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This story about a dancer girl.

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Submitted: November 18, 2016



YOUNG STAR  - Part 1


. . . In the middle of the field, a girl was fallen and ravens were flying around her. She was crying and screaming in the dark night, but there was no one, she was trying to escape from merciless ravens but she could not. She was screaming but glass of the cupola was suppressed her voice, which was stretched at the sky. The girl tired and hushed up, she fell on the knees and the light got out from her body, the inertia of the light made the cracks on the glass cupola and transformed like a little pieces. The pieces had a terrible and intolerable voice, such a strong voice that, she leaped up from the bed frightened. When she guessed that everything were the frightful dream, she breathed out calmly. Aila never went to bed at the bedroom,She always slept on the floor in the living room, near the big windows and she looked at the city, while she got up. The city was enough far from her apartment but from windows was the view of the whole city.

Aila was sitting on the floor and was looking with calm face at the sunny city, as if she had not seen that horrible dream. Aila was thinking when she was sobered by alarm clock, she lifted up the hands and stretched, she shut the blankets, put under the sofa and went out in the kitchen.




The first day of the spring, was sunny, warm and calmly. In the main square of the city, near the lake an old man with a gray beard was sitting and reading a newspaper. When he turned over the one page of the newspaper, he smiled and said:

Grandfather – Good morning young star

Aila set next to him and put dawn two cups of coffee between them.

Aila – Good morning grandfather.

She gave a cup of coffee to him, set comfortably on the bench and she continued.

Aila - what news they are writing, will the people change or not?

He shut the newspaper and and put it next to him.

Grandfather - Do you know when the people change?, my girl?

he stopped one second and again continued.

Grandfather - That time, when you will change your mind about them,

that time when you will learn to see different side of them,

that time they will change.

Aila wispered to him.

Aila - During the whole your life, how many people did you see which had changed!?

grandfather - no one, Aila, it is because that I did not wish to see them.

she was looking thoughtfully at grandfather. they where sitting quietly a few second and drinking coffee. then Aila stood up, throw a coffee cup into the dust-bin, took a bag and said to grandfather:

Aila - will you go to the bus station?

He slowly stood up, Aila took his cup and threw it, too. Grandfather took Aila's hand, and then the crutch and left the square with slow steps.





It was ten o'clock, when Aila came in the dance studio. There was Nicholas already, he was preparing a camera to shoot the new special-effects.

Nicholas - Have you come already?

She put her bag in entrance and threw a jacket on it.

Aila - Has not come Dani yet?

She took the cables of the camera and came to Nicholas for help

Nicholas - Do not you hear her shoes voice?

They laughed about the shoes voice, which was comping from the corridor and the door opened, with a cheerful face the manager entered the studio, she was carrying a black paper-case and she said in a tired voice.

Manager Dani - Please give me some water, till I faint away.

Nicholas - Has someone followed you?

He smiled to manager's face, Aila gave her a bottle of water and they sat next to manager. Dani was breathing such deeply as she had run around the whole city, she breathed out deeply and gave the paper-case to Aila.

Manager Dani - After many years, after many torment, finally they liked

our show and let us to open Gala concert

and even to close it.

Aila quickly opened a paper-case, Nicholas also sat next to her and they were reading carefully, Manager was waiting for their reaction with a content face. Aila stood up, closed the paper-case angrily, surprisingly looked at her Nicholas and the Manager.

Aila - Dani! What is it? Have you read it normally? what did you sign?

Nicholas took a paper-case and opened it.

Aila - I did not gave salary about two months for dancers, because I

had to pay for the dance studio and after this you

want that we have to dance at The Gala concert, without

compensate? And not only one show, two shows?

The manager stood up angrily.

Manager Dani - Aila. . . Can you imagine, how much I ran and

was begging to take part at this concert!

Aila - Dani! you know, how hard we work, me and Nicholas

to gave salaries to dancers, to buy the costumes, and I will not

say anything about the laser and about the equipment.

She hushed up a minute and again continued.

Aila - Will not you disgrace to say them that they will not pay us?

you know very well how hard we work to keep the group.

Nicholas - Aila, this is a chance if we do not use it, then we

have to wait for the years. I do not think so that there is someone

such a crazy in our group who will say no to this chance,

just because of they do not pay.

Aila - who wants more then me to take part in this concert,no one,

but I can not say this.

the manager came closer to Aila and took her hand

Manager Dani - I will not forgive you, if you let it go. If someone does not

like this, can leave the group. I will talk to everyone.

Aila let go his hand angrily and come closer to the mirror, for a few seconds she was looking at her self, then turned back to them, Nicholas smiled to her and he shook of the head to agree.

Aila - Dani?

Manager Dani - yes!

Nicholas whispered to Dani

Nicholas - Listen! She will say yes!

Aila - Alright!

Manager Dani - Believe me, this concert will take you to the sky.

She looked at Dani angrily.

Aila - While I do not change my mind, march ahead.

Nicholas smiled and tip Dani the wink. Dani took her bag and left the dance studio. Nicholas came to Aila, stood next to her and looked at the mirror.

Nicholas - You were waiting for it for a long time , it is time Aila.

She sat sadly on the floor.

Aila - I am not only one in the group, Betty has to pay her credit, Nellie

works at the two places to pay her apartment rent.

He set next to her, put the hand on her shoulder and smiled.

Nicholas - My thoughtful and an irritable girl.

Aila took his hand angrily from her shoulder and stood up.

Aila - am I irritable? Stand up, why are you sitting, correct the sensors!

Nicholas - The irritable! I have to show you, your face in the mirror, when you start shouting.

Aila - Me? Am I shouting? When? When?

Nicholas - Yes! It is a complicated occasion.

He smiled and came to the laptop. Aila was putting the plates on the floor and Nicholas the same time was ruling the lights which were coming from the plates.

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