Royal Academy

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Mission Together

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Warriors with purple and red chest armor march in perfect formation towards Harmony, Melody, and Mia. Their faces are covered with black helmets that only showed their eyes. Thousands of glistening purple eyes stared back at them determined to destroy whoever gets in their way. Melody starts to panic, when Harmony covers her mouth hurriedly. Harmony brings everyone into a tight circle. “Okay, here’s what we are going to do. Mia, find a corner and summon every legendary creature you can think of so we have our own little army so we actually stand a chance. Melody, you are to heal everyone who gets hurt in this battle. I am going to try to communicate with the animals and plants to ask them for help.” strategized Harmony. Everyone went to their posts. One by one mythical creatures popped up started to fight the never ending army of pure evil. As many of the animals got hurt while defending the safety of the entire magical world, Melody ran over to every animal and healed them as quickly as she could, so that they may return to battle. Harmony continues speaking with the plants and animals and vines soon wrap around the proud and overly arrogant soldiers trapping them and humiliating them as their smirking, arrogant faces instantly changed to a shocked face.

Victoria and Victor goes to Arabelle. Arabelle already woke up and shudders. Bandit circles around them, protecting them from whomever that tries to attack. Kotia is along with Bandit, ready to fight. “Arabelle. We have to get you to safety. Can you stand?” Victoria asks. Arabelle shook her head. “Don’t worry I can carry her. Victoria, protect me while I carry her.” Victor told Victoria. Victoria nods and Victor picks up Arabelle and carries her while she groans in pain.

Suddenly, not one, but five warriors come charging at them. “Bandit, you know what to do!” Victor yells over his shoulder. “Kotia, can you do a snow blizzard?” Victoria asks. Kotia runs towards the warriors and flicks her tail. A large gust of icy cold wind comes towards the warriors way and knocks them over.. Bandit disappears and reappears next to the warriors. The warriors are so surprised that they stopped and Bandit attacked them, making each warrior fall to the ground once more.

More warriors come and Victor and Victoria are reaching the forest. “Almost 10 meters away!” Victor pants. He stops for a moment and closes his eyes. The warriors seem to stop and sit in a yoga pose. Victoria takes this chance to hit warriors with ice and freezing them. The first two rows of the gaining army froze and slowly started forming ice around them until they became a humongous ice block. Victor, Victoria, Kotia, and Bandit reaches to the forest as they ran. They then run to Headmistress Tsara for help. They reach the gigantic golden door to Royal Academy panting heavily. Headmistress Tsara opens the door confused. She sees Arabelle and gasps in shock. She quickly ushers them in and escorts them to her office. “Headmistress! The others are fighting a humongous army right now, we need more help. Also, we think Lydia might have something to do with it. Victoria was trapped in the same room as Arabelle when she was kidnapped.” explained Victor quickly. “Arabelle was my sister’s daughter. She was kidnapped a few years ago by Calvin?” asked Headmistress Tsara. “Yes, Calvin was the one.” replied Victoria. Headmistress Tsara understood.

She orders teachers and students to go against the warriors. Headmistress Tsara stays with Arabelle while Victoria and Victor go back to the fight. When Victoria and Victor reached the battlefield once more, the army had tripled in size, however, fortunately so has theirs. Victoria immediately got to work building up a humongous snow storm blowing down the first few rows of the over sized army. Mia tried to think of more legendary animals. Then, she wondered if she could have two of the same animal. She tried to think of Aragog, from Harry Potter. Mythicallia! Suddenly, hundreds of Aragog’s and his children appeared right in front of them. Meanwhile, Victor was concentrating on controlling the army’s minds to get them to turn back. Hipnoto! Some of them did, but there were too many.


Leo and Aurora’s point of view


“Leo. We have to go to the castle. We need to know what is going on between Lydia and her family.” Aurora whispers. They hid in the bushes, right outside of the dark and gloomy castle. Leo nods. They both go in and runs silently with their animals trailing behind them.

They see a long hallways, with a few torches lit up with fires. The hallway is silent, with no people at all. Aurora hears Lydia’s voice. “No. I can’t. You cannot make me do this. It is not my wish, but yours.” someone pleads. Leo’s eyes widened. He mouths the word Lydia. Aurora nod and motioned him to walk towards to the room Lydia is in.

Suddenly, the door opened. Lydia runs out of the room and outside to the battle. Leo and Aurora stared in each other. They both run out, trying to run to Lydia. “Hey! What are you guys doing here?” a gruff voice asked. Leo and Aurora slowly turn around, gulping. Three warriors were watching them. “Um. We were just...enjoying the view?” Aurora squeaks. The warrior's eyes squinted. “RUN!” Leo yells.

The pair dashes off, with the warriors on their trail.  Jetta, Aurora’s animal produces wind from her gallop and knocks the warriors off their feet. The warriors grunt but they continue. Solda flies down to pick up Aurora and Leo, offering them to fly with Solda. They get on Solda and fly through the hallway. Jetta, being a fast horse, had no problem with the speed. The warriors seem to appear farther away as they neared towards the exit of the castle.

“We are almost there! We can do this!” Aurora gasps. Suddenly, something stops Sloda from flying. A door blocked the exit, their only hope of getting out of this castle. “Oh no!” cries Leo. “What do we do? The warriors are here!” Aurora said. The warriors get closer and one of them had chains. The next thing Aurora and Leo saw was blackness. “Get away from them! Feinto!” These were the last few words Aurora and Leo heard before they passed out.


Lydia’s point of view

My mother’s piercing eyes shoot straight into my soul as my family stands before me attempting to turn me to evil. A strand of her deep purple hair falls in front of her overly decorated eye. A servant quickly runs over to the intimidating mother and fixes her hair back to perfection. As he places the strand of hair back, his hand smears a bit of purple eye shadow into the crevices of her eyelid. She stands at six feet tall towering over the tiny servant as glares angrily at him. He cowers in fear and covers his face with his hands. “YOU DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE!!” shouted the mother at the top of her lungs. She points her dark purple and black wand at his face and says “Expellere!” Lydia quickly jumps in and reflects the spell. “Exsilium!” Lydia screams as she pants in exhilaration. “Lydia, I see you’ve been practicing. Dear, I don’t understand why you want to help those goody two shoes. You have so much great potential. Us as a family would destroy those putrescent little children.” says Lydia’s mother convincingly. The servant behind Lydia quickly thanks her and crawls away. “No. I can’t. You cannot make me do this. It is not my wish, but yours.” Lydia pleads. She quickly runs from the room.


Arabelle’s point of view


Arabelle woke up and was in a bed. Headmistress Tsara was there, staring at her, waiting for her to awake. “Hello Arabelle. You are awake. Are you feeling okay?” Headmistress Tsara asks. Arabelle nods. “Yes, I am fine. No need to worry. Who are you anyways? I don’t mean to be rude. I’m sorry.” she says. Headmistress Tsara laughs.”No, it’s fine. I am Headmistress Tsara, also your aunt. My name is Lavinia Tsara. Do you remember me ? You were so young when you were kidnapped…” Headmistress Tsara answers. Arabelle tilted her head, lost in thought.

The only thing she can remember is a young face, who looked exactly like her, was cooing to her. “Hello, my Arabelle. This is your older sister..” the woman in Arabelle’s mind says. Another woman was there, who looked older, yet still young in age.  She remembered another memory. “Hi Arabelle! Ready to go to school?” a person said, with a soft yet younger than the first person in the first memory. She saw herself, about 6 years old. Then, the last thing she saw was blackness and someone crying out, “No!” And then, there was no more Arabelle could remember.

Arabelle snaps back to reality. “Yes Aunt Lavinia.. I think I remember some things. I don’t remember you a lot though..” Headmistress Tsara nod in understanding. “Yes, I understand. Do you remember your mom and your sister?” she asks soothingly. Arabelle got up from the bed. “Yes. Where is my mom? And where is my sister? Are they gone? What happened?” Arabelle questions. Headmistress Tsara laughs and held a hand up to stop Arabelle before she destroys her with questions.

“To answer your questions, yes, your mother is alive. You have met your sister right now. Try to remember all those people in the group that saved you.” Headmistress Tsara replies. Arabelle thinks hard and remembers someone, a girl in the group that looked similar to her. She had brown straight hair with bangs. Her eyes were hazel, unlike Arabelle's light blue eyes. “Oh yes. I remember her. What is her name?” Arabelle asks. “Her name is Aurora.” Headmistress Tsara answers.

“And my mother? Where is she?” Arabelle continues. “She is in fact, in the same hospital you are in.” Headmistress Tsara says. “Can you show me where she is?” Arabelle interrogated. “Can you stand up and walk?” Headmistress Tsara said. Arabelle stepped out of bed and stood up slowly.  Headmistress Tsara then directs her to another room, farther down the hallway that Arabelle was in. Headmistress Tsara tilts her head, motioning Arabelle to go in the room.

Arabelle takes the hint and walks through the door hesitantly. “Hello?” Arabelle whispers. She sees a woman who had straight brown hair and hazel eyes who was staring at her. She was about to wake the patient on the bed to drink some soup until she saw Arabelle.

“Arabelle, is that you?” the woman asks. “Mother?” Arabelle asks back. As they stare at each other, they realized each other and Arabelle went to go hug her mother. “Oh, Arabelle! I missed you so much! I love you!” gushed Sara as she showers Arabelle with kisses.



Aurora who was sleeping on the bed, suddenly woke. “Where am I?” asked Aurora confused. “AURORA!” screamed Sara happily as she nearly squeezes the life out of Aurora. Aurora struggles to get out of her grip. When she finally does Sara looks at her concerned and puzzled at the same time. “It's seems she lost the most recent part of her memory.” said Headmistress Tsara knowingly.

“I can fix that.” said someone behind Sara. Everyone looked back. An old woman stumbles as she walks toward Aurora. “Memoria!”she said. Aurora closes her eyes for a second and opens them again. She sees Sara and Arabelle. Aurora throws herself at them, only to fall right in between. She falls to the ground and everyone giggles. She quickly gets up and blushes. Sara, Arabelle, and Aurora did a reunion hug. Everyone cried while they circled the happy family.

“Oh Aurora, I’m so sorry for what happened all those years ago.” said Sara as she pleaded for Aurora’s forgiveness. “It's okay. They were really nice to me still. Kinda like real parents.” replied Aurora. “Once, I looked through your eyes, I knew it was you. However, Lavinia here wouldn’t let me tell you until later.” explained Sara. “I’m so sorry, dear!” apologized Sara as she threw herself to Aurora for another hug. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

“Wait, what happened?” Arabelle asks. Sara turns to her and explains, “When your older sister, Aurora, was born, I was very happy. I was grateful for everything. But, I had another gift coming, you. When you were born, you were kidnapped after about two years. I left Aurora with another family to search for you, but also to grieve. After Aurora went to this school, I was happy once again that one of my daughters was near me. I tried seeking for Aurora, but my sister, Lavina, did not allow me. After Aurora got her quest to rescue Victoria, you came back to me too. Now, I am glad and very, very grateful for both of you.” The three person family hugged again.

“Sorry to break up this nice moment, but Leo is in the next room and I really think we should check on him.” said Mia as she winces as if she can feel the pain of having to leave and breaking their touching moment. Everyone left the room to go to the next room except for Sara, Aurora, and Arabelle.  

They entered Leo’s room to find him about to call his mother, when she called first. Her bright red face appeared on the large tablet screen. “LIONEL ANTONIO BASILIUS REALEZA! DON’T YOU EVER DARE DO THAT AGAIN!” screamed the angry queen. “Hey, mom.” said Leo casually. “YOU TRY TO GO INTO THE OPHELIA FAMILY’S HOUSE AND YOU PASS OUT WHILE FIGHTING A BODYGUARD AND YOU END UP IN A HOSPITAL AND YOU SAY HEY??!!” shouted Queen Belle turning redder by the second. Mia whispers into Victoria’s ear. “I wonder if her body is inflating and when she will explode.” said Mia sarcastically. Victoria giggled. Queen Belle was about to say something until she heard the giggle. No words came out as she opened her mouth to speak. “Leo, you didn’t tell me we had company.” said Queen Belle sweetly. Leo turned the tablet toward the group.

“ Who was that?” Queen Belle asked. “Just my friends.” replied Leo. Queen Belle looks at the group and scowls at Mia, Victoria, Aurora, and Victor. As she reaches Harmony and Melody, her face brightens. “ The princesses of Musa!” says Queen Belle “You must be sent by your mother to earn my son’s hand in marriage. Oh I knew some good would come out of this darn school.” Harmony’s eyes widen in shock. Leo noticed this reaction. “Mom, they are just my friends. Why do you have to always talk about marriage? I’m only 17 for goodness sake.” replies Leo rolling his eyes. “It's because you are seventeen. You are turning eighteen in seven months, barely enough time for you to find a suitable bride. However, the two princesses of Musa are lovely girls and either of them will make a wonderful bride. Now, once you turn eighteen you must marry and inherit the throne. You wer-”

“I was born to privilege and with that comes specific obligations. Yeah yeah. Says Her Majesty the Queen of France.” Leo interrupts his mother. “She was a smart woman, listen to her wise words.” said Queen Belle knowingly. “Bye, mom” said Leo ending the call. As he closes the tablet, he looks relieved.

Everyone else was staring at him, mostly Melody and Harmony. “Sorry,my mom can be embarrassing sometimes. Don’t listen to her at all.” he apologizes. Harmony and Melody nod slowly. “Ahem. Anyways, we should continue. Since you have completed this quest and have found a new member to a family, we will have the greatest party of all times to celebrate.” Headmistress Tsara announces. Everyone cheers happily. “Yayies!” Melody, Mia, and Victoria exclaims. Everyone laughs. Leo and Victor high fives.

“We have to check on Lydia first.” Harmony said. Headmistress Tsara nodded. Victor, Leo, Mia,Victoria, and Melody walked into a room that was painted deep bloody red. They knocked. “You may come in.”a weak voice answered. They walked in. Lydia smiles. “Hey.” she says. They grin and Harmony asks, “Do you know or remember what happened?”

Lydia shoots her head,confused. Melody sits on Lydia’s bed. She grins, excited to be telling a story. “Get ready. It is about to explode……….”


“So, during when Leo and Aurora were captured, you saw them and followed the guards. After the guards left, you tried finding the keys to open the door. Leo and Aurora were glad to see you. You did not have much time to find it because the Garuda came back to take the keys back. After seeing them, you used your powers and went back time before the Garuda arrived. It was SO amazing. I wanted to be there, but I was busy healing the poor animals and students.

Anyways, after you went back to time, you quickly closed the door and locked it. You then searched for the keys and opened the door. But, the guards were back. Aurora used her powers. She used wind to carry you guys back to safety. Aurora and Leo thanked you and you and them went to fight in the war. Lydia, you were accidentally hit by a warrior. Luckily, Aurora used fire and set the warrior on fire. Oh my god. You should have seen it. It was SO funny. He was jumping up and down, holding his butt. You fainted afterwards, and Aurora carried you. I quickly healed you, but it wasn't enough to heal you so I told Victor to carry you back to the school. After you were carried to the school, Aurora just saved everyone from dying into crisps! There was a huge beast. He was like the king almost. He was breathing so heavily that I told him that he needed some breath mints. He starting yelling so loud. I think I upset him. But Aurora knew better. She quickly froze the huge disgusting beast before he killed us. She was like the HERO!!” Melody concluded.

Lydia laughed. “Oh and we also have a party to celebrate us for completing this quest. Dress up and meet us there okay?” Mia asked. Lydia nodded.

“Oh my god! I have to know what to wear!” Victoria gasps. She takes Mia by the arm and drags her outside to her dorm room. “Help!!!” Mia yells throughout the hallway, as her voice gets smaller and smaller. Everyone in the room giggled. “Victoria.” everyone sighed in unison. “Typical.” All attention turned back to Lydia. “Shouldn't you guys also be going to get ready for the party?” asked Lydia. “Right!” says Harmony. Harmony pulled Melody out of the room. Aurora and Arabelle laughed and walked out of the room hand in hand. Then Victor followed.


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