I looked behind me. It was the cops and SWATs. An army of them. Enough to take on another army. “DAMMIT.” I heard Zach say. All the cops flooded the dam, with their guns aimed at

the goons. All of a sudden, Zach fired the serum X gun at one of the police cars. It exploded in one shot. Alex then back kicked the Hunter who was holding him. He doubled over in pain as Alex punched Lucas in the face. Lucas dropped his pistols. Alex collected them and started to open fire on the goons. Levi and I eventually got free when the cops shot the other goons who were holding us. By that point, there was an all out war on the dam. There were cops, SWATs, Hunters, Bruisers and Seekers everywhere. Levi picked up a shotgun from a dead Seeker and met up with Alex. Bullets landed next to my feet. I saw 3 goons shooting at me. I ducked out of the way, grabbing a machine gun off the ground. I stood up and shot 2 of them. The last one dropped dead from a knife to the head thrown by Alex. I turned around and saw Poppy trying to escape Zach’s grasp, with no luck. I ran over, ready to shoot Zach, when a Seeker tackled me to the ground. He grabbed my gun and threw it off the dam. He socked me in the face. I tried to reach for the dusty revolver but his knee was on my arm. Then a brave cop shot him off me. A SWAT team ran past me into battle. I ran over to Zach and kicked him in the shin, causing him to throw his Serum X gun off the dam. He dropped Poppy, almost off the dam. Luckily I caught him just in time. I pulled him up and we collapsed on the dam.


“Thanks for saving me.” Poppy said.


“Don’t mention it. Now get back out there.” I shook his hand and we each grabbed a weapon. I ran around the dam, shooting 7 goons when I saw Levi. I ran past a cop and met up with Levi.

“The police are losing.” He said worryingly.

I looked around the dam to see that Levi was right. The cops and SWAT teams were dropping dead.



A SWAT team shot 3 goons but were then shotgunned to death by Emmett.


“Levi hold off the men with Poppy.” I said.


“Wait Monroe!” Levi screamed.

“What?!” I yelled.


“Watch out!” He yelled.


4 Seekers and 2 Bruisers ambushed us. We opened fire on them. We gunned down 3 of them. 2 of them were shot by cops. Levi leaped over my head and tackled the last Bruiser to the ground. He pulled out his baseball bat and beat him to the ground.


I looked down the dam and saw Emmett shotgunning a SWAT team. I pulled out my katana, ready to fight. Emmett saw me running towards him and he pulled out his machete. As we were running, it felt like slow-motion. I looked into my long-gone friend’s eyes and I saw him. I saw the Emmett I knew from 20 years ago. A friend with a job A friend with good intentions. A friend I cared for. We jumped in the air and hit our swords. We landed on opposite sides of each other. We both turned around and hit our swords together. He swung for my head swiftly. I ducked. He swung again and I countered. I swung my sword up at him. He proceeded to clash his sword with mine. We held our swords together, trying to get the upper hand when all of a sudden an explosion sent me flying into a Seeker van. Lucas had walked back into battle with a grenade launcher. He fires it again, but this time I dodge out of the way. The Seeker van exploded into debris. Emmett swung down at me, but I threw a knife at his wrist, causing him to fall over. Lucas tried reloading his grenade launcher, but all of a sudden, Levi punched him across the face. Blood spewed out of Lucas’s mouth. Levi pulled out his baseball bat and Lucas pulled out a long dagger. The two started to fight. I heard footsteps coming my way. It was Zach with his two butcher knives. He leaped up, knives ready, and hit them against my katana. He swung again and I blocked, and kicked him in the shin. He fell over. I was about to impale him when I heard Emmett pull the knife out of his wrist. I swung my sword and he blocked. I then saw Poppy run towards him, with an uzi. He fired at Emmett. Emmett deflected all the bullets with his sword. Emmett then kicked Poppy near Levi, who just got knocked down by Lucas. Emmett turned to me and we held our swords against each others. Zach got up ready to stab me, when Alex arrived and shot Zach in the shoulder. But Zach didn’t stop. He turned over to Levi and got ready to decapitate him when Poppy leaped up yelling “I’ve had enough of this!” as he lunged himself at Zach, throwing him and himself off the dam. I heard Zach’s final words before he and Poppy met their fate though. They were: “I’ll see you in court Monroe.”


“POPPY!” I screamed.


Alex looked down in horror at the two dead bodies of Poppy and Zach, their organs splattered everywhere. Emmett and Lucas were now running to a chopper. The police, who were now almost all dead, were now retreating. Emmett’s chopper was now taking off.


“Shoot down that chopper!” I yelled.


Alex aimed at the chopper and shot a round at it. The bullets clinked off like it was nothing.The chopper turned towards us with it's guns ready. Crap. The chopper fired at us as we ducked out of the way. Levi shot the choppers gun, with no effect. The chopper fired a missile at us. It hit a squad car. The chopper finally turned around and headed for the coast.

“Monroe we need to take that other chopper if we want to catch them!”


Levi was right. These choppers were fast and we needed to stay on their tail. I looked over at the other chopper, horrified to see two Seekers trying to take it for themselves. The chopper started to ascend.


“Alex! Grab onto the chopper!” The 3 of us ran after the chopper, jumping onto it just in time. The Seekers tried to shake us off, but Alex shot them both in the neck. The chopper slowly started to fall. I climbed my way into the chopper and pulled Levi and Alex up. Levi grabbed hold of the controls and started to gun down the remaining Bruisers and Seekers on the dam. Then we started to head in the direction that Emmett and Lucas headed in.


I thought to myself: “This is gonna get ugly.”


Chapter 21: The Oil Rig


I wrapped some cloth around my flesh wound while Levi flew the damaged chopper through the fog. We took the time to reload our guns and heal up. Alex was looking at me with a look of sorrow in his eyes. I knew immediately what he was thinking about.


 “I miss Poppy too.”


Poppy and Raven were like brothers to me. We took down Brady together. I missed Emmett too. We were also brothers. We fought together.


 “I only knew him for a few days, or however long it’s been.” Alex said somberly. “ I only knew all of them for a few days. Wally, Poppy, Raven.


 “His death wasn’t in vain at the least.” I said, my eyes watering. “He took down Zach with pride.”


 I thought about how Zach used to be a friend of mine. Before the Brady incident. Not as close as Emmett, but we were acquainted.


 “Guys I see a coastline.” Levi said from the pilot's seat. “No sign of Emmett’s chopper though. The fog is too thick.”

I looked out my window, seeing a beach full of sand. Down the beach was a town with a harbor. Newport, I think. A few minutes later, we cleared the fog to reveal the starry sky above us. The stars shined down on us, almost telling us that this one moment was the last peaceful moment before a treacherous battle.


 “Guys?” Levi asked.  


 “What is it?” Alex asked with concern.


I had never seen Alex so paranoid. He was usually calm.


 “I see lights.” Levi said.


 “Is it the other chopper?” Alex asked.


 “No.” I said with unease. “It’s an oil rig.”


The oil rig was fully lit up now. I could clearly see at LEAST 100 Hunters on the base. I looked to the upper-left and saw Emmett’s chopper. They were there. Levi readied the guns. I looked over at Alex and nodded to him as we loaded our guns. Our chopper flew nearer and nearer to the oil rig. Suddenly, a flash of light flew out of the oil rig and was headed right towards our chopper.


 “ROCKET!” Levi yelled.


Our chopper swerved towards the right, missing the rocket by a millimeter. The chopper wobbled back and forth, causing Alex and I to swivel all over the place. Two more flashes off light came from the oil rig. Levi steered the chopper to the left, but the missiles were to fast. They both hit the chopper on impact. Luckily, the chopper was still functional. Levi hit the guns. The chopper sprayed bullets all over the oil rig. Bodies flew all over the oil rig.


 “I’m losing control of this thing!” Levi yelled.


He was right. This bird wasn’t gonna last much longer. We all grabbed parachutes and strapped them on. The chopper was spinning violently now, and was gonna crash in the water. We gathered by the door, ready to jump.


 “On three, okay?” I said.


 “One.” Alex said.


 “Two.” Levi followed.

 I paused for a moment, thinking about the moment.


 “Three.” I finally said.


All three of us jumped off the out of control chopper. The chopper spun violently down into the ocean. All three of us pulled the straps on our chutes, releasing them. All of a sudden, my parachute began descending faster than everyone else's. I looked up, horrified to see bullets holes in my chute. I look over at one of the metal railings on the oil rig to see three goons shooting at us. I pulled out the AK-47 strapped to my back and with one hand, laid down some suppressive fire on the goons. They all dropped dead in an instant. I lowered my gun and started to steer my parachute towards a boat dock with ease. Alex and Levi followed, with their firearms ready. We all landed safely on the docks, and untangled ourselves from the chutes and took a moment to breath before we ascended the metal staircase. It took five seconds for me to realize: we didn’t get a breather. An armed boat full of goons sped past the docks and opened fire on us. The bullets hit the metal behind us. Following the bullets, I heard footsteps. We ran behind a wall to avoid the boat’s gun fire. The footsteps descended the staircase. I heard Alex open his coat. He grabbed three of the seven throwing knives he had left. The Hunters revealed themselves and they pulled pistols on us. They fired at us with horrible aim. Alex threw a knife into one of the mens chest, while he sliced another one's leg.  He stabbed the guy then he threw his knife into another goon. Levi shot the remaining two while I hurled a grenade at the boat. The boat started firing at us again. The bullets stopped when the boat exploded, sending parts everywhere. Alex collected his knives while I approached the stairs to make sure the coast was clear. There was one man guarding the stairway. I pulled out my trusty pistol and shot him in the back. The three of us ascended the stairwell, ready.


 “I’m going to go find Emmett.” I said drawing my katana. “You two need to sweep the oil rig and find Lucas. Don’t be afraid to kill any Hunters. Also, watch where you shoot. I’ve noticed the oil rig has an unreasonable amount of explosives on it. One bad shot, and we all die. Got it?”


 “Yes sir.” They both said.


We all shook hands and we split up, ready to take on an army.


Chapter 22: Three Men Vs An Army



These final events are written by Alex and I, Levi, so you can see each of our perspectives. Monroe also wrote some stuff as well.


We watched Monroe run off to fight Emmett in a duel. Alex and I looked at each other, nodded, and we turned a corner with our guns ready. To our surprise, there was no one around the corner. Just some empty metal barrels. All of a sudden, several dozen Hunters surrounded us, all of them holding a machine gun. Alex whispered to me:


 “Careful where you shoot. We don’t want to blow up. Oh and also, cover your ears.”


 “Cover my ears, why?” I whispered back.


The men start to talk.


 “Mr. L wants to have a little chat with you.”


 “Said he wanted to be the one to execute you.” Another one said.


Without warning, Alex pulled out a dog whistle and blew into it. The noise was ear piercingly awful. All the men started to shriek in agony. Alex stopped the noise and started shooting the men down, in a line.

I also started to shoot my submachine guns, but I was careful where I shot. I shot down the rest of them, with plenty of bullets left. Three men turned the corner and aimed at us. One of them shot the whistle out of Alex’s hands. Alex turned around, with three knives in one hand, and threw them all directly in their foreheads. The three of them fell to the metal floor, dead. I turned the corner to see more men. I spit on the ground and lit them up. Alex ran past me and ran underneath two men, slicing their legs with his knives. He stood up and pulled out a pistol so quick you couldn’t see it. He shot them both in the back and collected his knives. We reloaded our guns and ran off to kill some more Hunters.


With my katana in hand, I ran around the oil rig, searching for Emmett. Three Hunters saw me and started to shoot. I dodged their bullets with ease and shot one of them. I impaled another with my katana and swiped it around myself, right into the other Hunter. More bullets came my way. I held up my katana and started to deflect them. I equipped my AK-47 and sent bullets into all of them at an instant. One more Hunter came running my way with a knife ready. I rolled my eyes and shot him in the head. I kept patrolling the oil rig until I found a bundle of guys. I Jumped down on them, slicing one of them in the head. The raised there guns, too slowly I thought, and I knocked them out of their hands. They lunged themselves at me and I impaled one of them. I equipped both my pistol and katana and started killing them off. I sliced two up and shot another guy while doing so. Another guy pulled out a pistol and shot at me while I punched him to the ground. I threw my katana at another guy and shot two others. I collected my sword, and sliced up three of the remaining six guys. The others shot at me. Deflecting their bullets, I threw a knife at one of them, and shot the others. I collected myself and kept on searching for Emmett.


As three men fell to the ground from my baseball bat, I look over at Alex, who at the moment, was gunning down a guy. He reloaded and looked back at me for a short moment, then his eyes shifted behind me. He saw a box labeled: B-I-G G-U-N-S. Alex went over and checked it out while I listened for footsteps. Searching through the box, Alex emerged with a gatling gun.


“Nice”. I said with a big grin.


Alex lit a cigarette and we turned the corner together where we faced 25 Hunters. Alex blew a puff of smoke and started firing the gatling gun. The hunters were riddled with tons of bullets, their body parts were flying everywhere. Alex shouted at me:


“Levi go find Lucas! I got this!”


I nodded to him and ran for the crane of the oil rig. Two hunters knocked me down and sliced me in the arm with a knife. I shot them both. Pulling out my bat, I made my way to the crane and took out three goons. Just then I spot Lucas running my way with a squad of hunters with him. I started to shoot at them. Lucas ducked, letting the bullets kill off his squad. I shot in Lucas’s general direction, when my sub machine gun ran out of ammo. Lucas emerged, holding a blade. I pulled out my baseball bat.


“You know, I always thought we were friends.” I said backing up onto the crane.


“Wrong. Friends don’t exist in this world. Only blood, tears, and war.”


Lucas uppercutted me and lashed his blade out at me. I ducked and swung at his head, missing. Lucas swung at me sideways, hitting my bat. He swung again and I countered. I stepped back, almost slipping off the crane. Lucas lashed his blade down at me, hitting the metal crane. The crane started to swivel up and down. Lucas swung the blade at me, I blocked it with my baseball bat. I hit Lucas in the side with bat. He slipped and fell over. The crane tilted downwards, sending Lucas towards me. He raised his blade, aiming it for my leg. I jumped over him with ease, while Lucas stopped himself from sliding. We walked towards each other, raising our weapons. We clashed our weapons with force. I swung at him, missing, and almost losing balance.He raised his blade, and cut my shoulder. I stopped and breathed for a second, then I kicked him down the crane a ways. He was still on that crane though. I punched him in the side. Returning the favor, he knocked me down. He raised his blade, ready to kill me.


“It’s been fun Levi, now feel the pain of a hack.” Lucas said with a wicked grin.


He ran towards me and slashed down, hitting the metal. He raised the blade again and this time, I kicked him. In the balls. He stepped back with pain. All of a sudden his shoulder exploded with a burst of blood. He fell off the crane and barely grabbed onto the metal bar. I looked back at the oil rig seeing Alex reloading a sniper rifle. I looked down at the badly injured Lucas, who was hanging from the crane in his blood-soaked hands. He looked up at me, laughing.


“Hackers never die. They always stay hidden from the surface.” He said.


Lucas then let go of the crane, preferably close to the water, and was picked up in a boat. The boat started swerving towards the shore. Alex joined me on the crane with his sniper rifle. The boat must’ve seen him too, because the next thing we knew, we were running from a boat gunner. We hid behind some boxes, feeling sorry for ourselves because Lucas got away. Alex saw an axe in one of the crates, so he took it, for he had no ammo as well. We breathed for a moment, then we set off to help Monroe fight Emmett.


Chapter 23: The Final Duel

This is Monroe’s writing again.


Walking into a room with my katana, I readied for any sort of attack. The room was darkly lit, with nothing to see but inky black. Suddenly, the lights flickered on. I squinted for just a moment, then came back to full resolution to see a large room with explosive barrels everywhere. Shooting here was not an option. There were metal stairways, railings and suspended metal boxes filling the room. Suddenly I heard footsteps from above. Looking up I saw Emmett, looking ripped, carrying two machetes.


“Just in time Monroe. Come join me.” he said.


He started to run along the railings. I quickly ascended the stairs and made my way up to his level. Emmett climbed onto another railing and onto a platform with metal boxes. I threw a knife at him, missing him and hitting a railing. He used his strength and kicked a metal box down at me. I quickly sprinted out of the way and jumped for a platform. The box took out a railing and fell to the ground, barely missing the explosives. Emmett kicked another box my way. I leaped out of the way and noticed there was a chance I could get to where Emmett was. I leaped onto the crate and ran up the falling hunk of metal. I leaped as it fell to the ground, and I landed on Emmett’s platform. Looking up, I see another crate headed my way. I leaped out of the way again and stood before Emmett. He threw a barrel at me. I ducked, just in time to see him leap before me, with his machetes raised. I blocked them with my sword. He swung again, hitting my sword. I slashed my sword with against his. He countered, kicking me onto a railing running across the whole room. I somersaulted backwards and stood up. Emmett jumped down and landed on the railing with a loud crash. We both stood there for a few moments, staring at each other, not saying a word. Finally Emmett spoke.


“Betrayal, Monroe. Betrayal is what keeps the whole earth moving. Betrayal runs through our veins, the soil we live on, the clouds in the sky. It also runs through you. Join us. We can teach you even more. You and I can rule this earth.”


I stared at him.


“You know I don’t want to hurt you.”


“On the contrary. I can see your rage. You want to hurt me. But you can’t. I’ll always win Monroe.”


We ran towards each other, swords raised. I slashed my sword against his two machetes. He swiped me them across my katana. I kicked him in the chest. I recoiled in pain. Emmett swung his swords down at me. I blocked and countered. I slashed my sword with his. He swung a machete at my side. I dodged and the sword hit the railing bar. He swung at me again and I blocked. I swung and hit the bottom railing. I knocked one of his machetes out of his hand and hit landed on another railing. Still high from the ground. Emmett grabbed me with his free hand and threw me onto a platform. He ran down a stairway, towards his blade swiftly. I ran across the railing above him and jumped down onto his back. I pulled a knife out and drove it into his back. He didn’t even peep. He swung his sword over his head. I blocked and fell off his back and onto another staircase. Emmett jumped over me and landed on another platform. The next thing I saw was a bunch of metal barrels headed towards my face. I rolled backwards and ascended the staircase. I jumped onto another railing, dodging another barrel. Emmett ran towards me and slashed my sword with his. I stepped back and swung my sword at his chest. He blocked and kicked me down a stairway. I stood up and looked behind me and saw a ladder leading up to a platform. I started my climb, dodging Emmett’s sword swipe. The sword knocked the bottom half of the ladder off. I reached the platform and leaped onto a crate hanging from four ropes attached to the ceiling. Emmett lept from a platform and reached the same metal crate. We held our swords against each other. Emmett started to aim for my head. Resisting the strong force against me, I pushed forwards. Emmett ended up getting the upper hand, and eventually kicked me towards the edge. I stood up and swung my katana at him. He slashed both of his swords at it and the katana fell off the crate, and landed on the floor. I stared in terror at the blades coming my way. I rolled out of the way and ducked the sword swipes. Emmett looked at me and slashed his swords at me. I ducked. Emmett slashed once, then twice. I somersaulted under him and looked behind me. Emmett swung at me a third time. I dodged and the swords cut two of the four ropes hanging from the ceiling. The metal crate tilted. Emmett and I both fell together. I landed on a railing while Emmett landed in some cement bags. I noticed Emmett was breathing heavily now. The serum was starting to ware off. Emmett stood up and ran towards me. I started to run away. Running across the railing, I noticed my katana twenty feet away from me. I lept over the bars and landed on the hard floor. I sprinted towards my katana. I was suddenly stopped and kicked down by Emmett. Emmett picked up the sword.


“You’ve lost again Monroe. Just as I predicted.”


I looked at my bloody hands in defeat. Just then, a knife was thrown into the katana, and the katana slid towards me. I picked it up, and looked towards where the knife was thrown. It was Alex and Levi.


“You’ve gone too far Emmett.” Levi said.


“Give up.” Alex said.


“Oh this is gonna be fun!” Emmett said.

Alex with his axe, Levi with his bat, and me with my katana, all circled Emmett, who was raising his two machetes at us..


“And so it begins.” Emmett said.


Levi swung at Emmett, as did Alex. Emmett held the blades against theirs. Emmett kicked Levi over and swung around, hitting Alex’s axe and hitting my katana. I swung again, and Emmett countered. Levi hit him in the side with the bat and Emmett fell on me. Emmett raised his swords, but not before Alex raised his axe on Emmett. Emmett countered the axe, and kicked Alex in the stomach. Emmett pointed his swords at me and Levi. We held our weapons up. Emmett started to double sword fight with us. Eventually Levi hit Emmett in the foot hard. Emmett kicked me over and faced Levi. Levi swung. Emmett blocked and sliced him across the arm. Alex got up and swung at Emmett. He missed. Emmett hit one of the swords against the axe. He swung the other one at my katana, and then hit it against the axe. Levi got up to swing again when Emmett kicked him into some barrels, dropping his bat. Alex swung up, slashing Emmett in the shoulder. I lept at Emmett and it his sword with mine. Emmett hit both of our weapons in one swipe. Alex raised the axe to hit again, but Emmett slashed his arm and kicked him into a wall. Emmett swung both of the machetes at me. I stepped back and countered. Emmett blocked. I raised to hit again. I knocked one of the machetes out of his hand. Emmett then knocked the katana out of my hand. I stood there, hating myself for letting my guard down. Emmett then thrust his sword up.


 “Goodbye Monroe. You could’ve been one of us.”


Blood. Everywhere. The machete was stuck through my side like an arrow. I looked down like everything was in slow motion. The blade was covered with blood. I looked up at the now non-buff Emmett, who was gloating. He picked up his other machete, grinning with a look of evil. I started to breath heavily.


 “Monroe, admit it. You knew you couldn't beat me, even with Levi and Alex, trying hard. After I’m done here, I’ll probably kill them and put their heads on my wall.”


He was starting to sound like the deceased Zach. Emmett raised the other machete and sliced my left hand off. I screamed. It sounded silent in my head, but it was ear-piercing. Emmett raised his machete one last time. My head slumped my head over, waiting for the final blow. But just then, Emmett was knocked over me. He kicked me in the head in the process. Alex stood before me, his fists bloody. I noticed Poppy’s dusty revolver ;aying across the floor. I tried to make my way to it, but I was to weak. Emmett got up to kill Alex, when I saw Levi run past me and pick up the old revolver. He aimed it at Emmett. Levi pressed the trigger releasing the final bullet. 0 bullets left. The bullet shot straight through a weak Emmett’s shoulder. Emmett fell to the ground, as did Levi, out of exhaustion. I felt a surge of pain as Alex pulled the sword out of my side. Emmett raised his arm, his shoulder bleeding. I saw a gun in Emmett’s hand. I reacted quickly and kicked his hand as he shot the gun. The bullet then entered a gas pipe. Emmett tried to stab me with a knife but I revealed my right hand, equipped with a brass knuckle. I swung upward and knocked the crippled Emmett out. I fell to the ground, almost dead. Levi ran to my side and looked like he was about to cry.


 “The gas is killing you guys slowly. Five minutes. Go.”


“Monroe I’m not leaving you. You can make it. We’ll patch you up and find Lucas, together.”


“My time is long gone kid, I just need to die a hero. Here… take this journal.”


Levi gave the journal to Alex who put it in his coat.


 “Live long and prosper you two. Remember me…”


Levi hugged me hard. I tried to hug back. Alex had to pull Levi away, for he was sobbing to hard.


 “Monroe.. I’ll.. I’ll make sure you're legacy is secure.” Levi said through tears.


 “I know you will kid. I know.”


Alex looked at me with a somber look in his eyes. I looked back. Alex turned sharply and pushed Levi out the door. They exited and lept on a boat, to start sailing towards the harbor.


I closed my eyes and thought to myself: I can make it.


© Copyright 2018 Robert Callahan. All rights reserved.

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