Royal Academy

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You can finally meet the main characters of this story, and how they are in the morning.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Crazy Mornings

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



“I’m gonna be late!” says Victoria, while she runs around her room throwing random pieces of clothing into her suitcase. “Jesus! Chill, Vick.”, Mia calmly remarks standing at the doorway looking sleepy. “Easy for you to say, you’re not the one who is going to be late if you don’t finish packing in like 30 seconds!”,Victoria screams over her shoulder. “It’s not my fault Sleeping Beauty slept in on the first day of the most important school year of their life.”, she replies. “Mind helping me?”, Victoria sarcastically asks. Mia walks over to her best friend’s suitcase to help her out but only to find 10 sketching books, 3 art kits, about 10,000 pictures of her favorite band, and 1 very bright outfit lying messily inside the overly decorated blue suitcase. “Why do you have so many pictures of Air Supply yet you only have one outfit that is like brighter than the sun and rainbows combined?”, asks Mia. “Well, putting together the perfect outfit takes time and patience--”Mia cutting Victoria off mid-sentence “Which you don’t have.” Victoria glares at Mia as she slowly backs away. Victoria finally finishes packing and sets off to the most important year of her life.

“WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!!”, screams Melody. “Go away, Melody I need my beauty sleep.” murmurs Harmony, while gently pushing her younger twin sister off her canopy bed. “But we will be late if we don’t start packing and you know how much things you need to pack and it’s for a WHOLE year. Besides, Rose is on vacation so you have to pack your bags by yourself this year. I packed my bags last night so it's only you now.” Melody explains. Harmony jolts up awake. “Today is the first day of school?!”, screams Harmony. “Uh yeah…”, answers Melody, concerned about Harmony. “BRUNHILDA!!!!!!!!!!!”, shouts Harmony. Brunhilda flinches in the common room for servants. She quickly runs to Harmony and Melody’s room. “Yes, Your Majesty what can I do for you?”, Brunhilda asks out of fear. “I need my suitcases packed and ready to go right after I finish brushing my teeth. Make sure all my beauty supplies are in there and Queen Lily’s locket is in there too.”, instructs Harmony “Yes, right away Your Highness.”answers Brunhilda

“Yo dude!” says Leo. Leo gives Victor a high five. “ Man, can’t believe we get our animals and our wands this year!”, raps Leo. “You like rap?”, Victor quietly asks Leo. “Dude, you’re a senior now, you can’t hang your head like that!”, Leo says as he raises Victor’s head with his index finger. “Yo man, Leo he looks constipated.”, says a classmate of Leo’s. “Oh shut up and maybe try to earn some loyalty from your friends in times of need.”, shots Leo. Victor stuck in the middle, looks from Prince Leo to the classmate in fear. After three more seconds of this awkward silence, Victor can’t take it anymore and runs from the cafeteria of Royal Academy.

“Whew..” Aurora says. She pulls her already packed purple suitcase next to the door. She then  bounces on her extremely purple bed, nervously. “I hope I will get really good grades this year...After all, this year is the most important. ”, she said to herself. “And maybe get some friends too.”, Aurora thought. Aurora moved here when she started her first year and she has always been the quiet girl. No one has really spoken to her. She is always alone. What she doesn’t know is that great power awaits her. She sighed and stood abruptly. She goes and looks at herself at the mirror.  She builds up her courage,  her face determined and Aurora whispered, “I can do this!” She scans her room once last time and heads out the door.


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