Royal Academy

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Morning

Submitted: December 02, 2016

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Submitted: December 02, 2016



First day of school…


“OMG,OMG,OMG, I can't believe this!” shouted Melody. Once she saw how many stares she got she realized she probably had one of her “loud moments”.  “Sorry...” she said. Okay pull yourself together. Let's see what you have first period sorcery. That reminds me of soccer..  I have a cousin.. STAYfocused Melody!!

“Hurry up Harmony!! We're gonna be late on THE FIRST DAY!!” Melody yells. “Okay, okay. Melody, I'm ready.  Let's go.” Harmony answers. As they were walking, Melody asked, “ You think we're gonna meet Mia, Victoria, Aurora, Victor, and Leo?” Harmony responded, “ You think that the chances that the people who we meet are gonna have to the EXACT same class at the EXACT same period? I think not.” “Let's bet on it.” said Melody. “Fine. 10 dollars that we're not gonna see them in sorcery.” said Harmony. “10 dollars that we ARE gonna see them.” challenged Melody. “Deal?” Melody asked. “Deal”, Harmony responded. They shook hands. “Now let's go or we are going to be late.” said Harmony. They headed off to class.


BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Victoria jolted up. “Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIA, WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!” Victoria screamed. Mia didn’t even move. Victoria sighed and jumped on Mia’s bed and start shaking Mia. When it didn’t work, Victoria pulled Mia off the bed to the floor.

“Ow!!!” Mia yelled. “We are going to be late! Quick! Brush your teeth!” Victoria barked. Mia ran to the bathroom slowly. Victoria sighed and she took her phone and put on one of Mia’s favorite song. “Ohhh! I love this song!” Mia exclaimed. Victoria laughed. “Hurry up!” she said. After 10 minutes, Victoria and Mia finished brushing their teeth. “Outfits!” Victoria yelled. Mia went to her closet and grabbed the uniform after two minutes. On the other hand, Victoria sat on the bed, wondering what to wear. “You’re supposed to wear the uniform..” Mia said. “I know! But I need to find something good to wear AFTER school.” Victoria replied. Mia rolled her eyes. “No way. Just do it after school ends!” Mia says. Victoria groaned and walked to her uniform hanging off the closet door. They both dressed up and went to sorcery class.


Aurora woke up from the sound of rock and roll music. She rubbed her eyes and saw Lydia already dresses up. “Hurry up. You will be late. I forgot to tell you to wake up. Sorry.” Lydia said. Aurora nodded. “It’s fine.” Aurora told her. Aurora had a headache from last night and felt really tired.She had to go so she put on her uniform and shoes. As she was going out,Lydia kept on laughing “what happened?” asked Aurora. Lydia almost out breath said, “ You're wearing your shirt inside out and wearing a green and pink sock Not to mention, you have a bad case of bed hair.”

“Sorry, give me two seconds.” said Aurora. She went and changed and quickly did her hair and double checked to see if she was wearing a white and black striped sock. Lydia left and yelled as she went, “Whatever. See you after school ends!” Aurora sighed and quickly left her dorm room.


“Dude. Wake up!” Victor said to Leo. Leo groaned and open his eyes. Then, he closed his eyes. Victor sighed. “Fine. But you made me do this.” Victor warned Leo. Victor grabbed Leo’s feet and tickled it. Leo squirmed and yelled, “Stop!” Victor responded, “Then wake up!” Leo got up and went to the bathroom. Victor followed him and they both got dressed.

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