Have You Ever Been Scared?

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Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



Have you ever been so scared you felt as if your heart would stop?  I have.  I even saw my life flash right before my eyes.  I know you probably don’t believe me.  I wouldn’t believe me if I were you, but I’m telling you the truth.  I woke up one morning, it was still dark outside.  I could still see the moon shining brightly off the lake in the back of my house.

I popped my head into my parents’ room.  They were still sleeping soundly in their bed.  Dad was even snoring a little.

I popped my head into my brother’s room.  He was still sleeping too, but I couldn’t say for sure that he was sleeping in his bed. It looked as though he had his legs hanging off one side of the bed and his head off the other.  I don’t know how he did it, but it seemed to be comfortable to him.

I popped my head into the living room.  It was really quiet in there.  Everyone else in the house was still asleep.  I silently tip toed across the living room floor.  Which was quite easy since the plush carpet was so soft and inviting that you wouldn’t be able to hear anything drop even if you tried.

As I made it across the living room, I looked back over my shoulder.  Just because everyone was asleep then didn’t mean they were asleep now.

I made it to the kitchen and to the sliding glass door in the back.  I opened it up and stepped out onto the patio.  The brick pavement felt cold on my feet which gave me a slight chill. 

I walked further and further into the back yard and felt the cool breeze gently caress my cheeks.  It felt good but kinda eerie in a way. 

I let my feet touch the grass, the pre morning dew engulfing them.  I always liked the way the dew felt squishing between my toes, but for some reason it felt different.  I don’t know what it was about that morning, but everything seemed kind of strange.

I continued to walk further into the back yard.  Out past my slide.  Out past the sandbox that I played in when I was little.  Until I was almost at the lake, that’s when it happened.

I felt it on my face first.  I could feel the scream deep in my chest.  It was trying to make its way up, but it just wouldn’t come out. 

I turned to run back to the house.  To where it was safe, but as I turned I felt it wrap around my head and slide across my face. I felt like it was everywhere.

I tried to get away, but I couldn’t.The need to run was all I could think about, but for some reason my stupid feet wouldn’t work. 

When my feet finally started working, I headed toward the patio. When I reached the patio I wished so bad that I had turned on the lights when I came out.  That’s when I felt the tiny fingers on my face.

It was at this time that the scream that was welling in my chest finally exploded out my mouth.  I screamed so loud that I thought I had woken the neighbors for miles around.

All I remembered after that is my mom cradling me in her arms and telling me everything was going to be okay.  She had a damp cloth in her hand and she gently wiped my face and smiled at me warmly.

I looked back at the door to the house and I could see my brother standing there trying to stifle a laugh.

I turned to him and said, “What’s so funny?”

He smiled and looked at me and said, “I never heard someone scream so loud over an itsy bitsy spider.”

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