The Annual Field Trip

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Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



It was the day that I had been waiting for.  The best day of the whole school year.  It was time for the annual Field Trip, which made this the greaaaatest day of all. 

We packed up our lunches and headed for the area in back of the school where the busses would pick us up.  I wasn’t able to stand still in line. I was so ready to go. 

When we finally got on the bus, it was still oh so hard to contain myself.  Now that we were going, I just couldn’t wait to get there.

But like every year before, it felt like it took forever, and ever, and ever to get there.

Until finally the busses came to a halt right at the gate to the little village.

The bus driver opened the door and let us off. Then everyone gathered around and waited for the teachers to join us.

The teachers told us where we were going, and what we would do, but I wasn’t listening to a word they said.  It didn’t matter what we were doing all day, it was at the end of the trip that I liked the most.

We went through the day, learning this, learning that.

But my heart could not wait until everything was over.

Finally, it was time.  The moment I had come.

Before we headed back to the busses we headed for the bakery.  And in this bakery they had the biiiiggest cookie I had ever seen in my whole life.  I always got the oatmeal raisin cookie.  I loved the way that is smelled making my mouth water and the taste was beyond words.  It’s the best cookie ever and this is what I came for.  This is what made the trip worth the wait.

I grabbed my big cookie and rushed for the bus.  I smiled the biggest and brightest smile and closed my eyes to enjoy nice sweet smell.

I knew when I got home that day that I would show the big cookie to my mom and maybe, just maybe, share some with her.  But most of all I couldn’t wait until next year’s field trip because big cookies like that only come around once a year.

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