Royal Academy

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Secret Performance

Submitted: June 12, 2017

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Submitted: June 12, 2017



“Mia, don't you think we should have fantastic finale for them? After all, they did plan this amazing performance.” Victoria whispered. Mia and Aurora grinned knowingly and replied in unison, “Definitely.”

Harmony and Melody was singing and playing together while Leo and Victor was dancing to the beat and encouraging students to join.

We are the champions, my friends,

And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end.

We are the champions.

We are the champions.

No time for losers

'Cause we are the champions of the world.

Towards the final verse, Mia and Victoria both raised their arms in the air. Mia created a fiery sentence in the air saying, Together towards the present, future, and the end. Victoria used her snow powers to create a white powdery explosion around the words. Aurora created flowers around each word, making the air sweet. Students cheered happily as they read the sentence.

From the top, Harmony, Melody, Victor, Lydia, and Leo was grinning. They all lowered themselves down from the air. “That was SO AMAZING!!” Mia shouts. Victoria nodded eagerly. As the song, shut up and dance was played, the group stayed together for the rest of the party. “Guys, should we create a trophy for the entire school? After all, all of the students and professors supported us.” Leo suggested. Harmony grinned as the rest of the group nodded. They each put their arm in a circle and created a magical trophy using their powers.

In the end, the trophy had a glittering ombré with white, orange, yellow, pink, red, blue, green, and lavender colors. In sparkling letters, it said, “Even if we are torn apart, we are still in each other’s heart.” The trophy included everyone’s talents, good or bad. Hiding the trophy from the entire academy, they reached to the stage and whispered to Headmistress Tsara. Headmistress Tsara smiled and tapped the microphone.

“Students, may I please get your attention? We have an important announcement.” Headmistress Tsara introduces. Victoria, Mia, and Lydia walks up to the microphone while the rest of the group stood behind them, hiding the trophy. Victoria smiles and begins. “I think although we did complete the quest we were given…” Mia picks up after Victoria. “There is someone missing…” Aurora continues and asks, “Can you guess who it is?” Lydia finishes the sentence. “We decided to create a trophy to celebrate for all of the students, not just us.”

Harmony, Melody, Victor, Arabelle, and Leo wildly reveals the trophy. As they do, Mia and Victoria create a spell to make snow explode in the air and making fall to the ground lightly and created a fire heart shaped in the air that glowed brightly and glimmered.

The students clap excitedly. The group grins at each other proudly. “I think that's enough announcements. We should have fun by eating, drinking, and most of all, partying!!” Victoria says. The group laughed and had a blast. Lydia didn't feel so left out anymore, as she inspected the room and the atmosphere. Mia felt happy that her friend was back and there weren't anymore things she could ask for. Victoria felt that she as grateful for everything ever since what she had been through. Harmony and Melody felt happy that they found friends who didn't judge them based on their background. Victor felt happy that he got to have a fun, yet tiring and deadly experience this year. Leo felt happy that his mother didn't actually tried to step in with any princesses he encountered and forced them to like each other. Aurora and Arabelle felt happy that they had each other and got their mother back. They all then got back to their flowers.

Arabelle and the others were slightly behind and under her on their sakura. After Harmony was finished singing and everyone applauded, Arabelle started to work her magic. She changed every single one of the flowers they were sitting on to bubbles. She created two beautiful ice flowers on the walls. Her bubble moved to the front. She then changed herself into an ice dress. A silvery long dress with a flame shaped neck cut. Her long dress was a short casual dress up front but a long evening gown in the back. She waved her wand Aquatica and immediately two huge tanks of glimmering water appeared about a few feet apart from each other. Arabelle whistled and a light pink dolphin appeared in the water. “Everyone, I would like you to meet Bella. She was named after the Bella Willow. “You know what to do Bella!” shouted Arabelle. Bella determinedly bobbed her head on the surface of the water. She laid on her back circling the water creating an underwater tornado. The tornado suddenly changed colors and became an ombre of every color possible. The audience stared in awe. Sara watched her daughter and her old best friend perform. She smiled finally realizing what this meant. Bella came out of the tornado still allowing the underwater disco to continue as she leaps across to the other side. The tank of water on the other side where Bella jumps into created a huge splash. Arabelle immediately took action and used her magic to shape the water. She wrote it into two words. Then seven seconds later, the words exploded into water and the water rained on the students as ice crystals that will never hurt even if they drop on your head. Everyone applauded. Lydia pops her bubble and jumps to the floor. “I really like this moment. I don't want it to end. Tell me, who wants this moment to never end.” Everyone cheered and applauded. “Unfortunately, this moment has to end at some point but, I can keep this moment for about three hours before I collapse so ENJOY!” Everybody exploded and immediately started dancing as Harmony and Melody begin their duet. Lydia worked her magic on the sidelines as every danced. The clock then stood still. Leo and Victor then pop their bubbles and walked forward. Leo then created a fireball for them to stand on. Everyone stared in awe. Leo then took the opportunity to shape the fire into a full size obstacle course. Everyone in Girl Power rolled their eyes. Leo took off his shirt and began the course. He started to swing over and over again on a bar with the sides lit with fire. When the fire nearly reached his hands, he swung over to the monkey bars. With each bar, he climbed, he winked at a different girl in the audience. Every girl in the audience melted like butter. Harmony, Melody, Mia, and Victoria all rolled their eyes. “Typical.” they said in unison. Everyone then jumps down from either their fireball or their bubble. All the girls curtseyed and the boys bowed. Everyone laughed. Everyone went back to enjoying the party after Girl Power went to join the celebration. Aurora looked around the group and saw everyone chatting and laughing. So this is what it feels like to have friends. Thank you, mother.

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