Royal Academy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

When you read this book, you will enter a whole new magical world, you have never been to before.

Table of Contents


This is just a brief paragraph about the background information of their world. Read Chapter

Crazy Mornings

You can finally meet the main characters of this story, and how they are in the morning. Read Chapter

Hanging Out

After all the students drop off their belongings in their dorms, by some coincidence all decided to hangout for the rest of their first... Read Chapter

Building Friendships

As Aurora wandered the streets, she noticed a pretty pink and blue cafe that she never noticed before. She walked inside and smelled de... Read Chapter


In the Pearl Castle, Mia and Victoria were dorm roommates while Harmony and Melody were roommates. Aurora was paired up with a girl nam... Read Chapter


First day of school… *BR IIIIIIIII NNNNNNN GGGGGG* “OMG,OMG,OMG, I can't believe this!” shouted Melody. Once she saw ... Read Chapter

Hero or Villain

Melody and Harmony went in the sorcery room.  They were both left speechless. The room was beautifully decorated with ivory walls,... Read Chapter

New Pets for Everyone!

  “Hey, you have Magical Animal Care class, too?” asked Harmony. “Yeah, I think we all got the same schedule which is gr... Read Chapter


After magical animal care, all the students were informed that, they would be able to let their animals to go around with them. Then, t... Read Chapter

Girl Power

Victoria wakes up to Arabelle, leaning against her shoulder. She looks at the floor attempting to try figuring out the time using Arabe... Read Chapter

Powers Revealed

“OMG!! I still can't believe we are going on our first mission in our first two days as seniors!” says Melody excitedly as Girl Pow... Read Chapter

The Clearing of the Mentalist

Leo’s point of view   Leo’s dragon, Solda, flies all around Leo as they walked through the forest, admiring the scener... Read Chapter

Rescue Mission

Victoria’s point of view.  A few weeks have passed.   Victoria was awoken when Calvin kicked the wooden door that s... Read Chapter

Mission Together

Warriors with purple and red chest armor march in perfect formation towards Harmony, Melody, and Mia. Their faces are covered with blac... Read Chapter


“Victoria! Hurry up! Come out of the bathroom now! You’ve been in there for about two hours!!” Mia shouted over the music in the ... Read Chapter

GIRL POWER!(and two boys)

Once, they reached the hallway, they started to hear the song “Shape of You” blasting in the ballroom of the school. “Whoever’s... Read Chapter

Secret Performance

“Mia, don't you think we should have fantastic finale for them? After all, they did plan this amazing performance.” Victoria whispe... Read Chapter

Royal Academy

“Hey Aurora, whatcha doing? You zoned out for a bit.” asked Victoria “Don’t tell me you’re regretting becoming friends with us.... Read Chapter

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